I already know a lot of people will be mad about this, but I don’t apologize for the truth. I also know you will say I’m judging and although it’s not true, say what you want. When a person tells the truth it will affect people. When people feel the sting of the truth they will feel some kind of way about it and oftentimes they will say they’re being judged. I’m not the judge, but it is my duty to spread the truth, like it or not. IF NOT; I’m charged just like everyone else.

What I’m seeing in many of the churches today is mockery and shame in the eyes of God. The things some leaders are doing today is not in line with God. They have brainwashed their flocks. People of today are poisoned by the words of man and not equipped or empowered by the WORD of God. They’re in church CLEARLY praising and worshipping their leaders.

There are leaders up in the pulpits cursing, sexing members of their congregation, preaching everything about the world, but aren’t teaching or preaching the true Word of God. Instead they’re preaching watered down versions of what they want the people to know. People are lost and confused for several reasons the main one is because they’re straddling the fence. Many aren’t even on the fence; going to church is like going to the movies or a sporting event. They go for entertainment and they go faithfully! Most go out of pure tradition. Those that are straddling the fence are straddled for one reason only. THEY DO NOT FULLY BELIEVE IN THE EXISTENCE OF GOD. If they did their lives would be different and they definitely wouldn’t be straddled the fence.

They’re lost and confused because they do not know God and His Son Jesus for themselves. They only know what they’ve heard. When this is the case, a person is liable to follow anyone and fall for anything. You must get to know Him for yourselves and get into a daily walk with Him (the Word, prayer, praise, and worship). If you don’t know Him for yourself the world always seems to look more enticing than what it is, but it’s the trick of the enemy. To give it up seems like a tragedy, but what people don’t understand is to NOT give it up WILL be a tragedy.

The world is shocked when they see and hear all of the foolishness leaders all over the world are doing. It’s not shocking to me, but it is sad. Not only sad because they’re leading the people astray, but because they’re mocking God and condemning their lives to hell IF they don’t make a change.

Today it’s about power and greed; leader’s are lead by the mighty dollar! Churches have ATM’s, café’s, bookstores, and other things inside of the church. It may be in the foyer, but it’s still inside of the building. Don’t leaders know this is wrong? God Himself turned over tables and made a big deal over it when He saw people selling etc in the temple.  These leaders are making it all about money. They’ve lost sight of the truth and their good intentions have fallen by the wayside. Well, let me back up. Some NEVER had the right intentions from the start; because for them it started out being about money.

This is why you see many leaders doing things unbecoming of a men and women of God. They’re leading their flocks, but they don’t even know who they are or to whom they serve. They’re just as blind and lost as their flocks. The Bible says “how can the blind lead the blind, lest they both fall into the ditch.”

I’m not saying none of us are perfect, but what I am saying is IF you are TRULY a new creature everything about you will change (your spiritual walk, talk, thoughts, overall presentation, dress, etc). Why, because your heart and mind will become on one accord. You will not be the same, you can’t be the same, and you wouldn’t want to be the same. Will temptations come, YES it will. It is the devil’s job and desire to lead God’s people astray, but the more you grow the stronger you become and the more you will place God at the forefront of all you do. This makes you better equipped to resist the devil and make him flee. He will try and try, but if you stay strong and rooted in the Word of God and adopt that daily fellowship with Him, you will be able to stand any and all tests.

Many leaders don’t want to give up this world just like a lot of their flocks don’t want to give it up. So they stand in their pulpits preaching what they want to in order to keep their people in brainwashed states of minds and submission. They give just enough to make the people feel that they’re a part of something special. Many of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing. People who don’t know God for themselves will and are falling for everything their leaders say and do.

Oftentimes the discretions of leaders are revealed to the public, but their congregations uphold their wrong. They’re not being held accountable and it’s why they go right on to do other things against God. They feel VERY powerful and untouchable. The part about this that breaks my heart is the fact how people persecuted, condemned, beat, and murdered Jesus for doing wonderful marvelous works, yet the world upholds all of the mess some of their leaders are doing today. It makes no sense. This is because people praise and worship man and not the Creator.

Leaders aren’t teaching about demonic spirits, spiritual attachments (which aren’t always demonic, but they can be aggravating to the physical body). They aren’t teaching hell damnation, soul salvation and living holy, or becoming and remaining a new creature. They’re teaching a lot of building up your material homes and possessions. When you die you take NOTHING with you. I don’t care what they put in the casket with you or on you; you can’t take it with you. “From dust you came and from it you will return.”

I believe the reason leader’s don’t teach these things is because they don’t believe in them no more than they believe in the existence of God or they’re afraid of it. They fear demons, etc, but don’t believe in God (makes no sense). If they believed they  would be doing, teaching, and preaching differently. It’s okay to teach your flock how to become the best individuals they can be in all areas of their lives. However, when how to prosper in a way to gain material possessions or worldly statuses is the ONLY thing or the MOST important things being taught, SOMETHING IS WRONG. The Bible says “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.”   But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven where neither moth, nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.  (Matthews 6:19 & 20).

If you’re not doing the right thing here on earth. you’ll fail to set yourself up for these things in heaven, you CAN’T blame anyone but YOU! Following the leaders and being lead wrong is a decision made by YOU! People must pray for understanding, wisdom, and knowledge so the blinders can be removed from their eyes. A person has to have a sense of right and wrong, when they don’t they’re likely to be like a leaf in the wind, they will follow what sounds and looks good to them and not necessarily what is right or wrong according to the word of God.

I’m not perfect, but I NEVER use it as an excuse to do something I know isn’t right. I’m not that person I used to be. I don’t do those things I once done and have no desire to do so. I am aware of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. I am also aware of those belonging to others. The Bible says “to try the spirit by the spirit.” If you’re truly on the Lord’s side and living holy, you don’t look at people totally with the nature eye, the spiritual eye is always seeing beyond the natural, because of the Holy Spirit that dwells within. It comes naturally.

I know people get sick of hearing or reading about me talking about Jesus. It is my duty and the duty of any person who claims to love the Lord and is on His side; to sow seeds. As seeds are planted, it’s each individual’s choice as to what they will do with those seeds. They can cultivate them and let them grow or they can let them wither up and die. The choice is always yours to make.




(Ephesians 6:12-13) For we wrestle not against blood and flesh, but against principalities, against the powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against the wicked spiritual wickedness in high places. If the fight isn’t against flesh and blood, it means it’s spiritual.

The Bible tells us these things will happen. If you don’t believe or you’re not in the Word, you won’t understand what’s happening. What I’ve found to be true is the fact that the world doesn’t want to touch on the subject of EVIL. People don’t want to touch on the subject of the supernatural realm. These things are scary to many people or people don’t believe it exists. It does and it’s just as alive as you are breathing. We are constantly fighting against these things.

Things are trying to trip us up at every turn. If we stand firm in full armor we can withstand anything. Evil exist through spiritual warfare that is constantly attacking us. It attacks us as individuals, but it comes in many forms. I believe because people don’t understand what is happening many will fall prey. It affects both the body and the mind. This is why you see parents killing their children, children killing their parents, people molesting their own children and other people, people killing for no apparent reason, suicidal victims, and all of the other horrific things we hear about. It causes people to be trapped by their own minds in unhealthy states of mind. They are depressed, drowned in alcoholism and drugs, doing nasty filthy sexual acts, trapped by their minds in memories of their pasts, unfaithful, liars, and doing all kinds of immoral things that are against God. It is only going to continue whether people understand or believe it’s happening or not.

It doesn’t happen to only some people; we all experience it because we’re all fighting a spiritual battle between good and evil. People are afraid to talk about what is happening; fear of being ridiculed . Although many are confused about it or engulfed by darkness; many will keep it to themselves until they’re driven to the edge and eventually over.

I believe if a person don’t truly know God and have a daily relationship with God this warfare can push them to the brinks of destruction. I’m so thankful for all of my experiences. I know the spiritual world is alive and well. If it weren’t for me knowing what side I’m on, developing a real relationship with God, and connecting with Him on a daily basis I probably wouldn’t be here today. If it wasn’t for the fact that I understood that His love conquers ALL fear, I probably wouldn’t be here today. If I didn’t understand in whom my strength lies, I probably wouldn’t be here today. When I was physically alone, I realized that I wasn’t alone. I knew God had me covered, it is what kept me and brought me through unscathed and strong as ever. I had to completely rely on God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I was strengthened where I was weak and built up where I was torn down. He gave me the ability to see things through my spiritual eyes and not natural.

When you speak or write about these things, people think you’re completely nuts. It’s okay! This is the norm for those who don’t understand or believe spiritual warfare and God exists. They think things happen by chance when NOTHING happens by chance. Many shrug their shoulders and shake it off until the next thing happens. People struggle daily with the affects this warfare has on them and others.

If no one is exempt (and no one is); think about the affect it can have on people of this whole world today. Millions and millions don’t have a clue as to what they’re dealing with and why they’re dealing with it. All I’m asking is for you to get educated. It cost you nothing to sit and get educated. There are tons and tons of information available free of charge. You have a choice to whom you will serve. Of course I will always recommend God and His Son Jesus, but you have the choice to choose whom you will serve. Regardless of your choice; get educated about the spiritual realm, which involves both good and evil.

Evil exists and it’s seen when we see people doing the unthinkable. Reality of its existence is seen every single day. The world wants to always call it mental illness. They NEVER want to say anything about evil, spiritual darkness, spiritual realm, paranormal, etc. They label everything as mental illness. IT IS NOT! Millions do suffer from mental illnesses, but it’s not always something passed down. It’s often the result of this spiritual warfare. The affects causes people to have the characteristics of mental illness. People not only question their sanity, they also question the sanity of people like me who speak about it. Well I assure you I’m sane. I’m covered under the Blood of Jesus. I’m only here trying to help someone.

People don’t want to entertain this subject. They want to dismiss it or ignore it altogether. The world will tackle science and medicine; which are two things they will NEVER know everything about. Yet they’re too afraid to deal with the supernatural world that is alive around us.

Many don’t don’t believe in God, because to them they can’t see, feel, or touch Him. Therefore in their eyes if He’s not tangible; to them it means He’s not real. I assure you He yet lives! He can be seen and He is tangible through His wondrous works and His Holy Spirit. However, if a person don’t believe then they won’t receive it and therefore cannot see it. This is why many are lost and losing the spiritual warfare battle. A battle that has really already been won, if we believe!!! God’s death on the cross was for all of the transgressions that exists today. A person can’t understand if they don’t understand the Creation and the Creator.



Yes, here I go again. No matter how many times it’s discussed, people are still allowing their hearts to lead them into devastation. Of course when entering into a new relationship you will feel something for the person you’re with. However, if you’re only going by what you’re feeling, you may be lead astray. People don’t get it, because they’re being completely blindside by their feelings. Regardless of it all to them it feels good and it’s all they think of and desire. The thoughts of the immature who don’t have the wisdom or understanding to see the truth; when they want someone, their thoughts are centered around the person. The more feelings they develop for the person; the more they will desire to be with and around them.

This is why when many FINALLY wake up they find themselves in awful relationships. They find themselves in loveless, abusive, controlling, etc relationships where they’ve lost all control. It’s because they allowed their hearts to lead. They’re completely blind when it comes to love. To hear or read the saying “follow the heart is beautiful” but it’s not the whole truth. You can’t follow the heart and be on point if you’re not in the correct frame of mind. This means you must have true understanding of what is going on and be able to see the truth and know it as the truth. This takes growth and maturity. Unfortunately some people never grasp this reality. Many wonder why they keep going through bad relationships and awful breakups, it’s because they keep doing it the same way over and over. They continue to allow their hearts to lead.

When you meet someone, if it’s someone you’re attracted to and interested in you will have these thoughts and feelings of that individual. This is normal. Once you begin to spend time getting to know the person you will begin to see signs of the truth. People make mistakes at this point. They see the person and instead of looking at the entire picture, they’re stuck on what they’re feeling or see with their natural eyes. I guarantee you if people were able to disengage after seeing what they’re dealing with isn’t representation of a healthy relationship they could save themselves from turmoil down the road.

A lot of people want to say “they didn’t know or they never saw the signs.” This isn’t true. I don’t care how subtle they may be, there are ALWAYS signs. No matter how a person try to hide the truth, the truth shows in some form or another. The problem is the person on the receiving end dismisses the truth because of what they’re thinking and feeling about the other person. It’s all about passion and wanting to be in the company of that person.

Early on, although there will be feelings involved but, if people would look at what is happening as they’re getting to know the person they’re involved with, it could change the whole course of the relationship. Unfortunately most don’t. They simply go with what their feeling. This is the wrong way to build any relationship.

Relationships must be built on SOLID foundations. When foundations are SOLID relationships bloom into beautiful healthy relationships. I must admit I’ve known a few people who were a mess and later in life they made a change. This is absolutely wonderful, however I don’t recommend anyone going further into rocky/bad/unhealthy relationships in hopes of the person changing, because this may NEVER be the case. How you start is VERY indicative of how you will end.

There are countless women who are in bad situations with all signs of it being bad. They’re mistreated, abused, spoken to badly, disrespected, controlled, ostracized from family and friends, but they stay and many married these men. Early on they continue in these relationships because they think they’re in love. They’re going off of what they feel and not on what they see and are experiencing. These women stay for many reasons and everyone of them comes from past experiences and the wrong way of thinking, feeling, and reacting to those past experiences. Unfortunately some never make it out, because they die at the hands of the one they love. Many get out only to go back. Despite of it all many are still being lead by their hearts and distorted ways of thinking.

Society only talks about women who are in these relationships, but the truth be told there are many men who are in these types of relationships as well. The truth of who a person is lies within and it has no gender or color. Who we really are comes from a lot of things, but the bottom line of it all it derives from how we perceive and think about things. This is what causes the feelings and actions we feel and display when it comes to those we love.

I’ve talked to countless of suicidal people who are so distraught about their relationships and other things to a point of where they want to take their own lives. They feel they can’t go on without the person they love so much. This is disheartening because a person such as this has allowed their distorted ways of thinking and the feelings to go along with it; to render them hopeless. These types of individuals don’t realize they’re feeling this way because of what’s going on inside of them and not necessarily because of the other person. They’re projecting what they feel outward in thinking it’s because of the other person, but in truth it’s because of who they are as an individual. Too many bad thoughts and feelings leads to bad actions.

Millions in this world allow themselves to be in unhealthy relationships all because they are mislead by distorted ways of thinking which leads to misguided feelings which often leads to things they didn’t bargain for. My prayer is that people deal with their issues first before entering into relationships. If a person enter into a relationship out of desperation and other distorted ways of thinking, the consequences of their actions may be detrimental. These types of people are lead by their ways of thinking and the feelings developed from those distorted thoughts.

There’s a millions scenarios I could write about on this very subject, but the fact remains, people still don’t get it. That’s the sad part. Many people haven’t gotten the understanding in order to see the truth. It takes soul seeking to really look at oneself. If things aren’t going right in your life, don’t look at the other person; look at yourself. Seek out why you’re the way you are and deal with it. This is how you grow and mature.



This post will hit home for some people, because many of you are in current relationships battling the very same issues you had in the beginning of your relationships. It’s because people except others according to who they REALLY are (oneself NOT the other person). This is fueled by what you’re dealing with inside that you’re not addressing. Some of you desperately try to hide it, but it shows in the decisions you make, what you say, and what you do (all coming from how you think about things). I’ve told people over and over you can’t change anyone else, especially when you need to change yourself. What you accept in the beginning is EXACTLY what you will end up with most of the time. If people would stop getting into relationships thinking the other person will change or trying to change the other person it will save a lot of problems for many. If you feel you need to change someone else IT’S A CLEAR SIGN YOU NEED TO DO SOME CHANGING YOURSELF.

Too many people don’t look at their relationships realistically. They go solely off of feelings of their hearts and not by what the truth shows. People are meeting one another and are getting into relationships for all of the wrong reasons and in all of the wrong ways. When you’re a mess, you normally attract mess and if by chance you attract something good, by the time you’re finished IF they allow they too will be a mess.

I’m a woman and it hurts to see my sisters getting into these relationships with men who disrespect straight from the start, They stay with him because he’s fine and can perform good in bed, but never mind the fact he has nothing to bring to the table, never mind the fact he mistreats her, never mind the fact he abuses her, never mind the fact she’s a non factor to him; and the list goes on. So many woman have lost their lives, they stay in relationships with men who are CLEARLY abusive. These women are so messed up inside they can’t see the truth, because they can’t see past their own issues that has them bound.

Stop getting into relationships that you know won’t work. When you are constantly fussing and fighting with the person you’re dating why would you marry them? It’s because you have issues you need to deal with. If you didn’t you would see the truth and know this isn’t good for you. I’m not saying don’t marry them, but I am saying you should wait until the both of you mature and are capable of positive communication. Communication is key in relationships. If you start out unable to effectively communicate the ONLY way the relationship will work is you both learn to communicate and do it effectively. Far too many are taking past pains into their relationships only to ruin them.

There are many situations people find themselves in when they shouldn’t be nor do they have to be. People continue on into bad situations knowing they’re bad. It doesn’t make sense and it’s a clear sign of immaturity and insecurities coming from the wrong way of thinking.

I recently met a young man who outright told me he was married for eight years, but he wasn’t in love with his wife. He didn’t love her when he got with her. He admitted she was pretty and it was about sex, but then she got pregnant so he decided to marry her. He said that he provides for her all the necessities a man should provide for his wife. I told asked him what happened in his life that put in the frame of mind he was in. He went on to tell me the type of home he was brought up in. I asked him if what he went through wasn’t good enough for him, why does he think it’s good enough for his son? He broke down and cried. I asked him why put his son through the exact same things he went through. He said it’s all he knew. I told him it’s an excuse. He’s no longer surrounded by his past environment. He’s engulfed by the painful memories of it. He must break free, let it go so he can no longer allow his wrong way of thinking to continue to keep him trapped and sabotage his life. I told him if he wanted to fall in love with his wife it had to start at that very moment by working on it. He first had to release those ill feelings of his past, because he’s not in that situation any longer. I explains its the thoughts about it he keep revisiting that has him trapped in a confused mind. This is how most people live, they allow all of the mess inside to lead them into bad situations that are CLEARLY bad, but they can’t see it. They can’t see through the mud (their pasts).

This is why I tell people money, fame, and fortune DOESN’T MAKE YOU HAPPY. So many people think it will, but it DOESN’T. It only empowers people and equip them with more to mask the truth. However, the sad REALITY of it all is the TRUTH always shows up some how (drug and alcohol addictions, promiscuousness, infidelity, low esteem, lack of confidence, dependability -quickly clinging to others, unstableness, in and out of relationships, anger, rage, inability to love oneself, inability to trust, co-dependency-living through others and depending on them for your happiness, depressions, anxiety, suicidal, homicidal, etc…etc). Having all of the resources in the world won’t fix a messed up inner man. It never will. This is why people commit suicide, because the inner demons beat them down, they don’t know how to let go of past issues that has tormented them for so long. They seem to be doing okay to others, but inside they’re a complete mess. They fake and front until they can’t do it anymore; they do the unthinkable; they kill themselves or sometimes other people.

I want people to know that EVERYTHING revolves around the way we think. I’ve said it a million times. Think about it! The feelings don’t come first, the thoughts come first and then the feelings and then the actions. When you have never dealt with the thoughts it means you’ve never dealt with the feelings and therefore it’s all compacted inside. I know this is a gross metaphor, but have you ever been constipated? If you stay constipated long enough it can potentially kill you if you don’t get help. Seriously, it can cause your body to do things you wouldn’t believe because of the poison not being able to be released. This is EXACTLY how past issues are, they cause an infection inside that festers until it destroys the individual.

People don’t understand it ALL revolves around the WRONG WAY OF THINKING. If you take in the negative troubles you’ve gone through as negative and throughout your life although the actual events are BEHIND you carry the thoughts of them they will mess you up. No matter what it was you can let it go. You won’t EVER forget it, but you don’t have to let it define your entire life. You can lay those thoughts down and free yourself from those pains of yesterday. Just know in order to do this you MUST know that it is YOU who is doing this to yourself by the wrong way of thinking. You may be angry over it, you may be hurt over it, it’s alright feel what you feel, but then realize that you’re no longer in that moment. You’ve let your entire life pass you by while you’ve remained stuck in a moment of time that’s no longer present. In actuality your past is still your present and it’s because you keep the thoughts open like a fresh wound. You’re not allowing it to heal. It’s not the past it’s YOU whose causing you pain, because of your wrong way of thinking.

I challenge you to believe you’re worthy of PEACE. Let those painful thoughts go, unlock the chains that have you bound. It’s time. You deserve peace in your mind, soul, and spirit. No one is hurting you but you. Let go of the thoughts that are causing you to lead a destructive life. Let go of those thoughts that are causing you to believe you’re not worthy, because you are worthy of peace. Let go of those thoughts that have you TRAPPED. Whomever hurt you is no longer hurting you, you’re suffering from the thoughts of those past moments and those thoughts have you TRAPPED. IT IS NO MORE. Let it go! Free yourself today. It’s time to consciously focus on having thoughts of peace. Every time those thoughts try to creep up you say NO MORE. “Say I forgive those who have hurt me and I won’t allow the thoughts of it to keep me bound and confused; I won’t be fill with anger and self loathe anymore. I want, need, and desire peace.” If you stay focused you will be aware of the negative thoughts and every time you have one if you say NO MORE it is over, you will see how they will begin to fade. THIS WILL NOT WORK IF WHEN THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS COME YOU MARINADE IN THEM AND ALLOW THEM TO PUT YOU RIGHT BACK IN THAT BAD STATE OF MIND. You must engage and be willing to let them go. When you get the understanding that it’s ONLY the thoughts that are fueling those feelings and behaviors and by being consciously aware of them you will be able to change the negative into the positive. This will change your life! Please try it today!

Boundaries for A Peace of Mind


It seems there are many people who really don’t understand what setting boundaries in their lives mean and how empowering they can be to your life. Individuals allow others to invade and dominate their space and lives. I believe boundaries should be set between an individual and everyone that is involved in their life despite of the extend. If you don’t set boundaries sometimes people have the tendency to do whatever they want to you or at least they will give it a good try. I firmly believe in “nipping things in the bud”, not later, but right away.

This is my belief and what I think helps keep me grounded. We must have sense to learn how not to allow others to cause us unnecessary stress. This means husbands, wives, children, the job, friends, family, and any and everything. DO NOT RELINQUISH YOUR PEACE. Learn how to step back and away when it seems you’ve allowed stress to take up too much space.

Boundaries Against Your Children

My mom always said, “toddlers steps on your toes, but teenagers and adult children steps on your heart.” She sure didn’t lie about that! In saying that, it taught me that I had to build a boundary where my two adult daughters are concerned. I’m not saying they’re not good children, but they have their own lives and sometimes it doesn’t include me. I had to grow tough skin when it comes to that fact.

I initially built boundaries when they were little ones. I had to let them know who the parents were in the household. Sometimes children will try you, so you must lay boundaries and do not let them cross those boundaries.

Some parents have no control in their homes or over there children, because they have no boundaries, discipline, or structure in their homes. The children invade their space and privacy at will and they basically do what they want. Children play parents against one another and they can sometimes be quite manipulative. SET BOUNDARIES while they’re young and it will teach children about tolerances, limitations, respect, boundaries, and a host of other good attributes.

Boundaries Against Significant Others

Sometimes our significant others try us too. They want to see how far they can go with certain things. Boundaries must be set with them too. Sometimes they want to push you into things you don’t want. They may do things to you that is uncomfortable. You have every right to “nip it in the bud.” In setting boundaries in this area you can’t act as if you’re good with something today and tomorrow you have a problem with it. You have to set boundaries and stand firm on them and be consistent.

I can’t tell you what particular boundaries you should set against your significant other, but I can tell you if you don’t at some point something will happen that makes you uncomfortable and it’s because you never set a boundary against it. You must make it known what things can’t be crossed.

Boundaries in relationships are set according a person’s individual need. I think everyone should have a few.

Below are boundaries I believe are important to set against everyone in order to keep your peace and joy. I added them to a book I wrote and thought I would share some of what I wrote about with you.

Physical Boundaries These are boundaries we should set up against other people (everyone). If not, people will easily invade your personal space. When you have physical boundaries set and someone crosses them, if you correct a person right away, everyone will know exactly what you will and won’t allow. Some things you may let some people get away with while others you won’t. That’s normal, but regardless you should have them set with everyone.

Simple examples are:

Some people get too close to you or touch you (while in contact with you). This may be something that makes you uncomfortable. For some it’s a habit for others it’s a test to see how far they can go. To avoid any issues from it, set physical boundaries.

You may have friends or family who comes to your house and they go through your things, eat your food, use your things; etc. all without asking, (this happens with co-workers, etc. as well). If you have your boundaries up they will no that behavior won’t be tolerated by you. This boundary should apply to everyone you come in contact with. If not you make everything about you free game when it shouldn’t be.

Friends or family who like to be too chummy with your significant other or vice versa. You have to set boundaries in your relationships with friends and family by letting them know just because they’re friends and family some things you still won’t tolerate from them.

I think you get the idea. Setting boundaries can prevent or eliminate conflict that surrounds this issue in your life.

Mental Boundaries are boundaries you set against others to prevent you from becoming stressed to a point of dysfunction. Many people allow the problems of others along with their own issues to weigh them down to a point of disturbance in their mental states. This is a bad way to cope.

You can’t take everything in and hold it in. You have to learn how to relax and calm your mind. Problem is too many people in this world carry too much on their shoulders. They take and take. They give and give. It becomes too much for a person to bear. Then it causes dysfunction. People end up on medication to help them function day to day.

You can’t live life for anyone else. Life was designed that you live your own, I live mine own, and the next person lives theirs. When a person tries to fix everyone else’s problems, they end adding more to their very own. It’s great to be there for people, but when it comes down to it, each of us has to take ownership of our own individual lives.

Trying to do it all for everyone becomes exhausting and overbearing. When it becomes too far gone it can cause mental imbalance. Learn to set mental boundaries in your life so you do not lose focus and/or your mind. Some people have let it go too far and now can’t go day to day without taking medication. It is unhealthy state of mind.

Emotional Boundaries these are boundaries that can help you to stop getting so emotionally involved and drained over everything you see and/or hear. I believe when people are always going off of their emotions it is what leads to mental breakdown. It’s too much stress and strain on the body to constantly have emotional melt downs over any and everything.

People must learn how to take things as are and as they come while understanding life is designed with good and bad. We will have good days and certainly bad. Good things will happen and so will bad. No matter what we go through we mustn’t constantly give into our emotions in a negative way.

Both Emotional and mental episodes affect the mind. If the mind isn’t healthy nothing else is. It’s my thought that an over abundance of emotional instances lead to a broken mental status. This can be avoided by learning how to control your emotions and not allowing them to control you.

Spiritual Boundaries these are boundaries set against those who want to trample on your beliefs. I can’t tell you what you should believe. It’s your right to believe whatever you choose. Don’t let anyone shake your faith. We’re living in very trying times and our faith is what keeps us standing.

Your faith may be in something other than God. I recommend Jesus to all. But the bottom line is, it’s your choice as to what you believe. Be true to you. I can’t beat my faith into you, it wasn’t beat into me by anyone or God. However, I stand firmly on it. People around me can say and do what they want, it doesn’t shake my faith. I live my life for me and no one else.

We must have a wholeness about us. That means we must be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. When one domain is disturbed is affects the others in some way.

Stay strong and stay encouraged!!