Can’t Sugarcoat an Abomination


I am not trying to bash anyone, that isn’t who I am or what I do, but I will slap you with the truth. The truth only hurt people, because it is the truth! I’m trying to help people who claim to be Saints of God to open their eyes to the truth. If you’re not a true Saint of God, in your heart you know you’re not! You’re NOT fooling Jesus the Son or God the Father, you’re only fooling yourself out of a seat in the Kingdom. Man’s ways are more important to many. Jesus says “if you love me, you will keep my commandments!”

I saw a picture of two women “pastors” getting married and another picture of two men “pastors” getting married. Listen up, I don’t care what you say; the Bible they’re reading they’ve taken from it and added to it. There is no way under the sun they can decipher anywhere in the Bible it says it is okay to be with or wed the same sex. Now, as I’ve always said I expect unbelievers to do anything they please, but for so called believers, no way! These people aren’t true believers, they aren’t true “pastors” of God, and they certainly aren’t doers of the Word. They obviously don’t know the Word! The relationship they have is with their god, but not God the Father or Jesus the Son.

I’m not judging anyone! I’m writing about what is written in the Word of God, and it says it’s an abomination. The Bible does specifically name things which are an abomination to God and this is one. I’m not judging I’m only repeating what the Word itself says. People are dismissing the Word of God due to feelings of their hearts. They are allowing their hearts to lead them into places they shouldn’t be.

I feel it’s time to speak the unadulterated truth! Two men laying with each other is pure filth and so is two women laying with each other. Think about what comes from the orifices of our bodies in which these people partake in for pleasure. It’s a place of bacteria and filth. Those orifices release bacteria and toxins from our body, they weren’t meant to partake in for pleasure. This is why so many disease are prominent in our world. It is acts of sodomy. It is clear many so called Saints are living as if in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. I tell you; God isn’t pleased!

I can’t tell anyone who to love, but I can tell you if it’s wrong in the sight of God. According to the Word of God it is wrong! There is no way to sugarcoat it, water it down, or make it right. It may feel good to a person, but it is STILL wrong! If it were right God wouldn’t have said it was wrong!!! He also would have made a way for the same sex to be able to procreate. It is impossible for two of the same sex species to reproduce (humans or animals). Don’t you think God made it this way for a reason????????

People are more caught up in their feelings, (their significant other) rather then their feelings for God. They don’t want to call out what they know is wrong, but they want to water down the Word of God. I’m here to say, it doesn’t work! God’s Word will stand when we’re all dead and gone. God doesn’t change His Words to please or appease us. He doesn’t change to conform to us. As children of God we are to conform to Him to become pleasing in His sight! No one can make such a transformation if they are caught up in self. Many of so called Saints ways of thinking are wrong and against God; which produces those feelings, desires, and wants that are against God.

God still loves us, we are all His children, He created us all, but we’re NOT all Children of God. It’s a personal choice! God still loves the people who choose this way of life, but he despises and hate the acts being committed. I have nothing against the individuals, I have them in my family, I love them, but I don’t condone their ways of living. Each day you’re blessed to live is a chance to change your ways and get right with God. Know that the act is against God. I don’t care how people have fooled themselves into believing otherwise; the act is wrong and against God. No way a person is called by God as a pastor and living this way. God DO NOT dwell in ANY form of ungodliness or wickedness. No way, no how! It is not of God! It is ALL about the gratifications of the heart and flesh. Deny yourselves and pick up the cross and follow Jesus! It’s the only way to eternal life with the King! Repent while you can!!!

People wonder why so much disaster is happening in this world. READ the WORD! It tells you of all the disasters; plain and clear. Things aren’t happening by chance. Nothing happens by chance! You haven’t seen the disasters that’s coming, because people of this world needs to repent. People must turn from their wicked ways and seek His face, while they can! The next second may be too late and tomorrow isn’t promised to no one. The time is now!!!


Thinking They Deserve What’s Yours


I’m so sick of people who think they have the right to take what they don’t have. These people need to stop being lazy people who benefit from the hard work of other people. People who work hard don’t deserve criminals breaking into their homes or strong arm robbing them; taking what they’ve worked hard to get. Burglars are robbing people and oftentimes killing them in the process to get something that doesn’t belong to them in the first place.

Our society has gone to hell in more ways then one. We have a society of people who don’t want to do a darn thing, but connive and figure out a way to get what you have. They have absolutely no desire or ambition to do anything. Yet they want to steal what’s yours. They invade homes and people’s privacy taking what doesn’t belong to them. They take what people have worked hard to obtain.

I’ve been a victim of robbery twice in the past and it’s not a good feeling. I would rather a person ask me for what they want rather than steal it. It makes me sick to my stomach how people think it’s okay to do these types of things. It is NOT okay and it is wrong!

Some people have no morals, values, integrity, and they don’t have any care for human life. They are all about themselves. All they want is a quick fix for drugs or some quick money for whatever reason. What they don’t do is think about the consequences of their actions. They think they have the right to steal something that belongs to someone else without repercussions of their actions. A lot of teenagers are involved in this mess, but many adults are as well; both no better, but they still commit the crime.

I know we have people in this world who want a job, but can’t seem to find one. I also know some of these people are very picky and turn down jobs. If you don’t have one, you don’t need to turn down anything. You take what you can until you get something better. Working for some money is better than no money at all.

On the other hand we have people who are plain lazy, they are no good for nothing and really shouldn’t be a part of society at all. They sit all day doing nothing but planning on their next scheme to steal what belongs to someone else. They obviously don’t care about the possible consequences, because they still do the crime. Many do the crime, but don’t want to do the time.

If you are hungry say you’re hungry, don’t steal. I just don’t believe a person should steal food because they are hungry. Ask, someone will be willing to give you food. Most steal to sell what they stole to get something they often don’t need (drugs, alcohol, etc). Some steal game systems they can’t afford. If you can’t afford something you sure don’t need to steal it to get it. I don’t care what it is a person has NO RIGHT stealing from someone else who has worked to obtain what they have.

A lot of the ways many people have adopted comes from their upbringing. I’ve said and written many times, people must stop blaming crap on their pasts. My past, your past, and their past is gone forever. All we have is today, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow isn’t promised. People can’t get pass their pasts cause they keep looking back. It’s why they continue to live the same type of lifestyles not trying to do better. Instead they figure it’s easier to steal from other people in order to have something. This is a very wrong way of thinking.

I call these people the have not’s. They have not, because they don’t try to become better people. Although not all  are happy in how they are; many are content. They try to live off of the system in some way and if they can’t get money from the system they steal what belongs to someone else. It’s a pure shame! I am completely appalled by these types of people.

These people do not understand nor do they care the devastation they cause individuals who have worked hard to get what they have. They care less the feelings of the people they have invaded. I have no remorse for anyone who takes something they know doesn’t belong to them. It’s not right in no shape, form, or fashion.

When some thieves invade people homes or try to strong arm rob people these thieves are sometimes killed in the process. Their demise is their own fault. They chose to do what they did regardless of the reason. However it’s very sad when a person is robbed and lose their life in the process. They lost their live over something that belongs to them. This is outlandish! Losing a life is terrible either way, but when you cause your own demise, you took a chance (a risk), and you lost, period!

I wish our country had laws like some foreign countries, if you steal and you’re caught you lose a hand. If you rape, molest, commit incest, etc you get castrated.  All of the senseless killing and other crimes would lessen or cease if people who are found to have committed an act knows without a doubt they are instantly punished for their crime. I would be so for that type of system. Some countries don’t deal with the stupidity our country does. We have a court system for crimes people blatantly have committed. Why???? They are guilty, why go through all of the mumble jumble of legal justice when you know for a fact a person committed a crime? It’s a waste of time and money on all accounts. I think these types of people need justice served to them without it going through a legal system. This type of thing would do a whole lot of cleaning up in our country. That’s how I feel. It may seem harsh, but it’s how I feel.

Enough is enough! I know Jesus isn’t pleased with what He sees going on in our world. People are running amok. They stand for nothing therefore they fall for anything. We are right back in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. I know God isn’t pleased and He’s soon to come and shake up this entire world. He’s already showing us signs and wonders, but people are thinking what they see are coincidences, etc. No God is warning us, but in those warning each day we get to live is a day to change our ways. I feel really sorry for people who won’t consider changing from their bad ways to become better people. It’s all about choice, unfortunately the choices many make will lead them right into the pit of Hell. Some people think they are in hell now, they haven’t seen anything, just wait!

We are getting ready to go through some trials and tribulations. We constantly see destruction around us and people seem to have lost their minds. People are killing, stealing, and destroying others as if it means nothing to them. There’s not enough love these days. It’s all about me, people are not caring for others anymore. People are possessed by bad spirits and they commit all types of acts. Society says they’re mentally ill. I say they are possessed by bad spirits. Society want to deal with medicine and science, but it doesn’t want to deal with the supernatural. The Bible speaks in depth of the supernatural realm. It’s real. It’s running rampant in this world devouring all who succumb to it.

I continue to pray for this entire world. My heart cries out, because I want people to get it right before it’s too late. I can’t make anyone do a thing, I can only speak about it, motivate, enlighten, encourage, etc. Each of us has the choice to choose right or wrong.