God Will Separate the Real From the Fake


You best believe He will do it. I’m talking about the God with the big G and not the little g. Time is at hand, but many people are still playing church. Look around at all of the tragedies that are happening day in and day out, things are getting worse each day. Still; it is not enough for people to want to give up the ways of the world.

My message is to encourage those who claim to believe to reexamine their lives. There’s nothing man can do other than kill your body, they can’t harm your soul. Who a person chooses to serve while they live determines where they will live for eternity. Man can’t do anything other than bow before the King. Man includes everyone!!!

All the mocking of God and Jesus is damnation. All of the mimicking is a simple form of acting with no relevance towards getting into Heaven. The old saying we’ve all heard “fake it to you make it” is shenanigans. If a person keeps faking it they won’t make it at all.

There are many leaders in the churches. They go by many titles, but not one title means nothing if they’re not called by God. Many are called by man and it shows in their walks. They do and say things not becoming of a person who is walking with the Lord. It shows in many of their shortcomings. God will reveal these people! Nothing you think is a secret is a secret!!!!

Many people claim they are on His side ONLY to be man pleasers, doing any and everything against God. The sad part is they act as if God doesn’t know. They take on a form of godliness, but they aren’t truly Godly. If you’re not for Him you’re against Him, period!! You can’t serve two Gods, period!! There is only ONE God, but many other gods!

Too many are using Him like a pawn. They pray in the church rambling on using eloquent words they think are beautiful to the ears. They fake the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongue. None of it will provide a person a seat in the Kingdom. A person must be born again and they must live Holy. Perpetrating and pretending will get a person nowhere but in hell.

Too many are running to the church house for show. It’s all a form of performance, fashion, and showboating. It’s all too appease and please man. People faithful to man in all their doings but NOT to God and His Son Jesus. Jesus died on the cross for our sins, yet many still choose sin when salvation is free. For many they act as if His dying was in vain, because of how people STILL choose to live. They claim to live for Him when they really don’t. I’m very thankful His dying wasn’t in vain, because He chose me and with honor I choose Him!

We have to be transformed completely. Many claim to live for Jesus yet they live any kind of way. We can’t do all of the things we once done and think it’s okay; it’s not! The Bible speaks of false prophets, teachers, leaders, and people in general who are professing living for Him and doing His works; yet are lying and living hypocritically!!

My prayer is that people seek Him while they can. I pray for those who don’t know Jesus in the pardoning of their sins. I pray for those who claim to know and live for Him, because IF they don’t change they will lose their souls.

Man has nothing good enough for me to be willing to give up Jesus and turn back to the world, NOTHING!! Nothing and no one is worth it and anyone who knows me, knows this is how I feel. He’s first in my life and I stand on His Word. I want Him to tell me “well done my good and faithful servant.” Nothing on this earth is worth me missing the mark!

God is going to do the separating of the Saints from those who are ONLY pretending (the aints). In His word He has already told us to separate ourselves, but too many who claim to have separated themselves have not. They are trying to play both sides when it’s NOT possible. Either you’re for Him or against Him. If you’re not 100% for Him then you’re against Him.

The Choice is Yours and Yours Alone


Why is it so hard for people to believe a person can be sincere about Jesus? I gave my life to Christ when I was 12, but I didn’t start developing a personal relationship with Him until many years later. I got saved because at the time it was the right thing to do, but honestly I didn’t know what it all really meant.

I have done everything I wanted to do and I’m not proud of some of it, but I thank God through the mist of it all He kept His hands on me. I was nothing but a filthy rag, but still He kept His hands on me. I didn’t realize He was covering me even through my mess. He loves us despite of, but if we choose to not change our ways He will turn us over to a reprobate mind. I chose to change which meant giving up things I thought I loved which were the things of this world and the ways of this world. I thought like most people that nothing else mattered other than what I wanted.

Jesus and God’s precious Angels have spared my life several times. I remember one time I could have been shot by my grandson, but God woke me up in the nick of time. I remember another incident where I foolishly forgot an electric soap dispenser was plugged in the wall socket and I cut the cord, because it wasn’t working properly I thought I would use it manually (so I cut the cord). Oh my goodness, I never heard such a loud pop in my life. I threw the scissors and ran. After being completely shaken up and then able to calm down I went back to look at the scissors there was a hole completely through the medal of both blades. The handles weren’t rubber, why I didn’t get electrocuted is beyond me, but again He had his hands on me. I could tell you a few stories, but the thing I want you, the reader to understand is it could have been me, but He said otherwise. He’s done it for me time and time again, and I’m sure He’s spared you many times as well.

When I look back over my life and think of all the foolishness I done, it makes me weep and cry out to Jesus for how He was there when I didn’t even know He was there. I cry out when I think of how so many things could have happened to me that I saw happen to other people. I’ve never done drugs of any type, but I did other things that I am not proud of, but THANK GOD for change.

I thank God for His Son Jesus! I begin to look at my life and I didn’t like what I seen. I started to seek this Jesus I heard so much about throughout my life. I developed a personal relationship with Him. I surrendered and submitted my life, my everything to Him. Since that day my life have never been the same. I have crossed paths with so many people who profess Him, but are living something else.

I am not trying to condemn, because God knows at one point in life I too had scales on my eyes and couldn’t see. However, when my life changed my eyes were completely opened. I do nothing I once done. I don’t dress the same, I don’t hang with the same people, I don’t do the same things or go the same places, I don’t think or speak the same. Everything about me changed and what I thought was important I realized wasn’t important at all.

My life is all about Jesus. I’m not a person who goes around saying I’m blessed and highly favor and all of the jargon you hear people saying everything you ask them how they are. I don’t have to do all of the showboating. I am exactly what I say I am. I serve exactly who I say I serve. There’s nothing I do behind closed doors that I would be ashamed of before God. There’s nothing we do that’s a secret to God. I live my life every single moment as if God and His Son Jesus are watching me. It is possible, I am a living witness, but the problem with most people is they don’t want to give up their ways. They want to stay in the world doing worldly things.

In His sight I am perfect though I will never be in the sight of man. I don’t care what man thinks of me. I don’t care if they believe me or not. My life shines and I’m not ashamed or afraid to profess my love for Jesus. I know who hav carried me through my storms. He didn’t move my obstacles but He gave me the strength to climb them or to go around them. I’ve become so much stronger in my faith. I have gone through things which many wouldn’t believe or could have withstood, but because of my faith in Him and not in man, I made it and I can tell the story.

I don’t allow my heart to lead me without thinking and seeing the truth like I once did. I am not lead by my flesh. Jesus is the most important being in my life no one comes before the “Master.” Men and women can’t understand me and oftentimes say to me “no one is that holy.” Well I’m here to say that I am. Living Holy is a requirement for Heaven. Our bodies are temples of God. I’m not caught up in the flesh, because I know lust is of the devil. Sins of the flesh isn’t just sex, it’s all kinds of things (addictions, greed, materialistic, fame, fortune, etc,. Anything that has control over you is a sin. I choose Jesus, Heaven will be my home. I’m living now so I can live eternally with Jesus and our Father God. I choose Jesus point blank and I am very happy with my choice. I wouldn’t turn back for nothing.

Too many people say they are this, but truth is they are that! Whatever that is!!! They profess Christ, they profess holiness, they profess having the Holy Spirit, they profess all of the right things, but in fact have none. Jesus doesn’t dwell in no type of mess and He cleans up whom he Elects. When you see pastors or any type of ministers (no matter what they are called) doing things wrong, they aren’t living what they profess. When you see them cursing and doing things against God, they aren’t living what they profess and they AREN’T called by God with the Big G. They are called by god with the little g. Many are serving gods, but not God the Father and His Son Jesus. The same goes for many who profess Him, it goes way beyond the pulpit.

If a person REALLY wants to change they will; anything else is lip service. You can’t be on God’s side and still doing what you been doing. You can’t be on His side if you’re still doing anything displeasing in His sight. You must without fail give up your old ways and the ways of this world. You can’t keep going back to it, if you do, it’s because you never left it.

To serve God with honesty and truth doesn’t mean you’re a prude. Not at all! You can still enjoy life to the fullest, but you do things differently and in doing those things you make sure they are pleasing in the sight of God. To simply put it you put Him first! Sometimes you will have to stand alone, but that’s okay, although no person may be by your side; in Christ you’re NEVER alone. This journey isn’t a group or couples journey, it is an individual journey and many times you will be alone. People will shun you and talk about you, but look what they did to Jesus someone who was without sin. No matter what; stand on the Word of God and don’t let anyone or anything shake your faith. It is possible  to live Holy, I promise you it is. The choice is yours!



No matter what we go through in life, the only time life here on earth stops is when we die. Many people are alive, but they’re not living. Many work hard all of their lives only to not enjoy it. They’re too busy rushing here and there, going to work, and working hard, but they don’t enjoy their lives.

This post is not particularly about those situations. This post is about those who don’t want to let go after the loss of a loved one. There are many reasons for this, but not one is worth letting your life pass by while you yet live.

Too many want to give up when they lose their significant others. Losing someone happens for all kinds of reasons. However, when it comes to breakups for some it’s like experiencing a death. Some people find it very hard to let go. This does nothing but cause a person unnecessary pain and suffering. I sometimes ask people look at oneself as if they were giving advice to their child. If your child was with someone who no longer wanted to be with him or her and the child was stressed out and miserably unhappy over the loss, what advice would you give? Would you say no matter how bad the person treats you or no matter how much they don’t want to be with you; don’t let go of them? Would you tell him or her stalk them, cling to them, cry, throw a fit, but don’t let them go? Would you tell him or her to kill them, kill yourself, become depressed, do what you have to do but don’t let them go? Would you tell him or her to drink your troubles away, drug your troubles away, isolate yourself and cry all day, but don’t let them go? Would you tell him or her wrap yourself around the person’s leg, jump on their car, threaten harm to them or to yourself, but don’t let them go? Would you tell him or her to stay in the house all day and continue to pine over the person, but don’t let them go? Would you tell him or her to give up on life if they can’t have the person, but whatever he or she does; don’t let them go? I know this sounds ridiculous and guess what? It is, but these are things people do when they lose someone they love! A good parent would not tell their child to continue to go through unnecessary pain and suffering over someone who NO LONGER wants to be with their child. If you can agree with this, why do some of you do it to yourselves?

Life is NOT over simply because a relationship ends. Some people give too much or ALL of their power to those they’re involved with and this is why they come unglued when the relationship ends. Some people don’t know how to function on their own, because they’ve allowed the person they were with to take complete control over their lives. This happens to people who didn’t really have control in the first place. Individuals become too complacent in relationships they think it’s a beautiful thing at first until reality comes a knocking. This is when people lose it. They become too engulfed in their woes and can’t see what they’re doing to themselves.

When it’s over, the best thing a person can do is take a moment to breathe and then FACE REALITY. If a person no longer wants to be with you, even IF you were the problem you have to accept it for what it is; pick up the pieces and move on. Stop subjecting yourselves to all of the drama. When it’s over let it go. To do so is only as hard AS A PERSON MAKES IT. As I said before, when you can’t let go the issue isn’t the other person it’s you. If a person don’t want to be with you no matter why, LET THEM GO! That’s the bottom line. Your pain will fade, but it cannot begin to do so if you continue to waddle in self pity and self inflicted hurt. Remember it’s not about the other person (they’re not relevant at this point), it’s about you.

When the loss is due to death life goes on still applies, because one thing for certain and without a doubt is one day we all will die. When a person loses their significant other it’s a hard thing to go through. A person has every right to grieve and they should, but grieving shouldn’t last forever. I’m not trying to tell anyone how to feel or that they shouldn’t grieve, but what I am saying is they shouldn’t allow it to consume and take over their lives. In other words life still goes on. If you don’t move on life goes right on without you. None of us are here to stay. It’s tough to imagine or to think about, but the reality is what it is. No one can change this fact. How we deal with the loss highly determines how we move forward. It’s up to each of us as to what we decide.

The moral of this post is life goes on no matter what we go through. We all have our individual lives to live. It is up to each of us individually as to how we deal with any and everything that comes our way. People deal with things differently according to what they’re going through inside. This is the driving force of each of us. Meaning, the real truth is housed inside. It comes out through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. For those who haven’t quite dealt with what is inside they allow this to interfere with every decision they make in life and unfortunately this is shown when people can’t let go. You may not want to let go, but you simply can’t keep hold to someone who is no longer there (whether absent physically or mentally). Trying too hinders your life and the ability to heal and move forward.



You took the big step to get out of your bad relationship, but you went right back. You feel so connected to the person, but it’s a distorted way you’ve been thinking and that way of thinking has you trapped in a relationship that has brought you nothing but heartache. Many individuals go back to bad relationships. It’s NOT because they’re truly in love with the individual (although really feel they do), it’s because of their own personal insecurities.

Think about it, a person has to be insecure along with other issues to keep leaving and going back into a bad situation. Most times when a person leaves and goes back it becomes worst. Every time you leave and go back you give power to the other individual. They know that they have that control over you. They know what to say and how to treat you to get you to come back and once you’re back they go back to doing what they were doing before you left. It’s a vicious cycle that often times end in tragedy.

Some of you knew the bad situations you were in before you chose to go deeper into them, YET you still chose to do so. It’s because of the mess inside of you. What’s inside pours out in the desires of the heart. You’re not thinking rationally, you’re allowing that feeling you’re experiencing to lead you wrong. Many of you are living a lie. You’re pretending to be happy for your family and friends, but in reality your far from it. Some of you are even afraid to leave. You’ve stayed way too long and now you’re too afraid to leave. On the other hand some of you feel you can’t do better. It’s all distorted thinking and the wrong way of believing.

Stop seeking something in someone else that you can’t give to yourself. Learn that you’re more important than anyone other than God. If you don’t love you (for real), then what you give and receive will not be what’s right for you. It will be something received through a wrong way of thinking and believing. It all comes from being messed up inside. We have to start dealing with who we are and cleaning out the junk, before we pile more stuff on it. No one can effectively deal with a relationship when they’re full of mess. It’s impossible. You can fake it, but the truth always shows in your bad decisions. It shows in what you accept from others and how you allow others to treat you.

Your significant others knows exactly where they have you! If you take anything and everything as I always say “it is exactly what you will get.” They will expect you to take it, because it’s what you’ve always done. The way you avoid bad situations is BY NOT GETTING INTO THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. If you do you won’t have to worry about being fearful of leaving, getting abused, being trapped into something not good for you. If you’re being treated wrong from the start, NEVER move any further, remove yourself from that person and that situation. STOP thinking it’s a first and last time occurrence, more than likely it will not be. If a person gets away with it from the start, they are bound to try it again.

Remember, if you felt a need to leave you felt that way for a reason. Why do you think it will change if you went back? So many people have lost their lives by going back. No one should allow anyone to do them any kind of way they want. You shouldn’t give no one that type of power over you. If you lose your power you’ve lost control. If you let a person do you any way they feel, it gives the person strength to do something else. This is what happens in many relationships. Both men and women lose their power to who they’re with and freely I may add. It happens for many reasons, but the bottom line is IT SHOULDN’T EVER HAPPEN.

Stop leaving bad situations only to go back. Stop going back to receive more of what you were getting. Stop giving people the power to control and manipulate you and the situation. Stop getting into situations you know are bad for you by thinking with your brains FIRST. Start looking at your situations and analyzing them before getting off into the deep end. I don’t care how cute they are or what they have to offer. Stop being distracted by things that they’re using to lure you in and see the ENTIRE picture. Run as if you’re running for your life from situations that are bad for you, because before it’s over you just may be running for your life. It all can be avoided from the start.

Please start seeing the truth for what it is. Stop allowing your hearts to lead and guide you into bad situations. I do know some people go back and the situations sometimes changes and things get better. However, this takes growth and maturity. The person CAN’T remind the same and you think it’s going to get better. Some changing must occur. I’m trying to save somebody. In relationships such as this, some people lose their lives and others wish they were dead. People lose focus of who they are, they end up completely broken. No one EVER has to be in these types of situations, by seeing the truth from the very start and accepting it as such.



There are many households around the globe who are in this type of relationship. I think it’s a very sad situation to be in. Many couples get together and end up married, but living separate lives. This is something I’ve talked briefly about in other posts. My belief is this happens for several reason.

You all have read enough of my posts to know my thoughts on this. People must know what they’re getting involved in and with whom. I always say, far too many individual’s are marrying for the wrong reasons and after all of the unhappiness  realize they shouldn’t have been together in the first place. Often times one of the two is truly in love and want the marriage to work, while the other is only going along for the ride. However there are times neither are in love, but for whatever reason still choose to marry (friends, family, pregnancies, and other reasons). This only causes unnecessary stress in their lives. If the walls could talk they would truly tell interesting and very sad stories.

Although married, both men and women have feelings of loneliness when they’re living separate within their homes. This causes so much heartache and pain for couples especially when there’s at least one who wants the relationship to work. It also open the door to other things and people to come into the relationship causing the couple even more problems.

People get married and begin to allow everything to come before their marriages. YOU CAN’T DO THIS! No matter what or who in order for marriages to flourish into strong relationships individuals must take time for one another. Quality time is of upmost importance in any marriage. Having children, friends, family, work, school, sports, video games, etc..etc; none of it should eliminate a couple’s quality time together. Excuses shouldn’t be an option when it comes to making time to be together.

Couples get together and before marrying some of them allow other things to interfere and once they get married it continues to happen. If you’re with someone and the availability to be together is already scarce, it probably won’t change once you get married. There are so many things that causes separation within the homes. You’ll end up a lonely spouse. If you’re not attentive to one another, this can happen before you realize it.

One thing I found out during talking with individuals and couples is that people have too distractions in their homes. There are too many televisions, game systems, computers, IPAD, cell phones, and other things that causes separation. Those in rocky relationships also has to contend with all of the other stuff that’s causing separation outside of them not getting along. Sometimes these other things are causing the separation and other times the separation is causing individuals to get more into the other things.

Any couple who wants to change this in their relationship can. It takes work, commitment, and consistency. You can’t take one another for granted or IF you catch yourself doing so, you must get those actions in check. Stop allowing things and people to come in between your relationships. Stop all of the separate living within your homes. It becomes quickly becomes habit.

Sleeping separate can cause major problems as well. Some people make it work, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’ve always said if couples are sleeping separate for medical reasons that’s one thing, but to do it, because you’re mad at one another or you want your space, I don’t think it’s a good idea. People become comfortable very quickly. Before you know it you find it hard to go back living as a couple.

One thing for certain is what’s not important to one before marriage, will not be important after marriage. The same behaviors will be exhibited and sometimes the behaviors are worse. People listen; a relationship doesn’t start after marriage, you must have a solid foundation before you get married.

Think about it! If you want to change your situation, you must do something different right? It’s up to you! If you continue to live separate in and outside of your homes your relationships will not work. Stop the separation. It’s up to you! You can’t EVER make another person love you no matter how much you may love that person.

Don’t start your relationships accepting any and everything, because you will feel the consequences of your actions later. No joke!!! If you choose to marry, you should work at your marriage. It should be very important to you! You must work together, it shouldn’t be a one sided effort! It takes both of you to make it work. Set aside quality time and do whatever it takes to NOT allow separation in your homes!



I wanted to talk a little about this. In my opinion I believe the main reason this happens is because some people shouldn’t be together in the first place. People get together and marry for many reasons. How a couple get together is also very important (adultery, the hookup, online dating, etc..etc). Some reasons people marry are: They’re pressured into it or feel obligated, they allow their hearts to lead them wrong by going solely on the emotions they’re feeling, they allow good sex to cause them to lose focus (they’re sold on it), they allow other people such as family and friends to persuade them it’s time, they allow pregnancy to force them into it, they allow their biological clocks to drive them to do it, they allow circumstances such as deploying overseas to push them to hurry and marry, some people go off of how a person look and what they have to offer to drive them to marriage. I can go on and on. Bottom line is often times it won’t last. If people marry for any reason other than loving and being in love with one another they will have a hard time making it work.

A solid foundation is absolutely key for any healthy and lasting relationship. The problem is most couples don’t have this when they marry nor do they know how to communicate to get one. I believe the foundation surrounds God, communication, and being in love. However some people don’t believe in God, so they have to go on communication, love, and being in love. There has to be a solid foundation. Sex, money, family, friends, a child, status, good looks, etc, etc. None of it will keep a marriage together if the couple aren’t in love and able to effectively communicate.

Communication helps love to flourish and grow. Communication is a major key. If a couple don’t communicate their relationship is bound to fail sooner or later. Many couples live together, but aren’t in love.They’re doing their own individual things and living under the same roofs like roommates. They’re separated in the home and oth are unhappy, sad, and lonely. What type of relationship is this? It’s not one! Nothing is more miserable. Many stay together for financial reasons (cheaper to keep her or keep him). Regardless of the scenario if a couple aren’t in love it will be hard to keep it together.

Starting a relationship and building the foundation should involve getting to know one another. Unfortunately too many get married when they hardly know one another. It baffles me when I see couples together yet know nothing about one another or about the other’s family. People, this is a RED FLAG! You should always get to know a family member or someone who really knows the person you’re involved with. A person can tell you anything to get you. Don’t fall for this, get to know someone this person is related to, I don’t care if they have no siblings or if they’re adopted. Get to know someone in your significant others life, BEFORE you talk about marriage.

Get to know the individual. What I mean here is get to know who you’re with. Some things you should get to know are things such as:

Their likes, dislikes. The best way you will do this is through communication. It matters to your significant other to know you know their likes and dislikes. Nothing is more inconsiderate then to give someone something they don’t like or do things they don’t like.

Views on their faith and everything that  goes along with it. It’s important to know if your beliefs are similar. They may believe something different than you or they may worship somewhere you’re not willing to. This is something that needs to be addressed. If it’s an issue before marriage, it will be one after marriage.

Know their financial status. Will they be able to contribute financially or not. Are they indebt to others and if so is it by a large amount. In knowing this, it’s good to know their credit history as well. After marrying you may want to make a major purchase together, however this can’t happen if one has really bad credit.

Do they have kids and if they don’t do they want any? It’s also important to know about their relationship with their child’s parent. Do they allow the other parent to rule their current relationships? Many women get pregnant to trap men. This is a terrible thing and it doesn’t keep relationships together. What type of parenting style will you have if you have children together? It’s very important to know these things, because these things has ended marriages.

Important to know if they have about their health (mental and physical). You need to know if you’re getting with someone who has something you don’t want to catch or it’s someone you have to dedicate a lot of time and attention to, because they had something you didn’t know about. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take care of a loved one, but what I am saying is know if this is the case, before you marry. This gives you the opportunity to know what you’re getting into.

Learn if they’re mommas boy or daddy’s girl, because trust me this too causes problems when people decide to marry these types of individuals. If you can’t stand their momma before marriage, it won’t get better any time soon afterward you marry.

Know whether or not they have a criminal history. It’s important to know who you’re getting with. You don’t want to get with someone who can ruin everything you’ve accomplished for yourself.

Are they affectionate? Do they know how to show and receive love. Do they have a problem with holding you or kissing you. If they do, it gets lonely after being with someone and not receiving the affection you need. Too many people marry and accept things in thinking it will change later or they can change the person. It just doesn’t work this way.

What is their opinion of sex? Are they into things you’re not? Are they sex addicts or nymphos? Do they like to swing? Are they bi-sexual? It’s super important to know these things before you marry.

Are they a cheater or abuser? If so, if you accepted this behavior throughout dating, it will more than likely continue on into the marriage and possibly escalate into something more serious.

I can go on and on, but I hope you get the direction I am going in. It is very important to get to know your significant other. When people get together and marry without knowing one another it will always come back and bite both in the butt. When an individual accept anything to get with someone, you must understand what you accept is EXACTLY what you will be getting. More than likely they won’t change anytime soon and believe me, you will eventually hear the words “you knew this about me before we got married.” Guess what? It’s true!

People marry individuals who do things that drive them crazy before marrying them, yet they think their significant other will change once married. They marry people in thinking they can save them from drugs, alcohol, or other bad situations. You can’t! All you will do is end up like them. You will possibly become lost and confused, depressed, unhappy, develop anxiety, or worse. All because you foolishly thought you could save the person.

People get with individual’s who party all of the time. They like the strip clubs, etc, but when they marry they expect for the partying to stop. It simply doesn’t work this way. If you’re willing to accept them a certain way, this is how they will be.

What I’m saying here is communication is the key. You must get to know one another before marrying. If you can’t talk about any and everything with your significant other this is a major RED FLAG! I’m not saying start off asking some of the tough questions, however you do need to eventually address them. Anything you accept, ignore, or fail to address will come back on you later and pose as a major problem during the marriage. No relationship is perfect, but when it’s built on a strong solid foundation a couple can weather any store. If it’s built on anything other than love and being in love it’s going to be a battle.

Basically, all I’m trying to do here is to give you some insight. Too many marriages are failing these days, because people are getting into them for the wrong reasons or after marriage they’re allowing too many people from the outside inside. If you’re not in love with your significant other before marriage the marriage will be a struggle. If you’re not in love with who you’re with, you’re setting yourself up for drama. You will not be happy and the marriage will begin to fail, before it’s started good.

You can’t change anyone other than yourself. How you willfully accept someone into your life expect them to be that way. Is this you??? If it is please re-valuate your life, before making what is supposed to be a lifetime commitment. A husband and have should have other friends, but they should be one another’s best friend. I can’t tell you how many I know who can barely stand each other. They choose others to be their best friends and this too causes discord in relationships (hard to be best friends with someone you don’t really know). Everything I’ve written is based on personal experience or situations I’ve encountered while working with others.