Surrounded by Enablers


I see many people around the world doing this (on and off of TV). People already have their issues they’ve not worked out on top of this they are surrounded by people who don’t tell them the truth. People who can’t tell you the truth are people who have their own issues. They obviously do if they are worried about telling a person the truth! Lying to someone does nothing for a person other then keep them in trapped in their wrong mindsets and brokenness.

A broken person doesn’t benefit at all from people around them enabling them. Too many people from the highest status on down are in these types of situations. The reason individual’s are in situations such as this is because they are broken and don’t believe in self, they don’t love self, and they lack confidence and self esteem. They are dependent on others for validation. They can’t see the truth from their own version of reality which is through the eyes of unhealed pains. In most situations they are carrying other people; which adds to their pressures. Instead of those around them who claim to love them tell them the truth they tell them what they know they want to hear. They pretend all is well same as the individual; when it isn’t! This is very debilitating for the individual.

The Bible says “the blind can’t lead the blind lest they both fall into a pit.” This is very true! People who emerge themselves into the lives of others have their own issues. They are seeking something in return whether they speak it or not. There is a hidden agenda. It may not be with intentions to cause harm, but when you don’t tell the truth to someone who needs it, this eventually adds to the disruption in the lives of those individuals.

You see it prevalent in celebrities or those individuals who have some type of status. Many people around them are toxic to them. They pretend to care for or even love them, but they won’t tell them the truth. They would rather lie then to be honest. They know the individual is on the verge of self destruction, yet they will not be honest with the person. They continue to enable the individual normally until some form of breakdown occurs.

You’re NOT helping a person if you can’t be honest with them. I don’t care if you’re family, friend, or someone else. If you’re hanging around trying to gain something or if you just want to be a part of the click then you’re no help to the individual. Matter of fact you’re just as dysfunctional as the individual. This is seen a lot in today’s world. People are falling off of the pedal stools they’ve allowed others to put them on when they themselves were already too unstable to stand there. They knew they were yet they allowed it. No one knows what’s inside of you better than you!

When people allow others to worship and glorify them, it’s impossible to maintain the image they portray when they’re broken. It’s causes too much added stress in their lives. Due to the fact individuals don’t heal from their past issues they find it hard to maintain the image they’ve allowed people to believe of them. They become train wrecks!

One thing for certain is I don’t care what a person’s desires, dreams, goals, etc are in life. If the individual do NOT heal from their past pains no matter what they try to do; they will run into a brick wall! They can not get over it or around that wall until they heal from their past issues. They will carry all of the junk into every situation and relationship in their lives. The junk will always wreak havoc in their lives until they deal with it and heal from it.

People can go to who they consider as the best people for help, trust me they can’t help you until you want to help yourself. Those same celebrity guru’s and other people individuals run to for help oftentimes need help themselves and it’s why people come away the same way they went (broken). Listen, rehab, therapists, etc, etc doesn’t change a person until YOU choose change as your ONLY option! Although a significant part of a person’s issues can be drugs, alcohol, sex, etc it’s not the MAIN problem. People gravitate towards those things because they haven’t yet healed from their underlying issues. Fame, fortune, money, titles, statuses, etc doesn’t change a person. They become people with fame, fortune, money, title, statuses, etc with the same brokenness and full of lifelong baggage UNTIL the individual decides they want to choose change!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with therapy, rehab, etc, but those things only provide tools to assist a person. They can also provide support etc. However, IF the underlying issues aren’t resolved individuals will go back to what they are familiar and what they find their version of comfort (drugs, alcohol, sex, etc). That’s the truth and nothing but the truth! I’ve seen many people being misled both on and off of TV by people who are there supposedly to help. What I am seeing is people being beaten across the head with rehab and therapy, when YES drugs, alcohol, or whatever addiction is part of the problem, but it isn’t the MAIN problem. The focus should be the root cause and until it’s address people will go back to what they know and what they thinks soothes them. It’s like putting a band aid on a wound requiring stitches. It won’t work!

Being in the lives of these people doesn’t benefit them at all if you’re not telling them the truth along the way. Stop contributing to their dysfunction! They need supporters who are true supporters and NOT those who are there to support their own agendas. As stated before people may not understand the added problems they cause to these individual’s by going along to get along. You must call a spade a spade! Although many people don’t like the truth, the truth is still EXACTLY what they need! Be honest with people because the “truth REALLY may set them free!” When you enable others it also enables you!


The R. Kelly Controversy


I don’t normally talk about this type of stuff. I don’t follow R. Kelly or even listen to his music, but I wanted to write about this due to the topic at hand. R. Kelly is obviously someone who was once at some point victimized. However, it is absolutely NO excuse to victimize anyone, especially children. When people don’t heal from their pains they move forward in life with all of the unresolved hurt, which leads them into doing the same things once done to them.

R. Kelly is someone considered as a celebrity. Oftentimes famous people are sought after. Although I fully blame R. Kelly for his actions since he was the adult, I also blame the parents or any other adult who allowed these awful things to occur. Any adult who contributed to what happened in any way should also be under scrutiny. They were dead wrong too! They did it to gain something which is normally material things, money, etc. It’s VERY sad!

Hey, my daughters were once teenagers. Although some children look older due to physically developing faster than others they are still children. They may know about sex and they may do things to try to be noticed or known, that’s beside the point. The fact is they are children. They may get out of line by trying to be seductive, etc; the fact remains they are children. If a child get out of line, it’s up to the adult to put them back in line.

I think a program should be developed specifically for children who are involved in situations such as this. These children should be mandated into this program. If they are doing it of freewill they need to know it’s wrong. If they are doing it because someone else wants them to they need to know it’s wrong. They need a program to teach them to say NO to ANYONE who tries to persuade them in anyway to get involved in this type of relationship. I don’t care who that person/people may be. They should be taught what grooming is and what sexual predators are. Sexual predators look like you and I. Meaning, they have no particular look. They come from all walks of life. These young children need to be taught about healthy and unhealthy relationships. I’m not saying they are at fault in no shape or form. However, what I am saying is if they understand enough to know they are trying to get something out of the situation, then they understand enough to know they are doing something they should probably not be doing. They know they are getting something for something; whatever the something is! This is why many of them get involved in this types of situations. A lot of them do it of their own free will while many others are groomed, coached, manipulated, or coerced by others (the sexual predator, parents, relatives, friends, etc). If society do not EVER start looking at these young children then society is at fault as well, because it is repeatedly failing to teach these young children what they are doing is inappropriate. All I’m saying is they need to be taught it is NOT okay. They need to be taught how to avoid these types of situations. Obviously the adults who are taking part in this aren’t teaching their children it’s wrong. Society knows this problem is prevalent and running rampant in the world; why not do something to fix it?

ANY adult who becomes sexually involved with a child are absolutely wrong. R. Kelly was one thousand percent wrong for what he done. He shouldn’t have ever put himself in any of the positions he were in. He do not love himself nor do he know what love is. If he did he would have loved himself enough to not cause himself unnecessary drama. If he knew about love, then he would of known being with children is wrong and has nothing to do with love. This clearly shows he has unresolved issues. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing and he knew what he was doing was wrong. I have written several topics on this subject. These people get into certain positions and they use the power they’ve obtained to do what they are intending to do.

I’ve talked to plenty of predators and all of the stories derive out of childhood experiences. It doesn’t make victimizing right. Is is NOT a greenlight to victimize others. A lot of people I’ve spoken to said they battle with beginning to enjoy what they went through versus hating it. Those who begin to like the feelings are the ones who normally end up victimizing others. They begin the same behaviors of manipulation, lies, and deceit as those who victimized them. As victims it was their first encounters with sex or intimacy through touching (molestation, incest), etc. They are confused about how they feel. When they don’t deal with what has happened they carry the thoughts, feelings, and emotions with them throughout their lives. They may look as if they are functioning properly in society, but the truth is they are dsyfunctional people functioning in dsyfunctional ways in society. Many end up repeating the same cycles of those who victimized them. They become predators!

As I’ve said many times before and will continue to say. No one on the face of the earth can fix their problems by continuing to add to them. You can’t fix self until you face self. To continue to hide, lie, scheme, manipulate, deceive, etc. etc does absolutely NOTHING to help you heal from your issues. Nothing a person does is done in secret!!!!

Signs Are Ignored, But Still Exist


It’s a shame the situations we willfully put ourselves in. I am including myself, because once upon a time I did it too, but thank God I learnt better and now do better. I’ve learned from every situation (good and the bad) in my life. It taught me what to accept and what not to accept. I clearly see pass feelings and emotions. It’s takes loving self and growth to get to such a point. When a person wants to change they will do it!

I keep reminding myself maturity doesn’t necessarily come with age. People make many bad decisions based on the state of mind they’re in. It’s all related to what is the true you! You can hide it from others, but never from yourself. People can present themselves as one thing and by the way, most do. However, if you want to know the truth simply watch and the truth will present itself in some form or another. It is always seen through a person’s decisions, choices, and ultimately their actions.

You all know I’ve written countless times “we teach others how to treat us and you will always be treated how you’ve allowed.” That is fact! If you choose to get into a relationship with someone who is constantly giving you drama, drama is what you will get. If you get into a relationship in the wrong way, with the wrong person, for the wrong reason, drama is what you will get. Trust and believe drama is on the way!

To break it down further. If a person don’t love self they are bound to be led by their feelings. If a person is carrying a lifetime of old baggage, they are bound to be led by their feelings and emotions. If a person gets with someone who is already with someone, it’s because of inside issues. To be with someone and do things you are uncomfortable with and wouldn’t normally do it’s due to what’s inside. If you allow yourself to be abused, mistreated, or disrespected, it’s because of what’s inside. I can go on and on. The point I am trying to relay is, people treat you how you allow. People allow this because they too are carrying their own baggage they need to deal with. Theirs is affecting them and yours affecting you. Now what do you think it will be? Chaos and drama, yet people will swear it’s love, when love hasn’t a thing to do with it.

People show you who they really are, sadly individuals fail to believe it. Signs are missed due to feeling and emotions. It all comes from negative states of mind people are trapped in and have become comfortable with. People find it difficult to see past their emotions and feelings until they find themselves drowning in a sea of chaos they willfully subjected themselves to. I know it’s a hard pill for many to swallow, yet it is still the truth! No one can change you or your situation other than you!

So many individuals get into relationships thinking they can change the other person. If they can’t change them they think they can save or fix them. You can’t save, fix, or change anyone; this includes your children, significant others, friends, family, or other people. One thing for certain is you can lose your peace, health, and strength in trying. It will leave you drained in more ways than one.

Stop loving people to death! They live and be who they choose to be while some of you die! I mean literally (stress, depression, suicide, etc) and if you don’t literally die you’re dead spiritually. You lose yourselves in trying to fix, save, or change other people. It’s nonsense! Know your worth and lay down boundaries and standards. You must first love you! When you love yourself you won’t allow anyone to bring unnecessary drama into your space/life!

There are a lot of people who get involved with individuals they swear they love and these individuals introduces them to drugs and alcohol. People are introduced to the streets, sexual immorality, and all kind of God forsaken things! Listen if you’re with someone who is introducing you to things which could devastate your life, you’re with the wrong person! Use common sense! No significant other is worth pain and drama in your life. Pain and drama goes hand in hand! Love has NOTHING at all to do with it. Getting involved with people who are bringing chaos in your life says a lot about you! It tells you something in your life needs fixing! To ignore it only adds to your internal issues. You’re trying to fix someone when you haven’t dealt with your own issues, now you’re dealing with those of the person you’re with as well. This is unnecessary stress and drama!

There are always signs! People don’t change into someone you don’t want to be with, they were already that way, but the signs were ignored, because you couldn’t see past your feelings and emotions. When things get unbearable, then and only then can people see the real deal; which was there all along! Unfortunately some people refuse to ever see the truth, because they can’t get past their feelings due to their states of mind. They make things solely about what they want and desire based on their feelings. They ignore the truth!

God Isn’t Dead People Are


I’m here to tell you He yet lives! God isn’t dead, the church isn’t dead, but millions of people are dead! Most think just because they have breath in their bodies and are moving around they are alive. Naturally they are alive, however; if they aren’t serving the one and only true living God they are dead! They are dead men/women walking, the true zombies in this world, dead an don’t even know it! People are all into zombie movies and the ridiculous movie style zombie apocalypse, but fail to realize we are living amongst the walking dead right now! Those zombie movies are fake, but we are already living amongst real life walking dead. It’s scarier than any movie. These people are subject to do anything! People are dead, because they don’t know the Lord Jesus, our Father God, and no true experience with the Holy Spirit!

The Bible says “to gain the whole world and lose your soul.” No one has to, it is all by choice. No matter how awful or dark, people still love the world more than they do the true and living God. They serve many other gods, but they won’t commit to the one and only true God.

I’m not here to bash or to impose my belief on anyone. I’m only here to give a message. People can and will do whatever they choose. You can choose the Father and the Son, or you can choose whatever you desire. My job and mission is the give what I know I must, which is the unadulterated truth. God wishes for none of us to perish.

Many people don’t or won’t believe. It is their choice. However, those who claim to believe and are living a life unpleasing to the Father are damning themselves; for they have chosen the world. It doesn’t matter what they profess with their tongues. It doesn’t matter that they act the part or look the part. What matters if they are living it!!! Those who are only performing lip service are dead in Christ! They think they know Him, but their actions prove they don’t! This goes for the preacher, teacher, prophet, faithful church goer, apostle, bishop, evangelist, or whomever professes Him with hearts far from Him. They are the walking dead!

Jesus lives, He died for us all. We all have the same opportunity for salvation, because he has no respect of persons. It is us, the people who put limits and boundaries on Him. As humans we segregate and separate as a form of division and oppression, but it is NOT of the Father or the Son! He doesn’t have any respect of persons. It is we ourselves who must decide which side to serve. It is freewill! There are only two choices (right or wrong) Jesus or the adversary the devil. We can’t serve both!

People love the world much more than they do God. They act as if they don’t come up out of the world they would be missing something. In fact they are correct!! If they DON’T, they will be missing the mark and their chance for Heaven! They will have “gained the whole world only to lose their souls.” It’s a sad shame!

God is the same God, Jesus is the same Son, and the Holy Spirit is still available to all who believe! He’s still in the blessing business and He’s still working miracles. People have no power because they haven’t activated their power given to them by God. People must learn to fast and pray. We all need a daily prayer life, but we must learn to fast too! Fasting is important for our spiritual growth.

I found out long ago people are upset with the truth. They want it sugarcoated or watered down. I don’t do either. I can give my opinion all day, but at the end of the day, the truth is the truth! This world is getting worst day by day. People have no love in their hearts. They will kill at the drop of a dime as if it means nothing. They’re taking their own lives like it’s nothing. I’m talking about people who don’t know God and those who claim to know Him. I expect those who don’t know the Lord to do anything, but for those who claim to know Him, their actions tells the truth. In doing the Lord’s business we sometimes will have to stand alone, people don’t want to hear you or see you. I’m even talking about those who CLAIM to love Him so much! That’s fine by me, because it’s not about me anyways, it’s all about God the Father and Jesus the Son!

Darkness can’t dwell with the Light! Think about it, even on a bright and sunny day, when the clouds roll in for a storm they block the sunlight! Both can’t dwell at the same time. The moon can’t shine the same time the sun shines. That’s how it is with us. We can’t live for Jesus and the adversary (the Devil) at the same time. You will love one more than the other. If you are trying to serve both, you’re truly only serving one and that’s the devil. We either live for Jesus or die for the devil. This is why people who profess Christ are caught doing all kinds of stuff they know they shouldn’t be doing. They do what’s right according to man, in the eyes of man, for man to see. They forget the one they CLAIM to serve sees it all. Therefore they are ALWAYS caught dead on the spot! I’m writing the word caught, because NOTHING gets pass God. Man may miss a few things, but God sees it all! He yet live!

Traditions Can Lead You Straight to Hell


I’ve written many times about people doing things out of tradition. I believe more people than not are operating this way when it comes to serving Jesus and going to church. They go to church strictly out of tradition and familiarity. It’s what they’ve known since childhood. Yet as adults many still to this day haven’t grown any closer to God, they are still “babes in Christ.”

Many think because they go to church that’s it! They think because they asked Jesus into their hearts it’s all they have to do. Don’t let the devil fool you! It isn’t so! You must be born again and you must live the life you speak of (you must be holy). People have made their pastors their Master. They have allowed themselves to be brainwashed. They go to church out of tradition, familiarity, honor, and respect for their leaders and not at all for homage and alteration to The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Believe me when I tell you; all of your pastors knees will someday bend like their flocks. No one is exempt! “Every knee shall bow and every tongue must confess.”

The worst part about it is people are sitting in their churches while allowing all kinds of disorder to take place in their churches. They go along with whatever and they conform to whatever. Most churches are man’s churches and not God’s. They are started by self appointed people or man appointed leaders who are all about the money and NOT the soul. It’s all about material prosperity and not at all about spiritual prosperity! Many aren’t chosen of God; they are chosen by man. People don’t want the truth, but it doesn’t make it any less than the truth.

My recommendation is get into the Word and get it in your hearts. Know the Word for yourselves. Stop worshipping your leaders making them your god, because a whole lot of them don’t know Jesus for themselves. There’s only ONE God and you will never reign with Him if you continue to worship and praise the one you’ve made your god here on earth. The Bible says these false leaders will be charged for leading the flock astray, but make no mistake about it; you will have to pay for following!

The crazy part of it all is people live by traditions, etc, yet they are ALWAYS trying to change God to fit their traditions and lifestyles. This will never be okay. He is an unchanging God who doesn’t EVER conform to the ways of this world. He doesn’t conform to fit us or our lifestyles.

Every day we get to see is a day to open those closed eyes, clear out those plugged ears, and get rid of those dull stony hearts. If a person doesn’t choose to change they will remain the same. This is unfortunate because the Bible plainly says He will return swiftly like a thief in the night, in the twinkling of an eye. That means any second, minute, or hour. Please don’t let Him catch you serving man and not Him!!! Don’t let Him catch you with those closed eyes, plugged ears, and dull stony hearts!

Unhealthy People, Unhealthy Relationships


This is for a lot of people in unhealthy relationships. There are many people who are in terrible relationships. They are blind by their feelings and they will do anything to please the one they are with. For many people the focus is completely off. Most people drastically fail at getting to know the one they are with. They don’t adhere to the signs nor do they ask the right questions. All they care about is trying to win who they are trying to be with.

The reason people find themselves in terrible relationships is because their focus is on doing any and everything to please the one they are with. Many will even cross the line by doing things they wouldn’t normally do. They are moving solely on how they are feeling and unable to see the truth because of it. They think because they feel a certain way the actions behind their feelings will make the person they are with truly want to be with them. This isn’t so!

A person will take from you as long as you give. A person will do to you what you allow. It is you who teach the one you’re with how to treat you! If you think giving them everything is going to make them love you more, you’re wrong! They still won’t love you any more than they really do! Matter of fact some don’t love who they are with at all, they love what the person does to them and for them. Hurtful right? It’s true! It’s better to read about it then to be living it!

There are far too many people who get into one-sided relationships. They are too caught up in how they are feeling, therefore blind to the truth. They could see it if they chose to, unfortunately it’s not on the mindset of most; their interest is giving all they can to the other person, because they love them very much. At least so they think!

Don’t be a fool to love or to what you perceive as love. Perception is normally gravely distorted when a person is going off of their feelings. The more you think of someone (good or bad), the more provoking the thoughts become which leads to the over abundance of feelings. People are totally captivated by those feelings, which leads and have led many into terrible relationships. Many have lost their lives in bad relationships.

I’ve written many posts about this very issue, but no matter how much people read, hear, or see, they will foolishly get into unhealthy relationships. Some people don’t learn or change, because they don’t want to. They continue to live unhappy lives while wondering why their lives are unhappy. Makes no sense, but it’s the way many choose to live. Everything we do is about choices. We all make them whether good or bad.

When a person gives and gives to the significant person in their life never getting anything in return, except headaches and heartaches; they teach their significant other exactly how to treat them. When a significant other takes and takes, they teach the other person how to be treated. People who are focused on the feel good feeling will only see what they want. They are blind to everything else to a point and time when they are forced to open their eyes to the truth. By this time they are more than likely in an unhealthy relationship. At this point many are afraid to leave and afraid to stay. The ONLY way to avoid unhealthy relationships is by NOT getting into them in the first place!

I keep telling people love isn’t blind, those who think they are in love are blind by their perceptions of love.

The Truth Doesn’t Change


Lies change, but the truth is just that; the truth! People always claim they want the truth until you give it to them. I’m not one who sugarcoats things to please people. Doing this doesn’t help a person it enables them. A lot of what I say or write hits hard and oftentimes upsets people. I make no apologies about it. As a servant I’m on this earth to help those who are willing to accept the truth. I plant the seed and it’s up to individuals what they do with it.

What I’ve found out in life is people are highly offended by the truth. Earlier in my life I was confronted by the truth and it cut me like a knife too. I didn’t want to hear it, but that didn’t change the fact it was the truth. I’ve always been a person who learned from everything I’ve experienced. When I truly knew better I done better and I always learned from my mistakes, bad decisions, and bad choices. It made me into who I am today.

People who take offense to the truth are people who need to search within self to figure out why truth hurts or upsets them. I know for a fact many so-called Saints aren’t what they profess. Therefore any time you speak or write the truth they are upset about it. They can’t stand the truth. They are people who aren’t living what they claim to live. They are people who are still doing what THEY want to do. They are still living in sin and doing things against God. A true Saint doesn’t get mad at the truth.

I understand people who are still in the world getting upset over the truth. They most definitely don’t want to hear it. The great difference is they aren’t claiming to be children of God. They aren’t claiming to be Saints who are living according to the Word of God. Therefore I expect them to get sick and tired of being told the truth. However, I don’t expect it from a true Saint.

Bottom line of this post is the truth is the truth no matter who tells it. If a person is adding to it or taking something from it, it’s no longer the truth. People can pretend all day, but at the end of the day each of us has to give in account for what we do and what we have done. As I always say how we live now determines were we will live eternally. That’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! True Saints if you’re mad about then, I highly recommend you check yourself and re-examine your lives, because what you’re living isn’t the truth and you know it!