Lifelong Demons, Lifelong Problems


It’s long, but please read it. People think when reading this title I’m talking about demons with horns and all of that. Well for some people they may have actual demons if you believe in that type of supernatural. The Bible does speak of it. I am talking about the many unresolved issues most people aren’t dealing with. They too are demons people hold within, which affects all areas in their lives.

I am clearly seeing how people are hurting. I am sure many of you can see it as well through the actions, choices and decisions of people. There is so much going on in the world today. There are many people who simply don’t know how to cope. I can only tell you what I know to be true.

Many people go about life never taking the time to look within self and deal with all of what’s causing them dysfunction in life. They don’t take the time to figure out why they can’t love self, but without fail seek it in others. They don’t take the time to figure out why they keep holding on to past hurts. They don’t take the time to deal with what’s caused them to make poor/bad choices and decisions. They don’t take the time to figure out why they allow fear to keep them stagnant. They don’t take the time to figure out why they sabotage their lives. They don’t take the time to figure out why they allow and accept terrible things in their lives. They don’t take the time to figure out why they can’t control their children. They don’t take the time to figure out why they have allowed themselves to be controlled by substances, food, sex, money, fame, fortune, people, etc. I can go on and on, but I hope you get what I am writing about. All of your own problems compiled with those life has thrown at you and the issues of other people is an eruption waiting to happen. Especially when you haven’t mastered dealing with self.

People go about their lives getting involved in unhealthy relationships and not understanding why they are unhealthy. They relationship hop, they get into relationships while already in relationships, and many go into relationships while still having deep feelings for their ex’s. It all causes drama, stress, and unnecessary problems. People try extremely hard to make it work with others when they can’t even deal with self. They seek love from others when they don’t love self. You will never be able to work through another person’s problems until you can work through your own. The sad part is people continue to try. It’s because they are moving off of how they think and feel. They want what they want regardless of what they’re getting. This should tell a person something, but unfortunately it doesn’t. People feel a certain way, because they think a certain way and until people ways of thinking change they will continue to make bad choices and decisions. Oftentimes mindsets become even worse.

I wrote all of the above to say this. We are seeing how people think by the choices and decisions they make. We see it by what they are doing. We see it by what they’re allowing into their lives, etc. People are falling apart during all of the crises going on, because they can’t deal with who THEY are as an individual. Many people don’t want to face this truth and it’s why many are stuck in life. It doesn’t matter the status, title, etc. Many people have unresolved issues which due to how they think are stuck in mental states which affects their ability to function. This inability affects every facet of a person’s life.

Look at what is happening with the pandemic. People would rather risk their lives to go to beaches, have parties and other big gatherings than do the right thing for self and their loved ones. Their mindsets are in places that keeps them seeking after self gratification. What they want and desire is more important than the reality of the pandemic. Many people think it won’t happen to them, because it haven’t happened to them yet. That way of thinking can be deadly for them and others around then. It all comes from those demons I mentioned earlier. Those unresolved issues coming from a dark place within. Many people don’t think rationally. You can’t when your ways of thinking are wrong.

This is why we’ve heard of the many suicides. Despite what you may think, no one wakes up wanting to commit suicide. That isn’t how it is. The pandemic hasn’t caused ANYONE to commit suicide. Those who have committed suicide done so because of the dark places within. They have had unresolved issues over a period of time that has lead them to attempt or commit the act. They’ve undoubtedly had a history of unhappiness and depression. The pandemic had us locked down for awhile, social distancing, etc and many people were losing it. It’s unfortunate, but true. When you can’t deal with you while alone, it’s highly likely you can’t deal with you while with anyone else. A person can be around a group of people and still be alone. It has proven to be true.

There is so much I can write about in this post. However, the last topic I want to hit on is the hatred we’ve seen displaced. The Black Lives Matter movement is going on and some people aren’t getting it. They think Black people are saying all lives don’t matter when it’s furthest from the truth. They are saying all lives DON’T matter if Black lives don’t matter. Racist people are within their own races, but I’m talking about White on Black hate. It’s a learned behavior (LEARNED). It too comes from demons within. Those unresolved issues due to the negative mindsets. If you don’t like or hate people due to the color of their skin something is wrong within, period! Until people deal with their demons and mindsets lives will NOT change.

People walk around faking, lying, pretending, and you name it. They act as if they’re okay when they are not. They act as if they have it together when they do not. Some are acting as if they’re not racist when they are. Many act as if they know about love when clearly they don’t (you can’t if you can’t love yourself). What you say and how you feel can be totally different. What you say and what you do can be totally different. All of the mixed singling comes from within. It comes from what I call the core, which is what is within and where the demons lie. Unresolved issues will always without fail come to the surface!

Most people spend a lifetime pointing the figure when they should be looking at self. It ALL starts with you; how you think fuels your feelings, and actions. It’s up to you, the individual to implement change! EVERYTHING comes from how we think, therefore your mindset is very important!

Raise Your Hand If You Can Say Yes


I pray people get some understanding from this post. Please read it even if you have to read a little here and there until you read it all. I keep hearing some people take offense to the BlackLivesMatter movement. Let me be clear about something! Stop being ignorant, these people who are protesting knows all lives matter. Come on! AllLivesMatter without a doubt! The movement isn’t about wanting to be superior or racist, it’s about bringing attention to a lifelong fight of racism and inequality against the Black race! Black people would be worst than any racist if they didn’t think all lives mattered. For people who misconstrue what is meant by the movement it would be laughable if it weren’t so sad! Use common sense please!

I’ve also heard some people say they can’t support it because some gay people initiated it. That is downright ridiculous. You’ve missed the whole point of the movement? I’m flabbergasted at people’s ways of thinking. To support the meaning of the cause doesn’t mean you’re supporting their sexual preference. Sometimes people are too ignorant in their ways of thinking. Use common sense please!

I’ve heard people talk about Blacks killing Blacks as if Whites don’t kill Whites. I agree Blacks need to stop killing Blacks. I believe the Black race should protest about it with just as much energy that’s use in the BlackLivesMatter Movement. However, that’s different than what the current movement is about. The movement is fighting against racism and inequality. It’s about police brutality, equal justice etc.

Lastly yes there’s been rioting and looting. However, all eyes and blame are always on Black people when Blacks in many cases aren’t the ones who started the rioting or looting. People don’t want to face this truth. Another truth people fail to face is the terms thugs, savages, bullies are always used against Blacks when racist people to include some police officers are the ones who act like thugs, savages, and bullies. Same type of behaviors were displayed against Blacks during slavery (when Whites looted, rioted, murdered, raped, during and after slavery. They also destroyed Black businesses, communities, and stole their inventions after slavery was supposedly abolished, etc, and so forth).

Laws that weren’t meant to include the very people who help build America needs to change to include Black people, laws need to be put on the book to call hate crimes based on skin color a crime punishable under the law, the KKK needs to be labeled a terrorist group and therefore banned, equality should be across the board in all areas, racist people needs to be terminated from all positions, all racist names and antics needs to be banned, people who call the police on Blacks because they are Black for non emergency things should be held accountable and fined, etc

As I move forward with this post, I ask you to search your hearts and truly be honest and think about what I am asking. Then, please in the presence of yourself raise your hand if you can say yes! This post is for racist people who hate Blacks on the basis of their skin color.

Can you say you’re a descendant of slaves? Not all Black people can either, but you get my point!

Can you say your race of people constantly have to face discrimination, prejudices, racism, and inequalities?

Can your race of people say you get the same treatment as Blacks when it comes to the justice system?

Can you say your race of people are constantly called derogatory names such as Black, nigger, nigga, gigaboo, spook, colored, monkey, etc, because of your skin color?

Can you say your race of people are always being told to go back to Africa- a place the majority never been, just because their race of people at one point were slaves? Not all Blacks came from Africa.

Can you say your race of people at one point where slaves and to this day it’s always something to remind you of it?

Can you say regardless of the many races of people your race is the most targeted?

Can you say people think your race shouldn’t be in the United States because of their skin color, when they have every right to be here?

Can you say you’ve been denied certain opportunities because of your skin color (positions, pay, titles, access that others have, etc)?

Can you say your race has been fighting against racism and inequalities for more years than anyone alive is old?

Can you say when you’re in the store you’re followed around based on your skin color?

Can you say your race of people constantly get the police called in them for simply living their lives?

Can you say people assume you can’t afford something based on the color of your skin?

Can you say you’re profiled by the police due to your skin color?

Can you say police officers pull guns on you almost immediately when they see you?

Can you say your ancestors for many years were hung, beaten, ostracized, murdered, stripped of everything, forced into chains, raped, forced into unpaid labor (taking care of the families, raised their children, cooked for them, took care of their homes inside and out, tended their fields, etc, built homes, built the slave owner homes and businesses, etc), homes where burned, crosses were burned in their yards, graffiti, racial slurs, and symbols were spray painted on home then and now, everything they acquired was stolen, children were taken-murdered etc, families were ripped apart, etc?

Can you say your ancestors where sold as if they were commodity?

Can you say you have faced inequalities in schools to include colleges based on your skin color?

Can you say your race of people are the only race who no matter the so called research statistics shows your race is the worst in absolutely everything such as (health, deaths, in prisons, in poverty, health issues, on drugs, on welfare and other systems, etc)? This alone tells you something when out of all of the races the Black race is the worst every single time, something is wrong with that picture. It’s a form of continue oppression, degrade, and belittling.

Can you say your race of people are constantly scrutinized, discriminated against, stereotyped, etc?

Can you say you see more police brutality to your race than any other?

Can you say there are negative signs, symbols, and monuments all around to remind you of slavery and racism in some form or fashion?

Can you say people paint their faces to mock your race?

Can you say your race built a lot of America way back when, but a lot of history isn’t in the history books? Many people still don’t want to accept this very important and profound truth!

Can you say your race of people’s true history (other than slavery) were never put in the history books even though it existed and is a part of history?

Can you say when the laws were put into place hundreds of years ago your race wasn’t meant to be a part of it?

Can you say your race at one point and time were separated and segregated from others because of your skin color?

Can you say your race experience/ed years ago and today in some towns and establishments signs saying your race of people aren’t welcomed due to the color of their skin?

Can you say your race of people is more accepted during voting, sports, etc than any other time?

I can go on and on. Moral of the post is for people to understand what the movement is about. Some Black people don’t even understand. They think because they haven’t been called a derogatory named due to the color of the skin they haven’t faced discrimination and it’s very sad! This post is for people to understand why Black people are fighting for equality and against inequalities and racism faced all of the time in some form or another. It’s not to put Blacks on petal stools or any of that foolishness. It’s to raise awareness to what has taken place for more years than anyone alive is old. Some people are over 100 years old. So what does that tell you? I hope it tells you the Black race has been fighting the same fight for years. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, and many others fought. It doesn’t mean what they did wasn’t meaningful or powerful. They did some great things, but it didn’t stop racism.

Racism is learned and it’s ugly. It comes from a nasty cold heart. Racists people don’t really know what love is no matter what they think. They are embedded in every profession there is out there. It’s terrible! Racists people have negative ways of thinking and it keeps them stuck in the negativity. They make themselves modern slaves due to their own ways of thinking.

The only race God cares about is the Human Race and if He intended for ANY race to be superior He would have made them superior. He would have made a difference so profound it would be undeniable, but He didn’t!

Racist people don’t want to own up to the truth. Their ancestors came up on the backs and shoulders of the slaves. Why? Think about it, if the slaves didn’t exist how would the racist people and their families have made it? The slaves did absolutely everything for them. I heard a pastor name Giglio out of Atlanta said it shouldn’t be called “white privilege” it should be called a “white blessing” because basically of what I wrote in the beginning of this paragraph. I am glad he acknowledged that truth! However, it is never a blessing when you treat people so horrible and deplorable for your own survival. One thing about it is those slaves drew strength and power from all of those adversities and managed to rise despite it all!

I believe it should have been considered a “racist man’s lesson.” Unfortunately they didn’t learn it back then or now. The lesson was then and still is today, no matter what you do Black people will be here! When they tried to beat them down, kill them off, drag them down, oppress them, etc they still rose! Black people became everything the White man didn’t want them to become back then and today. They are powerful, resilient, strong, creative, intelligent, brilliant, and all of the other good things. Despite the tragedies they have always been loving and forgiving.

Negative people are in every race. All races have crimes on the same race, murderers, poverty, people on welfare and other systems, liars, cheaters, thugs, etc. It is not limited to Black people. It affects ALL races. No race is exempt from the good, bad, and ugly. The thing is just as they did back in slavery and today racists people are still racists without a clue as to why. I was NOT a slave, neither was anyone I know. You wasn’t a slave owner nor do you know anything about slavery other than it existed. Yet people want to be racists over a history they have no clue about. If racist people knew the real history it would break many of their hearts, because they think it was one way when it was the complete opposite. Black people are a huge monumental part of history going way beyond slavery. They rose above and beyond slavery. They put an imprint in history no one can take away.

Stop the unwarranted hate. Learn how to love yourself so that you can learn to love people of all races. There is no White man, there is no Black man. Those terms were used to represent what people thought of the White race and the Black race. White signifies power, pure, superior etc. Black signified by the White man as nasty, dirty, inferior. Both are disgraceful! There is no superior race and I don’t care what people think there isn’t a pure race. We all came from the same source, therefore we all got a little bit of other races in our individual DNA. There’s nothing you can do about it!

Learn how to love and accept your fellowman and fellow woman regardless of their skin color. No one asked to be born in the skin they’re in. Some White people want to be Black, some Blacks want to be White. The problem isn’t the skin color, the problem is the individual and their wrong ways of thinking. It’s a learned negative way of thinking, feeling, and acting. It’s very sad! If you can’t love the skin you’re in it means you don’t love yourself. You can’t ever find peace when you can’t love yourself or love others. Hatred is learned, but it can also be unlearned. It depends on you!

We The People or We The Particular People


It is sad and embarrassing the ways things are going in our country. I thought everyone had the same goal; which is caring for and loving America. Instead, people care more about tearing one another down. I feel American is being torn apart because of those who aren’t standing for American, they are standing for a Party and skin color. This is very sad!

This country is divided and people are filled with hatred. Sadly many are racist and don’t have a clue as to why. Racism is ignorant, but the icing on the cake is to be racist without knowing why. People are going along to get along. They hate people on the basis of their skin color because of what they were taught somewhere down the road by someone. They don’t try to change the negativity or break the negative cycles, they continue with the same negative mindsets. It’s more prevalent today than ever. Sad part is no matter what anyone thinks or how badly they wish it were so, there is no pure race, we’re all mixed with something either a little or a lot! It’s a fact!

The country is divided from the top down. I don’t understand why it’s about the Party and skin color and NOT the people of America as a whole. United We Stand Divided We Fall is very true and it is clearly seen. We are too busy bickering, back biting, pulling down, pushing down, and tearing down one another. It’s horrible!

This also proves what I’ve said and written for years. No matter what position a person holds, what’s in the heart will come out. It’s evident today. We don’t seem to be able to show love to one another in order to get along in peace and harmony. The devil is definitely busy, but people are willfully allowing all of the chaos. They are accepting the chaos and getting on the band wagon of foolishness!

No one race is better than any other race, all races have a certain caliber of people. No political party is better than the other. All parties should be about uplifting America instead of division and breaking it down. People should be ashamed of what they are showing the world and the younger generation. We should come together and stop the bickering! That is the ONLY absolute irrefutable way to truly MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! It will not happen the way things are going. There is too much division. There is too much hate and not enough love. Love will always conquer hate and fear, but sadly many have lost their way by trying to following people who are clearly showing them things other than love. People are at all cost too fixated on trying to be a part of a particular group versus trying to spread love so we can all come together as one. Loving others is the greatest Commandment! <

We must do better. We can't do it until some mindsets change. When people change their mindsets their hearts will change in the process. We need more love, peace, and harmony. There is foolish, selfish, and senseless killings every day. We need more love! If things continue as they are things will only become worse. I pray for our country. I hope you do too!

Envy Into Hate


I’ve written about racism several times, so today I will give racist people another reason to be mad. Skin is skin all it can do is cover the body to protect what’s beneath. The problem isn’t the skin color it is the people who have a issue with it.

I’m sick and tired of seeing people who are prejudice against a person because of the color of their skin. The problem isn’t a person’s skin color YOU are the problem; the one whose hating. You and your many distorted views and warped mental states. You have give enormous amounts of power to what you claim to hate. Does this make any type of sense? It clearly shows the brown/dark skin isn’t the problem, the problem is the racist person.

I challenge all racist people to look at yourselves in the mirror. What do you see? Obviously someone you are unhappy with, no way you can be happy harboring hate. Hate is very dark, ugly, and evil! I say all racist, because some racist people have the same skin color as the Brown/dark skin person. Your attitude is a learned behavior and your developed hate is a learned behavior. You have inner issues that have pooled up out of your dark hearts and have absurd your thinking due to learned behaviors. People who hate on their own race’s skin color or just as ignorant as any other racist people. They too were taught negative things against their own kind and they fell for the nonsense! Sad, but true!

I don’t know who told you that you were better or superior, but they told you a big lie. No race is superior over any other race and no race is pure. At the end of it all WE ALL came from the exact same seed. WE ALL are connected in some way. No one race is pure, not one!

It’s not about the skin color. It’s about the envy inside of the racist person. People hate the skin because of what it represents. If Brown/dark skinned people were the one’s oppressed and enslaved, why are they the one’s hated? If they were beaten, raped, ripped from families, and murdered, then why are they’re the one’s who are hated? If they were held down and kept from learning how to read, etc, why are they the one’s who are hated? If they were talked about, lied on, and persecuted; why are they the ones who are hated?

Thing is I believe it’s envy turned into hate. It’s envy that although down they didn’t stay there. It’s envy although murdered, raped, persecuted, mocked, scorned, beaten, ripped from families, enslaved, and oppressed they managed to overcome it all. They managed to learn to read, become inventors, teachers, politicians, celebrities, lawyers, doctors, etc. etc. In their darkest hours they drew strength and learned how to be resilient. They turned adversities into resilency! It taught them to have mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual toughness. This is why the Brown/dark skinned race are hated. This race stands when they should have been counted down and out! They are hated because of it.

I know some do, but what if the Brown/dark skinned race hated for all their ancestors went through? What if they hated for the travesties their ancestors had to endure? It would be just as ridiculous for them to hate over it as it is for any other race to hate. The majority of people hating didn’t endure any of it (Brown/dark skinned people nor any Caucasians or whomever). However, they continue to carry the torches for those who have long passed on. Why? What sense does it make? Stop giving power to foolishness. Most of you didn’t endure any of it personally and really don’t know anyone who did. Yet, you’re angry, but for what?

Hating for any reason is a learned behavior. It is a behavior that can be unlearned if people choose. What did a person do to you personally? Figure that one out!! I’m sure the answer will be NOTHING! You have crazy Brown/dark skinned people and crazy Caucasians and all other races. All races do the same foolishness and all races do the same types of good things. All races have the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not ONE single race is exempt!

The racism needs to stop! It stops with each of us individually. As I’ve said many times before my family is a stew. We have all races (Brown/dark skinned, Caucasian, Korean, Puerto Rican, Mexican, African, European, etc. We embrace it all, because that’s what we do! Skin is just skin, it is people who make a big deal out of it! Those who do are 100% the problem! A racist person don’t have to be racist, they are by choice! I don’t care what was taught, any person who chooses can change their ways of thinking.

People miss out on the possibilities of beautiful friendships because they are too busy giving power to what they claim to hate. Smart right?? No, it shows how ignorant people are and they don’t even realize the power they give to what they claim to hate.

You’re no better than I am, I’m no better than you! No race is better than another it is a figment of imagination to think so. We all breathe air to live and we all have red blood in our veins. No race have anything different than another race that makes them unique. We all need the same things to live and WE ALL will someday die! We are ALL born into skins we didn’t select. No one should be punished for it or hated over it. If you were taught to hate because of skin color, you were taught wrong, I don’t care who taught you. It is WRONG!

People make everything a black and white issue, it’s so sad. I quite often hear results of statistics and research where the Brown/dark skinned race always comes out with the worst of the worst. It’s rigged most times. I’ve gotten a couple of graduate degrees in my days and I know all about research. I know how things can be manipulated to come out exactly how you hypothesized. It is another way to keep people in oppressed mindsets. People better wake up!

I didn’t use the term black or white, because honestly race wise they don’t exist. I’ve never in life seen a black person, I seen some really dark people, but never a black one. I’ve never in life seen a white person, I’ve seen some really pale colored skin tones, but never a white person. Those terms were given to add further strength to the racism. They were given as a way to put down one race and pump up the other. It’s ridiculous.

When will the foolishness end? I will be glad when Jesus returns to end all of the stupidity going on in this world! He is going to separate the right from the wrong, period!

The Skin Isn’t the Problem You Are


It is almost 2018 and people are still racist. There are Blacks who are racist against their own race of people and it’s because of the ignorance learned. There are other races racist against their own and it too is because of the ignorance learned. I don’t care who it pertains to; ALL of it comes from unhealthy and wrong ways of thinking leading to bad learned behaviors.

To dislike or hate some one on the basis of their skin color is beyond ignorant. People who do this need to look in the mirror at the person staring back at them. A person who have hate for others have hate for his or herself. Why do you think you have the right to do this? Who made you superior? Why do you think you’re better than anyone else? The answers are you’re don’t, absolutely no one, and you aren’t!!

People who dislike or hate people on the basis of skin color got the mindset from somewhere. They either learned the behavior as a child or they became a part of a group who think this way. It doesn’t matter where it came from it is plain ignorant. One thing for certain is no one was born with this way of thinking. It is a learned behavior that becomes habitual.

Why is the Black race the most hated? If Blacks were supposedly so oppressed and misused, then why are they still hated to this day by many? If you’re oppressing a person in everyway possible, why is the question? It is very sad that some people think their race is superior. IT IS NOT! No one race is superior to another. We all are born into skins we didn’t choose. We all have to eat and drink to live, we all experience troubles in this life, and we all die! Period!! No race is exempt from ANY of it. If there were such a superior race they would be EXEMPT. New flash, there is NO superior race of people, they DO NOT exist!

Many hate dark skin, but millions on top of millions tan in the sun, go to a tanning booths, or spray tan for color. Why if you are one who hates the dark skinned people? It makes NO sense at all!!

Skin color isn’t the problem, the problem is those who are prejudice against people with skin different from their own. It’s a shallow, immature, and ignorant way of thinking. It’s a mindset people need to get over. These types of people have deep seated issues and self hate. To hate anyone because they are different than you clearly shows you’re a person who have issues.

I guarantee you there is absolutely NO pure race. Many people who hate Blacks will probably fall out dead if they knew their true origin of where they actually came from. We all got a little of something else in us and it DID NOT originate from a White race. I know this simply by the origin of the Bible. No one can change it. You may not accept it, but you sure can’t change it. The ONLY superior is God the Father and Jesus the Son. They are the ONLY superior.

There are a lot more important things to worry about in this life then to care about the skin color of another person. ANYONE who dislikes or hates on the basis of skin color are unhappy and sad people. There’s no way they can be happy, because they have too much hatred inside. It’s much harder to hold on to hatred than it is to let it go. It ages you and it causes stress in the body to hold on to garbage and unhealthy things.

A lot of people who do this type of hating call themselves Saints of God. They are liars and that’s the bonafide truth! Like it or not! God and His Son Jesus are pure love, NOTHING else! Hatred, jealousy, malice, strife, none of it dwells in them. People who harbor these ugly things DO NOT have the Spirit of God within them. If you think you do you are sadly mistaken.

Skin is skin, it will burn, it gets dry, etc, and it will all someday rot away. No one of any race is exempt. Skin is an organ that covers and protects the body’s internal organs and structure etc. We all bleed red blood, NO ONE is exempt!! If God meant for it to be any other way, He would have made it so, but He didn’t.

I know God is VERY sad when He looks at people and the hatred they carry inside for others. This entire world has people who dislike and hate people due to the color of their skin. It’s not the skin baby, it’s you; the one who has this wrong way of thinking.

Whoever you are you need to change! I know I’m a true Saint of God and I’m still no special than anyone else. He has no respect of persons. He care less the color of skin, His face is pure light shining like a diamond. Anyone looked at a diamond? If it’s a good quality diamond all you see is a prism of colors. God is like this diamond. We are all a part of Him, but sadly we aren’t all God’s children, because many haven’t chosen to be. Still the fact remains we all came from Him and His descendants.

If you think you’re special, superior, and exempt; you may as well catch a rocket to the moon. You’re in the wrong universe! Get mad if you want to, the truth is the truth!! I pray people with this mindset embrace a new mindset in the upcoming year. It’s time to stop being and thinking foolishly. Learn how to love people no matter the skin color, because remember, it’s NOT the skin color, the problem is YOU, the one who hates. Skin can’t do anything other than rest on the body, that’s it! It’s people who are displaying the dislike and hate and those who do are the problem!! Many of you don’t believe in God and Heaven, but some of you claim that you do. I pity for you, because no way you will EVER get to see Heaven with a mindset filled with hate.

I challenge you to sit down and think about why you hate. Think about real legitimate reasons you hate. I’m talking about going way beyond the fact it is a learned behavior and a habitual way of thinking. Think about your personal experience of why you hate. Did someone do something to you personally? People of ALL races do stupid things, they do the unthinkable things, etc. No one can blame problems of any sort on one race, because every race existing on this earth do the same types of things. In saying that, please I challenge people to search their hearts and minds and figure out why they feel as they do. People will be amazed of all the time and effort they’ve put into hating when they CAN’T come up with reasons why they do! People are doing it because their friends or family has done it or do it. Trust and believe those you follow have no reasons as to why either. It’s truly sad!!

It’s not the Skin Color it’s the Belief


First of all let me say this; The only supreme are God and His Son Jesus, that’s it!! The nonsense going on in this world is just that, nonsense!

Think about this; if a person were born with missing limbs, as a little person, mentally challenged in any way, etc. etc., should they be blamed or hated for it? Not at all, right? Then why do people think it’s okay to hate people on the basis of their skin color when people have no choice what skin color they are born with?

Millions in this world give too much power to skin color. It’s not the skin color it’s the belief what skin color signifies to people, which in fact is learned beliefs dictating people’s behaviors. Those types of people prematurely and immaturely think a particular way about people whose skin color is different than theirs. It is a form of ignorance and it strongly depicts a person who is uneducated concerning the true history of those they hate on the basis of skin color. These people are blind to the truth by their distorted beliefs ingrained in them by their environments, cultures, and social circles. They try to make other races victims when they themselves are victims to their own distorted ways of thinking. They are modern day slaves to their own ways of thinking, which has caused them to act inappropriately towards people who skin color is different than theirs.

There is no pure race, we all got a little bit of some other race in us. God is the ONLY supreme who purposely and specifically created us all. As I mentioned in a previous post; there is no such thing as a White man or a Black man. Have you seen one? I don’t think so! You may have seen some pale White people and some dark Black people, but in truth you’ve never seen a Black or White person! One word was meant to build up or empower and the other to breakdown or degrade. It is all a ploy to keep division going for hundreds of years. It is still going to this day which goes to show the world is still full of ignorant people who aren’t willing to change.

Look at the incident in Charlottesville, VA; a woman lost her life. It was a woman with the exact same skin color of those who willfully and boastfully stood protesting to be supreme. This clearly shows you the hate is beyond the skin color, because a White man killed a White woman. He was so angered he lashed out at anyone who beliefs were different than his own. It ended tragically for him, the woman he killed, and the people he hurt. It is not the skin color, it is the belief and those beliefs are what fuels the behaviors. This is all learned! The good news is learned behaviors can be unlearned if people are willing to change.

I never understood why some White people hate others on the basis of skin color; especially Blacks when the Black people were the one’s who were oppressed, killed, and slaves. Blacks were stripped of their true contributions to American History in every way possible. American History is all history. It should cover all races involved NOT just one race with the rest being downplayed or cut out all together. What is the hate about? The people doing the hating couldn’t tell you one single legitimate or good reason they hate. ALL they know are the lies they’ve been told watering down the truth. All they know is what they have been taught; many of which wouldn’t take the time to research true facts on their own. Instead they continue to embrace the foolishness.

No race is exempt. Every single race deals with the same issues and the same types of good and bad people. We all breath air to live. We all eat and drink water to live. We all bleed red blood and we ALL someday die. Anyone who doesn’t yeah, they’re special and different, but I guarantee you they DON’T exist!

Do you think Heaven is going to be segregated? No it won’t, so for those who hate people on the basis of skin color they may as well forget about Heaven right now!!! Hating on the basis of skin color means the hater has their issues. They’ve given too much power to their unfounded ways of believing without really understanding why. They are clueless and are merely going along, just to go along. It is heart crushingly sad people are this way.

Personally, I can’t wait until Jesus returns and do some major cleaning up. Nothing but love, will conquer hate. People in this world need more love. People in this world are in disarray, because people have cold mean hearts. People are still choosing to live by their generational curses, they don’t choose to break chains and be free to change. They continue with their wrongs ways of believing and therefore it keeps their awful behaviors significant to them. If you can’t love your fellowman or fellow woman because of their skin color, then you don’t know what love is, period!

The Hearts of People (RACISM)


I know writing this post some will agree and some won’t (what’s new) right? I want to write about this foolishness that continues to happen in this world. It’s pure ignorance to hate on the basis of skin color. ANYONE who does was TAUGHT this way. Babies aren’t born knowing anything about racism, they are taught as young ones who grows up to carry on this ignorant way of thinking. They’re in bondage without understanding it or even realizing they’ve adopted this way of thinking.

All we’ve seen and heard lately is racism this or racism that and although it’s what seen on the surface it comes from something much deeper. Many cry racism, because they don’t understand the truth depth of the problem. The problem is the HEARTS OF people! What’s in the heart is coming out one way or another. A person can put on the finest clothes, live in the best homes, drive the best cars, have the best jobs none of it will change what’s in their hearts. If they are nasty inside it will spill out. The same with those who may not have as much. What’s in the heart will come out in some form or another. No matter how hard some people try to hide it they always show the truth in some fashion.

To say racism isn’t prevalent would be an outright lie! However, what I want the world to understand is that the problem ISN’T actually racism itself, the problem is the hearts of those who are racist! These people were taught to be this way by someone  and most likely it started at home. Not all racist people learned this at home, some learned it from other people. Regardless where it originated, it is a LEARNED behavior!

People are so focused on the word racism and it ALWAYS seems to be about Black and White. First of all as I mentioned in a post months ago. I’ve yet to see a Black person or a White person. All of this nonsense started from the hearts of man (man or woman). The terms were meant to defile one race while uplifting the other and it has ALWAYS been this way. It’s all so very sad! People have been brainwashed for years that one race is superior over all races and it’s simply a LIE! We ALL have the same Jesus! He didn’t give one race a different requirement to live; we ALL require the same things to live (food, water, and some form of shelter). Our skin is different shades because we are all a part of the Covenant He left for us (the Rainbow). It doesn’t mean one race is superior than the next. MAN has done this separation! It’s stupid, ignorant, and a very shallow way to think.

Racism is prevalent in all races and within some races people hate their own race. Bottom line it is what has been taught. People have been taught to HATE rather than to LOVE for whatever reason. This hatred pools out into what we see as racism. The focus is ALWAYS Black and White, but this is how MAN continues to manipulate and try to separate to cause confusion. Sadly society and communities continue to be little soldiers marching to the beat of this foolishness!

This world will NEVER end racism UNTIL they first realize, understand, and accept the fact that it stems from what’s in the hearts of the people. Nothing and I mean NOTHING can conquer hate, but love. I understand that some people don’t know how to love. This is because they NEVER received it as a child. A person can be taught how to love if they are willing to be taught. No matter what we are taught as children, as young adults and adults it’s OUR responsibility to change what is negative. If all you know is the wrong way, then the wrong way is how you will think and it’s how you will live. These types of people have to be willing to change their wrong ways of thinking, which will change their feeling, and their behaviors. This will ultimately change their cold hearts.

If we want change we have to embrace change. People are enslaved, this includes all racist people despite the color of their skin. They are in bondage and in captivity by their own ways of thinking. They are carrying around their generational curses of hatred and are blind by it. They are completely imprisoned by their own ways of thinking and most aren’t aware they act the way they do, because it was instilled/ingrained in them at an early age.

I pray in the name of God the Father and Jesus Christ that our land is healed. I pray for the hearts of man, because if those hearts don’t change no change can occur in this world when it comes to racism. I pray people learn how to love and stop falling for this foolishness. If you want to make a difference learn how to love your neighbor despite the color of their skin. If a person has a problem with the color of another person’s skin they need to understand the person they hate had NO control or CHOICE as to what skin they were born into. We need love, peace, and harmony in our world.

Some White people don’t want to be White and some Black people don’t want to be Black. There are many other races who feel the same about their own race. This was how they were taught. We are all a gift from God and a part of the Rainbow. Think what this world would look like if it were all one color; even the thought isn’t appealing. God makes no mistakes, He made us this way for a reason. The hatred needs to stop, it didn’t come from God, because He’s nothing but love. What’s in the heart of any person will show in some type of way and this is why we see racism.