Bondage due to Fear


There are many people who are in bondage due to their fears. This is a learned behavior. Somewhere along the way it was instilled. Fear stagnates people and it causes people to miss many great opportunities. It causes people to remain stuck. If you remain stuck you can’t mature and grow! This goes for both the Christian and the non Christian.

I’ve heard many times people who claim to be Saints of God talk about fearing this or that. Let me tell you something, fear and God doesn’t belong together!You can’t love the Lord and be fearful of everything. If you are it’s because you’re a person who is walking by the flesh and not the Spirit. Please ask Jesus to take you back to when you first believed. You can not love Jesus and be about the Father’s business if you are full of fear. Fear is strictly of the devil to keep people from being what God has intended for them to be.

Pray you are delivered from your fear, because if you aren’t then it means you believe in the power of something else over God. Whatever have a hold on you is stronger than your love for God. No one can grow as a Saint of God if they are living in or with fear.

The more a person give into fear the more they are controlled by their fear/s and the more the fear will stay with the individual. Face your fears and take control of them/it so it no longer controls you! People always say “it’s easier said then done.” It’s only as hard as you make it! Allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you. “Pray without cease!” “Walk by faith and not by sight!”


Express Train to Hell


I don’t know why people are hell bent on going to hell when salvation is free. The world has nothing to offer us, other than death. Don’t get me wrong, while we live we should live positive and prosperous lives. However, we shouldn’t make people or things our gods. A person can lose what they have, friends come and go, health fails, family can walk away, but God our Father and Jesus His Son are always there and the WORD will ALWAYS be a guide for us. It is unfailing and it will stand when all else fails.

People are too focused on building their legacies and kingdom’s on earth when after they die it’s done. Sure people may talk about you after you die, but what will it benefit you??? NONE at all. Many live to gain the whole world only to end up losing their souls. People are so desperate for fame and fortune they are selling their souls to the devil, literally. It’s crazy!! The devil have some power, but God has all power to include over the devil.

Many are more worried about how their physical homes look then how their spiritual home is looking. People will one day leave their physical homes (their houses and their bodies), but the spiritual part of them is what will live on. How people choose to live now while on earth determines where they will spend eternity.

People are too worried about pleasing man. They want success so badly they will do anything for it. Many in the world are either idolizing the rich and famous or selling their souls to become rich and famous. The rich is only trying to get richer. Many think they have everything when they have NOTHING! Money isn’t the root of evil it is THE LOVE OF MONEY! The love of money is destroying many and causing people to sell their souls to the devil. They sell out to the devil in hopes of achieving fame and fortune when one day they will die and leave all those possessions behind.

Not only the rich and famous are selling their souls anyone who isn’t on the Jesus’s side is selling their souls. Church leaders are selling their souls because they are trying to be on top. They have turned sanctuaries into places God didn’t intend for them to be (selling and all kinds of things in the churches). They are trying to have the biggest homes, churches, cars, etc. It makes no sense. There’s nothing wrong with prospering, but when you’re not teaching spiritual prosperity and how to receive salvation, how to be born again, and live holy; something is wrong!!! If all churches are teaching is material prosperity; something is wrong! They must teach people how to live in a hell filled world and how to stay rooted and on Jesus’s side when satan and his cronies are trying to pull them in their direction. Satan is already defeated, but people don’t realize it, because they are too busy worshipping their leaders and NOT Jesus. Some don’t know the Word because they only see it on Sundays. This is sad!!!

Individuals are selling their souls everyday, because they profess one thing and live another. They are doing everything against God, yet profess him at the same time. It’s not possible; they are liars and the truth isn’t in them. If you’re doing things against God, you’re wrong! Remember, you can’t serve Jesus and the devil too. The reason many aren’t ready to give up the world is because they think they will miss something. They are right!!! They will miss the opportunity for Heaven, because they are on an express train bound for hell.

Pretending to love and serve God is worldwide. Many “praise Him from their lips, but hearts are far from Him.” These people are only fooling themselves. This journey isn’t a game of hopscrotch; you can’t skip and hop all over the place. Hearts and minds must be about our Father’s business not when we feel like it, but all of the time.

I can’t speak for no one, but myself. I know the life I’ve led. I know the person I once was and the person I am now. I wasn’t ever wild etc, but I did do some things I shouldn’t of like everyone else. I thank God so much for keeping me through it all. It makes me cry every time I think about how he kept me. He has literally saved my life from death on a few occasions. All I can think is it could have been me more than once. I thank Him for covering me. I thank Him for giving me the sense to plant the seed in my children. They are grown now, but they know the way. What they choose is on them, but I know they know the way, period! I’m glad I got off of the express train to hell and got on the glory train bound for Heaven. Thank you Jesus!!!tee o

Our Lives on Display 24/7


Imagine your life was on a big screen for the entire world to see. There would be millions of shame and embarrassed people in this world. This post is for my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.

In the above paragraph I asked you to imagine your life on a big screen for the world to see, because technically it is and it’s always seen by God. There’s nothing hidden and there are no secrets. People are too worried about man seeing their mess, but not at all concerned with the fact God sees it all; ALL OF THE TIME!

In these perilous times, how we choose to live means life or death. We’re literally determining our life sentence right now as we live. There’s no judge or jury, individually we choose our own life sentence. We will either live eternally with the God and His Son Jesus or eternally with satan. How we are living right determines this very thing!

This is no game, it’s real! People who are constantly faking, pretending, hiding, and doing all of the things they think are hidden from man when Jesus sees it all! Nothing done is hidden. Our lives are literally on display 24/7 for Him to see. Four walls don’t hide us from Him.

Far too many people live as hypocrites. They are doing any and everything when they think no one sees or is watching. They think they can live any type of way and by going to church or saying they love Jesus will make it alright. It doesn’t! When you love Him you obey His Word! When you love Him you no longer associate yourself with the ways of the world. You don’t make excuses for doing wrong!

People are ALWAYS talking about being judged. The truth isn’t judging. The problem is people don’t want to change, therefore they don’t want to hear the truth. What’s written in the Word is outlined for each one of us. The guidelines are specific yet people make every excuse in the world not to follow those guidelines. People don’t want to give up their old ways. They don’t want to give up the wrong for the right. They’re holding on to the world when the world will do nothing other than cost them their soul’s. The devil will cost them their soul’s and gladly stand on the sideline cheering them on, because he already knows his place is in hell, period!!! He’s trying to take as many with him as he can. His job is to kill, steal, and destroy and believe me, he is on his JOB!

The devil has the hearts and minds of many people across the globe. Those who don’t understand the power the devil has succumbs to him and most end up doing the unthinkable. There are others who foolishly seek him. They glorify and praise him not understanding what they are doing to themselves. They invite him in and then he takes over and control. This is why people are running amuck all over the world. Every time you turn on the TV some type of violence has occurred. It’s very sad! People falling for anything and everything. He has some power, but God gave us the power and authority to resist the devil; not some of the time, all of the time!

Those who are professing Jesus Christ but aren’t truly living what they profess are right in the midst of it all. They are people who believe and act out of tradition. They are still fornicating, committing adultery, addicted to any and everything, lovers of themselves, idolizing people and things, indulging in all types of sexual immorality, killing, stealing, lying, cheating, and you name it. Many are also depressed, full of anxiety, full of fear, and killing themselves. They are church folks serving from the back door to the pulpits. They are in all capacities in their churches.

Time is out for playing with God and playing church. People who continue to do this are not fooling God, He already knows the true you! Twenty four hours a day our lives are on display for Him to see. He’s weeping, because He wishes for NONE of us to perish. The decision to serve Him is ours to make. We either do or don’t! The same individuals (men or women) people are hiding from will be kneeling before the Father like you, me, and everyone else.

When time is up, don’t mess around and be caught trying to straddle the imaginary fence. It will be too late, because there is no fence to straddle. You’re either for him or against Him! Period, and the end!

Dark World


We are living in a dark world. We are living in the days of Sodom & Gomorrah and Noah all over again. It saddens me people don’t take serious that God gave us His only begotten Son so we don’t have to live in a dark world. His Son died on the cross for our sins but man has basically spit in His face and chosen to commit the same types of sins for which He destroyed the first world. People are doing the same things that were done against Him in the Bible days.

Being a part of a dark world is a choice. God’s children are children of the light. We may be in a dark world, but we are not of the world. True Children of God turn from darkness and knows no matter what happens if we stand on the Word of God it will be alright.

This world is full of all types of things against God. People are easily enticed to go against God. They want to glorify man. They want to take from the Bible and and/or add to it when it benefits them the most. God said we must not do this! People are worshipping man on every hand. They are bowing down and worshipping men and women as if they are God. They have made them into gods. There are many gods but only one God the Father and His Son Jesus.

People are doing everything against God and in the process are mocking Him. Any and everything goes these days. People don’t have morals and values anymore. They certainly aren’t connected to the true and ONLY source; Jesus!

There is so much going on in this world today. Many are choosing to try an play both sides when it’s impossible. People think they are playing both sides, but they’re only fooling themselves. Either you’re for Him or against Him.

The devil has control of many people’s mind. People are doing any and everything that is against God’s Word. Homosexuality, murder, lying, deceitfulness, stealing, family separation, and many other things are running rampant in today’s world. Any and everything goes and is accepted. I’m not surprised at anything I hear or see, it’s to be expected when people are a part of such a dark world. To them their darkness is light. It’s a trick of the enemy. The devil is doing what he was put here to do.

Many in the world proclaim Jesus and profess Him, but their lifestyles tell the truth. You can’t live for Him and do what you want to do, it doesn’t work like that! People are blind to the truth, because they are stuck in their ways of doing things. They speak about Jesus, but they sure don’t live for Him. If you’re not living for Him, it means you’re living against Him.

It’s so sad to me how people don’t want to believe in Jesus, but they openly worship satan. They worship false idols and false gods. Some actually worship satan himself. Yet, they don’t believe in God and His Son Jesus. In this world you can’t have one without the other. However, it’s up to each one of us who we choose to worship.

When a person is truly on the side of Jesus, they will NOT be interested in the ways of the world. They aren’t oblivious to what’s going on around them, but they don’t have any desires to partake in it. Those who partake aren’t truly on the side of Jesus. They speak it, but they are liars. Time is winding up for you and for me. No one is put here to stay. I would rather die believing then to die not believing.

A Great Falling Away


One thing about this falling away it will include those we love. We can encourage, motivate, enlighten, empower them, but we can’t save anyone. There will be a lot of people easily influenced and persuaded. In these days and times it’s very important to understand, embrace, and affirm your stance when it comes to serving Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Sadly many will fall away, because they aren’t truly connected. Somewhere in their beliefs there’s doubt. When there is doubt this gives the enemy the opportunity to intervene, persuade, manipulate, and influence. We have to be like trees planted by the water with our roots dug in deep (we can’t be moved). If not, those with opposition will come along and pluck you right out of your position. They will make their words, actions, and beliefs appealing and contrary to what you believe.

Everything God intends for good, the devil intends for bad. The devil’s agenda is completely opposite from God’s agenda. He is on his j-o-b! People are very quick to fall for his agenda. If you stand against God, it means you’re not for Him. If you’re not for Him you’re against Him. It doesn’t matter if people believe they can live any way they want; they CAN’T! It’s NOT an option to be this way. If you’re not living according to His Word then you’re against Him. These types of people are taking on a fake form of holiness, but they aren’t Holy.

The Bible speaks of this great falling away. My belief is people fall away, because they never fully and truly believed in the first place. Allowing someone or something to change your beliefs is indicative of a person who’s already struggling with their beliefs.

We must get have a personal relationship with Christ, which means we must fast, pray, praise, worship, love, honor, and adore Him. We must make Him first in our lives. We must get on a consistent regiment of speaking with Him and allowing ourselves to hear what He has to say to us. He wishes for none of us to perish, but He isn’t forcing us to worship Him.

What the world has to offer is obviously quite appealing to many. As a person once in the world, I guess I looked at it as appealing too. However, once I knew better I did better. I gave it up and never turned back to my old ways. Once I decided to truly follow Jesus I realized the world had nothing to offer me but death. Nothing we obtain or possess will matter in the end. I don’t care how much people talk about you when you leave this world, it will not benefit you. How we choose to live now determines where we will live forever.

Too many people choose to claim Jesus, but live as part of the world. There is only one God, but there are many gods. Whichever one a person chooses to worship, is the one they love. Bottom line is people can fake and pretend all day. If they aren’t living according to God’s Word, they are in love with another god. These types of people have no roots! They are apparently satisfied and comfortable with claiming Jesus for show, but they aren’t living for Him. They can’t live for Him, because they are too busy living for another god. This is why there will be a great falling away.



We’ve heard this question asked many times. What gets me is the fact that many of the people asking the question NEVER acknowledged God before tragedy struck. However, He’s the one they want to blame when it strikes. Their question is always “where was God?” Is this a fair question coming from people who don’t acknowledge Him? Is it a fair question coming from those who supposedly do acknowledge Him?

He’s there during all of our good times as well as the bad. God is still God; the one who sits high and looks down low. It baffles me when I hear so many people ask this question or when I hear people say they lost their faith, etc. Truth of the matter is you can’t lose something you never had. As people our faith can be tried, but if a person let go of their faith, it was never solid in the first place.

The ONLY trouble free people lie in the cemetery. They are no longer alive and apart of this world. For the rest of us, as long as we breathe we are sure to go in and out of the valleys of life. It’s all a part of life. It doesn’t mean God isn’t there or that He doesn’t care, because He is and He does.

If you believe in the Bible, then you know what changed and why there is both good and evil in this world. If you don’t I challenge you to at least read about it; starting with the first Book (Genesis), which wasn’t applicable to only Adam and Eve at that time, but to all generations to come. Trials and tribulations involves people, their behaviors, and the different tragedies we will at some point experience due to other things. How you perceive and accept any situation determines how you will go through it. It doesn’t matter how horrible it is.

God is there with us through all of our trials, but I personally believe one problem is that many say they believe, but their actions say otherwise. Think about it; if everyone who claimed to believe and love the Lord, truly believed and loved Him, they would lives their lives completely different and this world would be a better place. Unfortunately that’s not the case and in the midst of that there are nonbelievers. Too many are either living on both sides of the fence or they don’t believe at all.

We don’t only face tragedies, trials, and tribulations because of other people, but also due to unfortunate events (floods, earthquakes, etc). There will always be tragedies that happen to us for as long as we shall live, but God remains with us. Things happen that can shatter our lives, but God remains with us. Satan and his angels has their hands in many things. Satan oftentimes make things look good and other times bad. His job is to lie, manipulate, deceive, kill, steal, and destroy. His purpose is to roam the earth, seeking whom he can devour. We all deal with it. That’s just the way it is. Where our faith lies, our relationship with God and His Son Jesus; is what keeps us strong and able to endure our  storms. When people don’t have this, they lack the understanding as to why we have to deal with misfortune.

A lot of people flock to the church on Sunday, but live like hypocrites the rest of the week. Sadly this includes church Leaders and so on down the chain. Many don’t live as new creatures because they aren’t new creatures. It shows in their daily walk. When the connection is nonexistent or false; there’s no real understanding.

God yet lives, He loves each of us, and He’s right there all of the time. The many things we go through; we don’t have to go through alone nor do we have to allow them to break us down. God wants us to believe, have faith, and cast our cares on Him. You can’t do that if you don’t believe and you can’t do it if your profession is a lie!

Our lives weren’t meant to be trouble free. It would be wonderful if it was, but it isn’t. Trials come to make us strong, but sadly many people allow their trials to break them down.

How we go through anything is a personal decision. What we believe is a personal choice and how we live our lives is a personal choice. I pray that you allow God to heal your pains and that you’re no longer bitter or angry at God for things that has happened or will happen. No matter how it looks, He’s still in control.  No matter where we go or what we do, the world is full of good and evil. We will face something! God is right there waiting for us to lean and depend on Him.