Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations


I believe this is a major stumbling block for many. We will all have obstacles thrown in our paths by life in general. Many people make them into stumbling blocks instead of the stepping stones they are meant to be. People become stuck in their ways due to their pasts and fears. Their wrong ways of thinking affects how they feel and act. It causes debilitation and dysfunction. People are too comfortable with their uncomfortable ways of living. They complain, cry, and act out; yet they do nothing to change their situations.

So many are choosing the victim mentality. No matter what, people don’t have to live as victims. No one said life was a bed of pretty roses. Things are thrown at us from everywhere, but regardless of this truth, people still have a choice as to how they deal with those issues. Most problems for the individual is individual his or herself. Individuals cause themselves many unnecessary problems by getting into bad situations, bad relationships, and dealing with bad people. They make many bad decisions, because they are in bad places mentally. They don’t change, because they are comfortable and familiar with their situations despite the pain it causes to them and those around them.

You know when something is not right or right for you. Choosing to be involved with something or someone knowing it is or could potentially be a problem means you’re willfully choosing to do something you shouldn’t do! There are always consequences for what we do. Negative ways of thinking causes many people to make bad choices and decisions. People water things down by calling them mistakes. Truth is mistakes aren’t made nearly as much as bad choices and decisions! Don’t EVER go along with wrong to belong or to get along!

If you are trying to hide what you do in any form, then you know it’s wrong! I don’t care what IT is! Yet, many people do it and afterwards have to suffer great repercussions due to their actions they didn’t have to be involved with from the start. People get comfortable with this way of living.

The false perception of love messes a lot of people up. People try to find love when they don’t first love self. Many repeatedly make bad choices and decisions in the name of what they think is love. Trying to love someone who doesn’t love you, trying to be in a relationship with someone else when you’re already in a relationship or the person you’re trying to be in a relationship is in one already, loving someone who loves someone else, being with someone for material things, being with someone for titles or positions, being with someone because of family/friends, or a child. Being with someone who is showing you they are abusive, untrustworthy, controlling, possessive, or obsessive, etc. I can go on and on, but I hope you get the point. You know these things are wrong from the start, why do them or why get into these types of relationships? People cause their own problems on top of the obvious issues they have inside.

People are comfortable with how they are; some are content with it while others aren’t. The problem is either way, most do nothing about it. People are comfortable with their past pains. No matter how hurt they are and destructive their lives are they are comfortable in their uncomfortable situations. They don’t attempt to move forward. They stay stuck where they are. Their lives are like revolving doors year in and year out. They don’t learn from their lessons in life, they keep repeating the same cycles. This is being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. They wonder why, why, why. I will tell you why. It’s you, you, you! You’re your own problem, because people who are this way don’t try to change their lives. They keep holding on to their pasts experiences as if they don’t have a future. The future is coming for us all, but many are stuck in their past experiences. They get too comfortable despite the chaos it brings to their lives. They give too much power to their pasts, to people, and things. No one on earth can mature and move forward in life stuck in this mind set. As their future approaches they continue to sabotage their possibilities, because they are stuck in wrong and negative ways of thinking

You are not your parents; it doesn’t matter if you look like or act like them. You aren’t what people say you are UNLESS you believe you are and if you do, it alone shows you don’t love yourself; you believe what is said about you. You don’t have to let people cross your personal boundaries, I don’t care who they are. You don’t have to let others put limits on your dreams and goals; they belong to you and you’re the ONLY one who should dictate what it is you choose to do. Most times people show you who they want you to see until the real deal surfaces. What’s inside is more powerful and it will always surface in some form or another. Don’t get comfortable in faking and pretending; you will NEVER grow this way. Learn to love yourself then you won’t have to pretend. People won’t understand your growth and some won’t accept it. It’s okay, it’s not about them! Don’t allow it to stunt your growth!

If people don’t want you in their life, keep it moving. Life will go on with or without you! Never kiss anyone’s butt to get them to love you or to get from point A to B. Know without doubt people will look you in the face and stab you in the back at the same time. They will tell you one thing and do another. They will hate on you, be envious, spiteful, jealous, etc. It’s because they don’t like what they are lacking. They waste time and energy with negative feelings about other people when they should put the time and energy into changing their lives. They have allowed people, things and life to hold them back, so they project their pains on other people who chose to move forward in life. Don’t allow these people to stop or block your growth! They will if you allow.

Don’t allow the troubles in life to keep you stagnant. Trouble will come, but it will also go. Learn from everything and allow nothing to make you feel you’re not capable of progressing in life. The power is in your hands to do so. If you give it away, you lose control. Never be comfortable in uncomfortable situations you DO NOT have to be in!


Facing Your Biggest Problem, You


It’s not him or her, it’s you! Stop trying to hold on to people who have let you go. Stop trying to hold on to a person who doesn’t feel you’re worth fighting for. It means you’re not as important to him or her as they are to you. The person you’re with must think you’re just as important, if not they aren’t as into you as you are to them. Too many live their lives struggling to hold on to people who are NOT holding on to them. It causes unnecessary chaos and drama in the lives of many.

People give their significant others too much power over their lives. They can’t function when the one’s they love walk away or simply don’t really want them. If a person wants to walk let them. Stop taking up space in your mind over someone who don’t even think of you! Some people literally can’t function because someone walked away from the relationship. I’m sorry I think it’s nonsense! It’s only my opinion. I know we’re all different. It doesn’t make sense to me to lose your mind over someone who doesn’t care how you feel.

Many people go through hell and high water to be with individuals who don’t want to be with them. When a lot of people stay it’s not that they want you, they like what you do for them and it’s the only reason they stick around. They treat the individuals they are with like crap, because they are allowed to. You have to deal with the monsters you created. Why? It’s because we teach people how to treat us. Whatever you allow it will happen! When you nip things in the bud people know where you stand!! When you allow things to continue to go on; you let people know where you stand!! The control is always yours, unless you give it away.

There are a lot of people who want to give up because the one’s they love don’t love them back. Seriously? If a person doesn’t want to be with you let them go. Trying to keep them where they don’t want to be will only prove to be a dead end and unhealthy situation. If a person is trying to hold on to someone when the person doesn’t want to be there, you must look at self and figure out what’s going on with you, NOT the other person. They’ve shown you who they are and what they want, now it’s up to you to deal with your feelings and emotions and stop allowing them to lead you in the wrong direction.

None of us can change another person, we can only change ourselves. We have to look at self and determine what we have to fix about self. Stop blaming the other person, because the other person is doing what they want to do. Life will go on even if you choose to remain stuck in place. No one is worth it. No one is worth the heartache or headache. If they want to walk, open the door for them! Same door they walked out of someone else will walk in. The difference should be you’re stronger and have more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding so not to make the same bad decisions again.

Most people look at relationships they’re in one way; and that’s according to how they feel about the other person. Hold up! Remember, you’re never the only person in a relationship, it always takes two! People get caught up in how they feel and fail to fully understand how the other person feels. A person shows you the truth no matter how subtle. People fail to see it, because they are blind by their thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the person they think they love or want to be with.

Stop doing things you feel uncomfortable with, stop trying to be someone you’re not, stop accepting any ole thing, stop allowing yourself to be mistreated, stop blaming the other person and take responsibility and ownership for you and your life, stop worrying about what the other person is doing and take care of you, and please stop giving your power to someone else.

I promise you, if you love yourself it will be enough!
You may feel lonely sometimes, but it’s better than being with someone and still lonely. Being alone is better than being with someone and in love by yourself. Being alone is better than being with someone yet separate, because they are doing their own thing. Being alone is better than being with someone who is only with you because of what you provide. Being alone can be a greater teacher if allowed. Learn to love you and you will see that no one will love you like you and if you love you, you know everything will be alright!

Individuals must learn how to see past their feelings, if they don’t they will continue to get into the wrong types of relationships, with the wrong people, for all of the wrong reasons. Happiness doesn’t start or end with anyone, but yourself; others may be a part of your happiness, but you definitely shouldn’t depend on anyone to bring happiness in your life. You first have to find it within yourself!

Doing Right Amongst the Do Wrongs


I found out when you have given your life to Christ and you are for real about your walk with the Lord people can’t deal with the new you. It’s very sad to me how people don’t want to associate with you if you’re not sinning with them the way you used to.

Some people claim they love Jesus, but when they find out your walk is serious knowing they are faking, they don’t want anything to do with you. They treat you like you’re doing something wrong. The only words I have for those people are ” I’m praying for you and so long.” I’m not turning back for no one or nothing. People make this journey way more difficult then it should be and I believe it’s because those people don’t want to give up their old ways. They think their joy is in the world, when the world has nothing to offer any of us, other than death if people don’t come up out of it.

The Bible mentions how people will be offended concerning the Word of God. It is so true! There are a lot of people who have an issue with you when you start talking about the goodness of the Lord. They don’t want to see you or hear you. Isn’t it sad? If you want to do something displeasing to God then they are all for it, but want to do right; then they have issues with you!

It’s very unimaginable for some people to believe anyone can live a Holy life. If a person doesn’t believe it, then they don’t truly believe in the Word. Jesus wouldn’t have said it were so if it weren’t possible. Anyone who chooses to walk the straight and narrow for Jesus can do so, if they choose.

Doing right is just as easy to do as doing wrong. There are rewards for both which will either be Hell or Heaven. A lot of people simply do not want to give up their old ways. They think they have it going on in this world doing what the world loves doing which is sinning.

The Bible says “people will love the world more than they love Jesus.” It is very true! It is seen every single day. It is very sad to see how the people of the world are right back in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. People are blind by their sins. They don’t realize time is at hand. No one is here to stay.

No matter what or who, don’t allow anything thrown at you to shake your faith. If people don’t want to be around you because your life has changed, then oh well. Keep it moving! We are supposed to be changed! If people don’t like who you have become in Christ, it’s their problem not yours. Keep going and growing in Christ!

Sometimes people will test you just to see are you who you proclaim to be. Be that light in this dark world. Regardless of what you used to do remember you’re not the person you once were. When people come at you with the old mess stand firmly on the Word of God. Tell them boldly; no way, not me! Let them know you’re not what you used to be! You are now a part of the Royal Family with the greatest King on High sitting on the Throne.

I thank Him everyday for taking a wretched soul like mine cleaning it up. I thank Him for giving me the desire to truly serve Him. When people shun me, it is alright; they can’t take my joy, because they didn’t give it.

If Loving Someone is Wrong, Then why do it


My belief is why do it if you KNOW it’s wrong? People put themselves in a lot of bad situations by their own freewill. They meet someone and instead of looking at the big picture (the entire situation) they are blind by their feelings. If you start out a relationship the wrong way most times than not it is exactly the relationship will end. People don’t care they still will do it. They think they have the power to change the other person. They think they have the power to fix or save the other person. Wrong, wrong!

Men and women stop lowering yourselves to the ground by getting involved with someone who is already involved. Stop getting involved with people when you clearly see red flags. Stop getting involved with people who show you who they really are and you know it’s not right for you. Stop getting involved with people when they are cheating with you on someone one else. What does it say about him or her and what does it say about you to be involved with this type of person? It may seem great, but you will suffer the consequences of your actions sooner or later. There’s nothing great about it.

Millions get into bad relationships and because they are blind by their emotions and feelings they can’t see the truth. They see it, but they won’t acknowledge it until later when it’s clear things are wrong. As I’ve written many times, some people don’t get to leave because they die in their bad and unhealthy relationships. They are murdered by those they thought loved them.

Love is a lot of things to a lot of people. The sad truth is for many what they think is love it’s far from it. People have to look inside of self to understand why they choose the people they choose to become involved with when they know the relationship is not right for them. If it’s not right for you it means it’s not good for you! Run the other way before you’re in too deep!

People may appear the part (but you have to do more than look at the outside in order to see the inside, which also means looking past your feelings). Most people can’t get to that point, because they are stuck on the outer appearance or too wrapped up in THEIR feelings to see the truth when it is ALWAYS staring them in the face. I can’t even count the number of people who have told me “I did see signs of this and that, but I thought he or she would change.” The problem is people jump off into the deep based solely on how the other person is making them feel. Oftentimes people are deeply hurt by the one’s they think they want to become involved with, yet they look past it.

People have to grow up and realize when they allow their feelings to lead they will almost always end up crying about their relationships. There is absolutely no way to see the truth if you don’t use the brain inside of your head. When you use your brain, you don’t care how you feel; you will move on from the drama and shenanigans. You rather be alone and happy than to be with someone and feeling alone and unhappy. It’s a crock of bull when people say you can’t help who you fall in love with. I believe that’s a big fat lie! People can’t help it when they allow their feelings to lead. They become powerless because of their feelings and emotions. They can’t see the truth!

It’s no joke, the saying is very true “the same thing that made you laugh will make you cry!”

There is a Price for Going Along With Wrong


This message is for anyone who is going along with wrong. One thing about me is you can’t convince me to do wrong or to go along with wrong. You can count me out!! If a person don’t have ethics, morals, values, or integrity they are liable to do anything. It is very sad to see people go along with wrong because of being afraid for ANY reason. This post is about people who go along with wrong because they benefit in some way from it.

When you go along with wrong it doesn’t matter why you do it, you are a part of the problem; and you will someday have to pay the price for going along with wrong. Everyone has a right to speak up and stand up against wrong!

There are a lot of people who go along with wrong because they fear losing their jobs or they are afraid for other reasons. Bottom line you’re still wrong. Others go along with wrong because they think they have some benefit in doing it. Bottom line they are still wrong. You don’t get a free pass, because you are afraid. Wrong is wrong!

If you don’t stand for right, you are wrong! If you go along with wrong you are wrong! It will come back on you one way or the other. You may think because you have gotten over you’ve gotten by, WRONG! Karma returns and slaps us all upside the head.

A person who know they can get you to go along with wrong, know they have power and control over you. Never give anyone your power in any facet! Millions get used and abused because they relinquish their power to others. Remember I always say and write “we teach others how to treat us.” This is the truth! People treat you exactly how you allow. A person may try you, but they only get once chance UNLESS you give them the opportunity to continue doing what they do.

I know without a doubt there are some places I couldn’t and wouldn’t even want to work, because I will not go along with wrong. I won’t lie for you, but I won’t lie on you either! I don’t care who you are or what your position is, I will not lie for you! People who go along with wrong will someday pay the price for what they’ve said or done!

We should be dedicated and committed to what we do, but never at the price of doing wrong or going along with wrong. People who do definitely have issues of their own they need to deal with. They need to address why they are willing to sell out by doing wrong for anyone.

This was on my mind and I wanted to put it out there! God bless and I’m talking about God with the big G, the one and only God the Father who gave this world His ONLY begotten Son; Jesus!

If it’s Against God it’s Wrong


I know many people who are doing things against God, but they don’t want to acknowledge it’s against God, because it feels good to them. If you’re reading this post and you’re one of those people; you are wrong! Too many people have a pick me up put me down relationship with Jesus. They pick Him up when they’re trying to showboat for man or when they’re going through something. They put Him down or dismiss Him when they’re doing things they know aren’t pleasing in His sight.

No one can fool God you’re not that slick! He knows, sees, and hears it all. There are many people who are on a road of destruction to hell. I’m calling it like I see it. I’m not trying to put anybody down, I’m only trying to help someone. I’ve never been a person who sugarcoat anything to please people, the truth is the truth.

In today’s world people are doing any and everything. Men are sleeping with men, women sleeping with women, people sleeping with kids, and people sleeping with animals. There are all types of sexual immorality taking place. There are people who are addicted to all kinds of things (sex, other people, drugs, alcohol, food, sports, smoking, gambling, name brands, how they look, all types of material things, and you name it.) If anything has a hold on you, then it controls you, therefore you don’t have a hold on it.

People who claim to be about God’s business are caught up in all kinds of foolishness and nonsense. They are caught up in things they know are wrong and against God. Many have the audacity to reference Jesus when they want to pump themselves up in front of people. God is NOT in the midst of foolishness and wrong doing. Stop thinking just because you say something good about God He’s in the midst of what you’re doing. He’s not and you’re only fooling yourself!!

Many folks want to justify what they do by saying sin is sin. True it is, but in the Bible Jesus definitely does specify certain sins as abominations. He didn’t say all were , but He does say specific ones are. I’m not going to go into those, because if you don’t know them, then this will be a great time for you to study the Word for yourselves.

There are many people who want to pick and choose what is wrong or right. No, that’s not how it works! Wrong is wrong and right is right, period! When it feels good many want to believe it’s right while knowing it’s really wrong. Have you ever heard of a song that says “if loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right?” This is the way a lot of people feel. As long as they feel good doing WHATEVER it is they’re doing, they try to justify it as right. Wrong!!!!

My prayer for people is they stop playing with and mocking God. Stop pretending to be holy when you know you’re shucking and jiving. Stop referencing God for show when you know you’re doing things that are totally against His Word. If you’re not for Him then you’re against Him. I don’t care how much you talk about Him for show, you are only showboating for man. If you’re picking Him up and putting Him down when you think it benefits you, you’re not on His side.

Point blank; many will lose their souls because they don’t want to give up the wrong for the right. The many things people are doing they want to believe it’s right or it’s okay because of how it makes them feel. It’s NEVER right when it’s wrong! People have to open their eyes, minds, and hearts to the truth. If people don’t lay down the things they are doing they will forfeit their places in Heaven. Despite of what some celebrities and others say, there is ONLY one way and that is through the Son. If you don’t have a personal relationship with the Son then you can’t get to the Father.

People can play and pretend all day, but if they’re doing things that are against God and His Word, then they aren’t on His side. They know of Him by hearsay and out of tradition, but they certainly don’t have a true relationship with Him. It’s a personal journey that each of us has to decide for ourselves we want to take. I wasn’t always the way I am now. I went through some stuff  to get to where I am now. I got some bumps and bruises along the way, but let me tell you; when I decided to give up things I know were against God; I NEVER turned back. I gave my life, my soul, my body, and my mind to Him.

The devil is busy doing His job. His job is to kill, steal, and destroy and he’s doing his job tenfold. He’s destroying families, all kinds of relationships, and individuals. As a follower of Jesus, I now see the devil for who and what he is. I know he will rear his ugly head by putting certain people in your way, thoughts in your head (out of the blue), or in some way trying to shake your faith. As a child of God you must pray for discernment so you can see the devil for what he is, because he will come in all kinds of ways, through all kinds of things and people. The Bible says “resist the devil and he will flee.” Many don’t resist, they let him have his way. There is an old gospel song that says “don’t let the devil ride, if you let him ride he will want to drive, don’t let him ride. Basically this is saying resist the devil, if you don’t he will take over. If you give him an inch, he will take a mile.

No matter what you’re doing today, if it’s against God it’s wrong and it’s enough evidence for you to know you’re NOT on His side. If you want to truly be on His side, you must be willing without apprehension to give up the wrong for the right. You must get a personal relationship with Him. You must put Him first above all else, which means you will not allow anyone or anything to take control of you nor will you obsess over anyone or anything. You will get into His Word on a daily basis and you will have a daily prayer life with Him. You will be a willing vessel for Him and you will understand your body is a temple of the Lord.

If you stop praising Him from your lips while your hearts or far from Him and start living what you profess, I promise you your life will never ever be the same. I will not tell you that you won’t have troubles, because you will. I won’t tell you that the devil won’t mess with you, because he will. I won’t tell you that everyday will be a bed of roses, because it won’t. Unfortunately life is full of ups and downs whether you’re serving God or something else. It was destined this way since the Garden of Eden and it won’t ever change, but if you’re on God’s side, you don’t have to worry about anything. You have NOTHING to fear! If you stand on His Word and believe Him over man; everything will be alright. We will always go into our peaks and valleys, but we won’t stay there if we believe in God. We must through it all trust and stand on His Word. He never forsakes us and He’s always by our side. Hold on to His hand, He will NEVER let go of yours.

Walking by the Pearly Gates on Your Way to Hell


I want to write about living right while you can, because time is winding up for us all. I don’t want anyone to lose their soul. Mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, and no one else can go to Heaven or Hell in your place. We all choose which eternity we will have.

Many people who THINK they are going to Heaven are Hell bound. Oh  I know someone don’t like this truth, but I still have to tell it. This post is for EVERYONE who profess Him with their lips but minds and hearts are far from Him. Time is OUT for playing! People need to look around at what is going on in this world, everything is changing. People are mocking God and doing any and everything they think they’re big and bad enough to do. They are professing one thing and living another. You can’t fool God!

There are so many people who are leading others in the wrong direction. However, it’s up to each of us individually to know the way for ourselves. Many people are too caught up with praising and worshipping others, but don’t have no connection to God and His Son Jesus. They are too busy trying to look good in the eyes of man. Their dedication and commitment lies with man and not God. I’m sure as you read this post you can relate. You too know people who are talking out the side of their necks.

Some people act holy, but they have only learned how to play the role. They portray themselves as such, but they are NOT! They got the talk and the demeanor down packed. They feel their versions of the Holy Spirit on cue and they speak in their made up tongues fluently. There are many tongues, but only one that is a gift of the Holy Spirit, the others have NOTHING to do with the Holy Spirit. The Bible says you speak in tongue to edify Jesus when it’s a conversation between you and Him. However, when people are standing before the church talking to the congregation and all of a sudden start speaking in their versions of tongues they are out of order when there is no one there to interpret. I see this so much it’s ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is how the congregation gets on board with it when they didn’t have a clue what the person was saying. It’s out of order! These preachers, teachers, apostles, bishops, evangelists, and whoever else that is standing before the people speaking, they are out of order when there is no one to interpret to edify the church. Therefore as Daniel says “they should keep silent.” Stop making up tongues, because speaking in tongues WON’T get you into Heaven.

It’s sad those serving over the flock in some capacity and the flock who attends church faithfully are living something other than what they profess. They are claiming how much they love the Lord thy God, but they don’t want to lay down their sins at His feet. They don’t want to stop being driven by the sins of their flesh. Sins of our flesh involves many things. It’s anything that causes you to sin (eating too much, lust, fornication, adultery, addicted to gambling, addicted to drugs and alcohol, sexual immorality, and anything that controls you and take you away from God). People don’t want to stop doing the things they are enjoying no matter how wrong. Yet, a lot of these people claim to love Jesus and claim to be walking the walk. It’s nothing but lies. God said “they say they come in my name, they are liars.”

Lies, lies, lies! All of the pretense will one day come to an end, period, point blank! Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the road and please don’t get caught with your work undone. You know who you are and if you know in your heart you’re only playing church, it’s time to stop. The situations in our world are only getting worst. You must decide which side you’re own, because soon you will be in a situation forcing you to take a stand. If you’re not standing for God and His Son Jesus, you’re standing for something else.

I’m not judging, because it is written. God has left instruction and guidance. Stop using you’re not perfect, because as I always say, it’s ONLY an excuse to continue to do what you want to do. Don’t you be one of the people passing by the gates on your way to hell. Be a part of the Kingdom claim your place in Glory. You can’t do that by pretending while you yet live. It’s either you do or you don’t, that’s the only choices you have. Don’t let it be too late!!!!! You must give up the wrong for the right!