His Purpose was Specific


I wanted to address something I’ve seen over and over. I have written on it a little in the past. One thing some people do really irritates me is when they use their talent for singing on platforms for the world in a worldly way then think it’s okay when they switch it up and throw in a gospel song during their concerts. God has NO part in that mess! I don’t care how good you sound God still isn’t in the midst of that mess. To know Him is to love Him and keep His commandments.

Some people think because they sound good and they are very emotional when they sing they are anointed. NOT so! You can’t have it both ways. You’re either for Him or against Him. You can’t love the world and love Him too! You will love one more than the other and the one you love the most is who you will serve! If it’s not Jesus, then you’re against Him.

I’ve seen people do this time and time again. They want to in their words “go to church” while they are doing concerts for the people of the world. Lie, lies, lies! Jesus has no part in that mess! This is how people of the world think. They think they can switch it up when they sing. Well, you can’t! You can’t be double minded in ways of doing and thinking. One minute you’re worshipping the devil, then you want to stop and worship the Lord. Get out of here! I don’t care who you are what you’re doing is a mockery in the face of the Lord. He isn’t pleased or impressed.

Many people honestly think they can do anything or live any kind of way and it is alright with God. It isn’t! He has given us guidelines for living. He didn’t say we can have it our way. We must live a particular way, no other way will work. I didn’t say it or make it up, it’s in the Word of God!

People get caught up in their talents and their emotions and start to believe they are anointed. No sir, no ma’am! It is NOT the anointing. I don’t care how good you feel or how good you make other people feel, it is NOT the anointing. As I’ve said, when Jesus went out amongst the people he did it for a specific purpose. He didn’t do it to partake in what the people were doing. He did it to minister every single time. His heart and mind was always on God and nothing He saw or heard made Him waver.

These people I’m referencing in this post are people who intentions are to party it up and enjoy the world and NOT to bring people to Christ. However, because they can sing and get very emotional while singing they always have the tendency to use Jesus name in vain during their performances. You CAN’T serve both Jesus and the world! Period, point blank! Stop thinking because you call His name or you sound “churchy” it’s about Jesus. It is NOT! Stop all of the faking and pretense, because if you were about our Father’s business you wouldn’t be singing in the devil’s house for those who aren’t on the Lord’s side. Stop fooling yourselves and stop letting people fool you to believe you’re anointed. The thing is; we can do what we want to do, we can surely have it our way, but we certainly have a price to pay for it!

Stop playing with God! A few months ago a very young man I knew of (32) died during a concert. He was singing at a gospel concert and died right there on stage. When I heard about it all I could say is I pray he was living what he always sung about. He’s coming back for us all, He didn’t say how or when. If we are about His business we have to live it and not just talk about it. We can’t be double minded in our doings. People must get right with God before it’s too late. Time is running out! Many call on His name so the ears of others can hear and their eyes can see, yet; they aren’t living for Him. Guess what? It’s all in vain. It will be too sad, if He catches you with your work undone!


2018 Time to get it Right With Jesus


Happy New Year. I pray those of you who know the Lord our Savior and Father God that you join me in praying for the world. Things have changed so much over the years, but remember God is unchanging. I don’t care how people try to change Him, He’s unchanging. When people serve other gods they are like leaves in the wind. They change according to what’s going on. As discouraging as it can be, remember God sits high and looks low! No matter how it looks He is still in control. Don’t give up on God, because He hasn’t given up on you. The devil is on his job trying to kill, steal, and destroy as many as he can. He’s a liar and a defeated foe!

Those who say they are Children of God yet are flip floppers and double minded people it’s time to walk the talk. Everyday we live we get a day older. It’s time to be who and what you claim to be. Trust me nothing you do is pleasing to God, I don’t care if you think it is, it isn’t. We must serve Him with honesty and truth. He have no use for lukewarm people! People who are lukewarm, double minded, flip floppers, wishy washy, teeter totters, or whatever you call it; aren’t doing anything other than risking losing their souls. Their ways of living are in vain.

If it stings, it’s better to sting now then to cost you your soul later. If it’s upsetting, it’s best to check yourself now then to be checked by the Master later and bound in hell.

I’m not the judge or the jury nor am I trying to be. However, I am here to speak the truth. Accept it or not! Jesus has already given us guidance by the way of the Word and the Holy Spirit. Those who truly choose Him choose His guidance! It’s only a problem for people who say they choose Him, but their actions tell the real truth. It’s 2018 it’s time to get it right. All of the pretense, mimicking, and lies need to stop. You can’t hide anything from God, nothing at all! He knows all your schemes, tricks, and lies.

People who say they are children of God yet are living something else. Your living is in vain!! Stop seeking richness and fame and start to truly get your hearts and minds on Jesus the Son, God the Father, and allow the precious Holy Spirit to guide you! There’s no greater richest than to be a part of the one and ONLY true Royal Family!! Some of the wealthiest people in this world have NOTHING, because they don’t have Jesus. Fame, fortune, or material things has no place in the Kingdom of God. People need to get it right before it’s too late!

If you made it to 2018 and you see today, this is another chance to submit and commit completely to the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. This could very well be your last chance. On what a person think is a healthy day they could die. No one is exempt!

Making Your Pastor Your Master


Yes, I’m on this again! Too many people in today’s churches have made their pastors/leaders their Master. They have put them on pedal’s acting as if they are God. Stop praising and worshipping the creature and start praising and worshipping the Creator! Your pastor’s knees has to bend like yours, they are servants just like you; NOT the Savior! They may be some of your god’s, but they aren’t the God Almighty, the Master, the Great I am, the Savior, at all!

Those pedal stools some people have put them on will cause them to tumble right into the pits of hell. The reason why is these leaders act like they are God. They are not!!! They act the way they do, because this is how hey are treated. Many have become puffed up and vain.

God isn’t pleased with what is going on in the churches today. Some things are completely out of order and totally against God. If your pastor is doing the right thing they would not allow any ole thing in the church. The stuff going on in some of the churches are the same things going on in the world.

Some pastors are ruling and controlling their member’s lives. They are telling them what they can and can’t do. They are telling them where they can and can’t go and who to socialize with. When pastor’s are controlling the lives of their members they have been allowed to go to far. People are brainwashed by their pastors. People need to read the Bible and seek understanding for themselves.

Most pastors are living way above their members. Some member’s are struggling giving their last while their pastors are living good lives. Something is wrong with that picture. Many of the churches don’t help their members when they need it and really don’t do anything for the community if they can’t make a profit. This isn’t the way the church should be.

Although they go to church faithfully, many members are still babes in Christ. They haven’t grown since accepting the Lord as their Savior. Most people in today’s church are still on milk. They haven’t grown because they aren’t seeking the Lord for themselves, instead they are seeking it all from their pastors. The meat they are being fed isn’t to help their spiritual growth, but instead it’s to edify their Pastor’s because it’s coming from them and NOT the Word of God. Therefore it can’t be ingested into their spirits, because they are still babes. How can a Shepherd lead his Sheep, when He isn’t truly a Shepherd of God? It’s impossible when God’s not in it! The Bible says ” the blind can’t lead the blind, less they both fall in the ditch.” People really need to seek God’s face for themselves if they TRULY want to make it to Heaven.

It’s disgusting and sickening to see how most of the pastors are being praised and worshipped. People are too busy trying to please their pastors until they can’t focus on God, because it’s NOT what they are being taught. They aren’t being taught how to live holy, how to activate the powers within them that God has given to us all, they don’t know demons and the supernatural is real, because they aren’t being taught any of this in today’s churches. God is still in the healing business and He’s still a miracle worker, the problem is people don’t believe, because people are walking by sight and NOT faith. Their eyes are on their pastors and what they can see with the natural eye, because it is what they are being taught.

Pastor’s today are too busy building up what they have made their kingdoms which are their churches/sanctuaries. Churches are trying to out do one another. They are too busy preaching material prosperity, but not at all focused on seeking souls for the Kingdom of God. They are too worried about their kingdoms down here on earth.

When you go to a church and they have ATM’s in the church, they are asking for bank statements and check stubs, they are blasting you for the amount of tithes you pay, they are charging you to sit in particular places during service, etc THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE SENSE ENOUGH TO KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG! THIS ISN’T ABOUT GOD’S BUSINESS, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHURCH BUSINESS OF MATERIAL PROSPERITY. Pastor’s have made it all about money.

Jesus is coming back and He’s going to charge Pastor’s many times over for leading their flock astray, but He’s also going to charge the people for praising and worshipping their Pastors as if they are God. If someone doesn’t make it in it’s no one’s fault, but their own. It is up to each and every last one of us to get to know Jesus for ourselves, develop a daily relationship with him, and to live according to His Word. The same Pastors being praised and worshipped have to live according to His Word like us all. As I’ve said before and it is from the Bible “we can’t get to the Father unless we go through the Son.” The Son isn’t your Pastor, He’s the Son of God!



Some people have gotten too high for their own good. By high I mean they’re up in the clouds on their pedal stools. They didn’t get up there on their own, others have elevated them to that point and now they’re too high for their own good. I won’t categorize it by any particular type of people, because I’ve seen it by people of all caliber.

Today I am referencing leaders in the church. This post isn’t intended for all, but “if the shoe fits, wear it.” If it doesn’t be thankful it’s not about you. I know the first thing someone will say is I’m judging. Those who aren’t on the right road will think it’s judging. I’m not trying to judge anyone, because God has left what we must abide by, especially those who are leaders in the church. I’m speaking the truth, I’ve seen what I’m writing about time and time again. God isn’t pleased at all! Initially some leaders may have had good intentions, but they have lost it along the way. They’ve lost focus, therefore control. It has turned into a race for fame and fortune. They’ve forgotten about their flock and what the true message is about. They’ve made is about things of the world and no longer about living in such a way to gain eternal life.

I am appalled at what I am seeing church leaders do and say these days. We are living in trying times and things won’t get better. Things in the Bible must be fulfilled; so that means things will become worse.  Many who aren’t acknowledging it are those who are supposed to be serving God.

Leaders, I don’t care what title or titles you hold, I am talking to you. If you’re not for real about what you’re doing it’s time you sit down. Some of you are falling down in one way or another (dying, becoming suicidal, drugged and alcohol addicted, depressed, getting caught up in gay scandals, abuse scandals, sex scandals, and all types of things etc). On the other hand some of you think you’re getting away, because your dirt hasn’t yet been brought to the light. Today is your chance to get it right. a chance to stop the foolishness; to change your ways, and your life. However, if you don’t, you too will fall sooner or later. God is tired of being mocked!

God is charging you many times over for leading his flock astray.You’ve become hungry for attention, fame, and fortune. A lot of you aren’t teaching soul salvation at all. All your teaching is material prosperity. You’ve lost the focus. You’re not teaching how to live holy and how to truly worship, honor, praise, and obey our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You’ve lost focus of the true message. You’re not speaking the truth, your heart isn’t with the Messenger and your eyes are no longer on the Creator. It’s all about you. I believe this is why everybody want to be a preacher, pastor, evangelist, bishop, apostle, prophet, etc. etc. They love the power that comes along with it. Many are too busy focusing on who has the nicest and biggest church, and material things.

The Word says, “for many are called, but few are chosen.” The problem with the world today is far too  many of you have called yourselves and it is the VERY reason why you’re not chosen. You’ve made it all about you. You love being praised, worshipped, and honored by your congregation and others.

Some of you are living more crooked than the letter S. You’re living like hypocrites behind closed doors, because you  feel you can’t be seen. Some of you are so in your face and don’t care what people see, because you hold the power, control, and authority over the people. You use it to the max; people fall at your feet, and will do anything for you. Some of you take full advantage of this.

A true saint sees the truth by way of the Holy Spirit and a Gift of the Holy Spirit; which is Discernment. The truth is visible. The sad part of it all is you think you’re fooling everybody, because you’re fooling so many. You’re mistaken! Most importantly; you’re not fooling God.

You’re accepting any and everything in the sanctuary. You’re allowing things that are clearly against the Word of God. You go along with it because of the mighty dollar and keeping people pleased so that they come back and not go anywhere else. Many of you are all about notoriety and recognition. You want to be an important person of prestige.

Some of you act as if God is the little one and you’re the Creator. You’ve actually put Him on the back burner while you’ve put yourselves out front. Although many have helped put you there and up on the pedal stool you’re on, it’s you who will be charged by God, because you’re in the position of leader in/of your church.

Many of you are flashier than worldly people. It’s because you too are still in the world. Nothing about your life is changed. What I mean by this is you’re still doing the same worldly things. You CAN’T live any kind of way and gain eternal life. If this was the case the entire Bible and God would be a lie.

Heaven and Hell are real. Every single day we’re blessed to see is a day to get it right. It’s a chance to change our ways and to get it right. Unfortunately many fail to take this wonderful opportunity. Instead they continue on in their mess.

Today, right now, is an opportunity to change your life. You must have a made up mind, a changed mind and heart. God must be your all and all, your everything, your reason for the seasons, your first and last, the greatest love of your life, etc. You must be sold out to Him. If you don’t feel this way then you shouldn’t be standing before people calling yourself a leader called by God. God qualifies those He elect. Too many leaders have set their own qualifications to go by, because they’re not truly called by God.

Many of you are living to build up your worldly houses, but have forgotten about your spiritual houses. You love the things of the world. You love being considered by your congregation and others as great! You love being called “great woman or man of God” knowing it’s furthest from the truth. You’re pumped up with pride. You’re boastful and you’ve forgotten how to be a servant. All you care about is being served.

At some point you may have given your life to Christ, but somewhere you took your eyes off of God and His Son Jesus Christ. God can’t use you the way you are, because you’re too full of vanity. It’s time to come down off of your pedal stool so that you may be a true prospect the Lord can use.

You can’t be both in the world and of the world; yet preaching God’s Word; thinking it’s alright by God. It’s not! You know you’re wrong and if you don’t stop it one day you won’t have an opportunity to ask for forgiveness. If this happens, when your eyes close for the last time, dead is what you will be and you will not have eternal life. Stop trying to gain the world only to lose your soul. I’m not trying to hurt no one, I’m trying to help somebody, before it’s too late.