Do You Even Know What You Need


My question is what do you really need? Do you understand needs and wants differ? Many people are led by their wants and desires. They don’t care what they have to do to get what they want. They don’t care who toes they step on, who they hurt, who butt they have to kiss, who they have do, they don’t care if the person is married, in a relationship or what, many will still go after the person. This is wrong! They will surely end up regretting it. Most people cause their own issues by how they start out in their relationships.

I’ve said many times, people get into and stay in relationships for all of the wrong reasons. They get into relationships in all of the wrongs ways and with the wrong people who they never should have been involved with in the first place. Many find it out the hard way.

Most people don’t have a clue the type of person they need in their lives. They have too many issues and they are moving on emotions/feelings. They allow how they feel lead them into bad situations and bad relationships. Before a person can truly understand what they need, they must get past seeking what they want out of mere feelings and emotions. In order to have a lasting relationship people must look beyond feelings and self gratification and start looking at the big picture. If a person is led by their flesh they are liable to get into any type of relationship with any type of person. They are normally moving based on feelings alone.

When I write about people getting past feelings what I am trying to make people understand is that when they are driven by feelings alone they will always end up in situations they don’t want to be in. However, out of sheer feelings, desires, and wants individuals think it’s what they need when it’s not! Yes, feelings are a part of a relationship. However when a person is blind by their feelings it causes them the inability to see, accept, and understand reality due to their distorted views. When a person is all caught up in their feelings it is what they are led by. People must mature past this and to a point of seeing the truth for what it is. Although it may look and feel good, a mature persons know it doesn’t mean it’s good for them and they will know how to avoid it or keep it moving all together.

People should grow as they go through things in life, unfortunately many don’t. They continue to make the same mistakes over and over. They are people who are led by their feelings and emotions and more than likely have unresolved inner issues keeping them in the wrong mind set. Normally they don’t understand love, therefore they seek it in all the wrong ways. Love starts with self, if you don’t love yourself you will certainly have issues trying to find it in someone else. People mess up trying to get something from someone else when they don’t really know what it is, because they don’t love self. When you learn to love yourself you know and understand your value and worth. It changes how you look at things and what or who you accept into your life.

Truth is a person who doesn’t understand love will normally gravitate to people who are not good for them. They end up in bad unhealthy relationships. Many people are afraid to leave these relationships for numerous reasons. They fear losing the security they think they have, they are afraid to go because they are afraid of the person, they feel trapped, they are caught up emotionally and think it’s the best thing for them, and the list goes on. The only person can change a situation is the person in it! It starts with the man or woman in the mirror!

Your Form of Righteousness is not God’s Form


If Jesus the Son or God the Father were like man, I wouldn’t serve them in no shape, form, or fashion. I am completely appalled at some people who call themselves followers of Christ. It’s a shame how people so easily profess their love from their lips yet they live something completely opposite. People take the parts of the Bible they want to use and apply it to their lives, but not all. You can’t pick and choose what you want to follow. As a Saint of God you must follow it all!

One thing I’m sick of seeing is some so-called pastors in the pulpit speaking words that are from them (flesh) and NOT the Word of God/Holy Spirit. Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus use any vulgarity and profanity to get a point across. Nowhere did He do what the people did to get His point across. What I’m seeing across social media, etc is a disgrace! It has absolutely nothing to do with the Word of God, God, Jesus, or the Holy Sprit. The mess I have been seeing is all from the flesh!

I’ve seen videos of dance night where people are in church dancing to the devil’s music, I’ve seen videos of people fighting in church, cursing in church, in church dressing inappropriate, and many other things NOT conducive to being a Saint of God. Yet, people want to say your judging. The ONLY people saying you’re judging are those who are trying to serve God and the devil, because true Saints of God will never be okay with such foolishness. True Saints will stand firmly on the Word of God and they won’t uphold wrong!

I’ve seen far too many people claiming to love Jesus who are liars, deceivers, and plain false. They always want to say your judging. How can you judge someone on something Jesus has already set as a requirement. We can’t live any way we want and have a seat in the kingdom. Salvation is free, however that doesn’t mean people get to live any kind of way. It means Jesus already paid the price by dying for our sins. We can freely choose salvation, it’s a personal choice.

People want the notoriety of being associated with Jesus, but they aren’t willing to let this world go to obtain a true relationship with Him. They simply want others to believe they are living for Him when they know it’s a lie. You may fool someone, but you never fool Jesus! If a person can’t understand that, then they know nothing about the Word or Jesus!

I will forever believe the reason people want to pretend is because they are still in the world doing things the way the world does them. The only reason a person will play with Jesus is because they don’t believe in Him. They say they do, but they really don’t. There’s no way on earth a person truly believes yet continues to live any kind of way. No way! If a person truly believed there is a God sitting high and looking low who know all they would live accordingly. Many don’t because they really don’t believe. Bottom line!

Jesus loves us so much He wishes for none of us to perish. Each day we are above ground is another chance to get it right with Jesus. People aren’t because they are too busy doing the work of the devil. They are still thinking, feeling, and acting worldly while trying to hide it from man. How sad is that, when Jesus sees your every deed. No matter how wicked people of this world are becoming many still don’t want to be fully submitted and committed to Jesus. News flash: if you’re not fully committed you’re not committed at all. You’re either for or against Him!

We don’t know when we will take our last breath. I don’t care how we leave this world not one single person knows when their last breath will be. People still running amok as if they are here for ever. I get it when it comes to people who haven’t chosen Jesus, but for those who claim they have and are living any kind of way; I’m here to tell you that you haven’t chosen Him either. Don’t mess around and die while sitting trying to straddle a fence that doesn’t. By the way; even if it did exist it wouldn’t do you any good, because you’re either for or against Him there is no in between!

Following After the Flesh or the Spirit


People it’s time to get it right! Many people claim to love Jesus, yet they are still following the flesh. It doesn’t matter the lies people tell others or the lies they tell self Jesus knows the truth! No one can fool God the Father or His Son Jesus! The games people are playing will lead to damnation if they don’t get right with Jesus. Many choose to remain more focused on living deceitful lives full of lies rather than to commit and submit to Jesus. Sadly they are at risk of damnation/hell. Nothing a person does is hidden from God. The Father and Son knows all!

People are ignorant by thinking they can fool Jesus. A person will either follow after the flesh or the spirit. Whoever or whatever they love most it is what or who they will follow. A pretender (a talker not walker), will always talk one thing yet do another. With them anything goes, they are okay with whatever! They are hypocrites who mock and mimic true Saints of God and God Himself! However, the truth is always shown in the walk; either it will be straight or crooked. Pretenders will always be revealed by their walks, because the flesh will overcome and reveal their true character. The junk inside will come out. The truth prevails!!

A person who is about the business of Jesus will walk after the spirit through the good, bad, and the ugly! They stand boldly on the Word of God out front and behind closed doors. They talk and walk it! They have personal relationships with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! They have daily prayer lives and they read and study the Word! Their focuses are discipleship and Heaven/eternal life!

A person walking after the flesh is a pretender and they willfully and easily conform to the world. They are like ships without sails and petals in the wind. They speak and behave worldly, because they are not the new creatures they profess to be. They are double minded. They seek value and approval from man and they worship him too. They seek gratification of the flesh (sex, fame, fortune, material prosperity, notoriety, money, to be worshipped), etc.

Either you’re in or out! If you’re walking after the flesh you’re out! You can either be for or against Him. No one can have it both ways. Good or bad we will all someday be rewarded for our choice; which will be Heaven or hell. People who think they are getting away or not getting away! Pay day is coming after while!

Karma Will Always Find You


I hope by everything we have seen in the media people believe the bad things they do will catch up to them. People do things and honestly think because they get by for a while they’ve gotten away. They get comfortable in their wrong doings to a point of no return. They continue doing their wrong doings in thinking they aren’t touchable. At some point any and everyone are touchable, no one is exempt. Karma can be instant or it may take awhile. When it takes awhile most times this is when people think they are getting away!

People who intentionally do wrong have unresolved issues. Those issues can end up causing an array of other problems, which oftentimes lead to legal issues and public humiliation. The sad part is instead of people taking responsibility for how they are all they do is blame others. They have wrong ways of thinking; they make bad choices and decisions fueled by pain, feelings, emotions. They don’t take the initiative to change. They start hurting people emotionally, physically, sexually, and mentally. They don’t only hurt others, they continue to hurt self the most. Many end up losing all they have because of their own doings.

People must realize they can’t resolve their own issues when continually allowing those issues to cause them to lead lives hiding behind their pain while inflicting pain upon others. No one can deal with who they really are if they are using the pain as fuel driving them to put time and energy into lying, hiding, faking, and pretending. This only influence them to stay the same with the distorted mind sets of thinking they are getting away with doing wrong.

Then, here comes Karma! It slaps the person upside the head and into reality. People have to understand they can never fix self by making their issues a reason to do wrong to others or for having bad behaviors. A person’s pain isn’t a free ticket to act inappropriately or to do wrong to others. Karma doesn’t care why you did it, only the fact you did it. You will eventually “pay the piper” so to speak.

I firmly believe a person should always think before they act or react. No matter how secret or hush hush people think things are if there is another person involved the truth is bound to come to the light. To continue the cycle of inflicting pain fixes nothing, instead it eventually causes other serious problems.

When someone do you wrong for no reason don’t allow it to stunt your growth by holding in anger, being revengeful, full of malice, or anything unhealthy. Don’t give your power to the person or the situation! Everything comes to the light at some point! Trials come and they go. If you hold on it lingers,when you don’t it has no power over you!