Reaping What You Sow Has No Expiration


It’s coming back to you! You may seem to get by, you may even think you’re getting by, but you will NEVER get away! It’s coming back to you one way or another. Some people don’t believe it’s true, but it is. It’s very important to do right by people. Sometimes your wrong doings will not only come back to you, your loves ones can also suffer because of something you did.

It’s true; we should treat people how we want to be treated. Unfortunately many people fail to follow this saying. They do whatever they can to people in thinking it’s not going to come back around to them. Reaping what you sow has a boomerang affect with absolutely no expiration date. It comes back around and knock you upside the head and other times down and out. It also has a way of bringing to your remembrance why you’re getting it back.

There’s a lot of things people do to others. They think they’re getting away, but it’s not going to happen. Some people will step on you and knock you down to get what they want. They will scheme and do whatever to get the upper hand. Some do their dirt in what they think is secret. Just because you think it’s a secret or you think because you weren’t caught it’s all good; no way, you will reap what you sow! Getting it back has no time limit, it can be instant or it can be years down the road; either way, it’s coming back to you! We all pay for what we do!

I am the type of person who’s careful how I treat people. If a person tries to mistreat me, I think of how sad of a person they must be. I have a zero tolerance for shenanigans, but I’ll always treat people the way I want to be treated. We have to overlook ignorance from others and still be good to people. We shouldn’t play the get back game with anyone, because whatever you do is coming back. Payback is real, so don’t worry they will get theirs in due time one way or the other!

As mentioned earlier, sometimes it takes a while; other times it’s instant. Sometimes you get it, while other times someone you love gets it because of you. When we do things we know we shouldn’t do negative consequences are always to follow. They catch up to us at some point in one way or the other! It’s never good! When you do right by others; you’re doing the right thing for yourself! It’s wonderful to do the right thing by people no matter what they do to you.

Reaping what you sow has many meanings. It means what efforts you put into anything. Nothing in is nothing out! Biblically I am referencing reaping the good as well as the bad things sown. This post strictly means those things we know are wrong. One thing for sure you won’t get away with nothing you’ve done! It will come up again, when it does you’ll be the one getting it!

Loving to the Point of Losing Yourself


Some people may not admit it, but I know a lot of people find themselves in this type of situation. It is unhealthy! If you lose yourself in someone the only reason a person does this is because they’ve never really found self. People who don’t know the difference between wants and needs are people who don’t know what’s right for them. Oftentimes they are people who don’t understand what love is and what it isn’t. They seek love in all the wrong ways, with all the wrong people, and wrong the places. They end up in unhealthy and sometimes downright dangerous relationships.

I’ve met a tremendous amount of people who have told me they were deep into their significant other until they lost sight of who they were. Some went off into the deep end doing things they never wanted to do and acting ways out of the norm only to appease their significant other. Many people get lost trying to save or fix their significant others. If you’re trying to save or fix someone then it’s obvious you have things to work out within yourself.

Many individuals give up their hopes and dreams to help their significant others to obtain theirs. Nothing is wrong with supporting your significant other, but you should never give up your dreams to do so. There are many people who end up separating after their significant others has obtained their goals and the person left behind feels lost and brokenhearted. It’s what you signed up for, because you can change your situation anytime you choose!

I’ve written and said many times a person can definitely lose self trying to be in an unhealthy relationship with someone else. There are many people who seek love from others, yet they don’t love self. What sense does that make? They look pass all the signs of potential problems because they are led by their feelings and emotions. They are dead set on trying to fix or save the one they are with. People have lost their sanity and health trying to make it work with toxic and broken individuals. It compiles their own problems with the problems of their significant other. If you find yourself in this type of relationship re-examine yourself by looking inward to figure out why you’re putting yourself through it. You can’t fix or save anyone, especially if they’re not ready to change!

A person who loves self will not tolerate any unnecessary chaos or discord in their lives. They love self enough to walk away from people who bring toxicity and negativity their way. They look past looks, material things, statuses, etc. They understand a peaceful mind is priceless! They aren’t trying to save, fix, teach, or raise no adult! People will be treated how allowed. If you take crap, crap is what you will get! Period!

You can’t make a person want to change no matter how much you love them. People have to want to change their negative states of mind. They must want to become better individuals NOT because of you, but because it’s what they need in their life with or without you! Individual’s who change for other people will most likely revert back to who they really are once they’ve gotten comfortable enough in the relationship. The signs will be present, but unfortunately the person who is busy and fixated on trying to save or fix misses the signs until they become drained and overwhelmed with it all.

The greatest teacher in my life has been experience. Ooooweee! There are some things I am so thankful I went through, because it taught me never EVER do it again. I learn from everything. I know a lot of people don’t, they keep going through the same things with the same types of people. It’s because they aren’t ready to change. You need to change from the person who is always trying to fix and save just as much as the person you’re trying to save or fix. If not you will always continue to have chaos in your life and relationships!

When you continue to accept discord and chaos stop pointing the finger. The other person may very well be a part of the problem, but you’re the biggest problem, because no one can dictate your life unless you allow. If you allow chaos and discord, guess what? You will get it! Don’t allow anyone to cause you to stress out to the point of losing your mind and health. People end up on psychotropic medications due to stress, anxiety, depression, fear, hopelessness, etc, etc. This happens because people lose self in trying to love someone healthy. You can’t do it anyways, but especially when you’re in an unhealthy state of mind yourself. People must want to change, be willing to change, and put in the time and effort to do so! You can’t do it for them no matter how much you love them.

Is the World Really Worth Your Soul


I want you to really think about it. Many people profess Christ in their lives yet they are living any kind of way. This is the work of a double minded person. People get mad at the truth, but it’s still the truth. When I was in the world I honestly never thought about daily prayer or a true relationship with Jesus. I didn’t think about there being no secrets. I did what I wanted to do when I wanted to. I never ever thought about the consequences of my actions. I was so blind by my feelings and emotions. I was lost in myself and the ways of the world. But God, oh but God!

I was raised in the church and gave my life to Christ when I was 12, but I didn’t understand how to go from milk to meat. I didn’t know what it all meant. I got saved and went on to do whatever I chose. Thank God for keeping me through it all. As I’ve mentioned before I weep when I think about how good He has been to me and how He kept me even when I didn’t/don’t deserve it. I remember several times I could have lost my life in accidents (in my home and on the road), but God!

When I made a vow and commitment to Christ, I promise you it was easy for me to give up everything else. As I continued on my journey I made it known to everyone around me Jesus is first in my life ( before parents, children, family, and friends). I’ve lost friends and loved ones along the way, because they can’t deal with the Jesus in me. See this is how it is supposed to be. When you give it up, you give it up!

Fortunate for me I made my mind up 100% and I knew that I knew I didn’t want any parts of the ways of the world. I laid down my mess and I never went back to it. So, if I can do it so can you. I know it’s absolutely possible. I’m no better than anyone, He doesn’t love me more than anyone else. I made the choice to give up the ways of the world and follow Him. People don’t want to give up things because they aren’t ready, and then they make excuses. When you’re ready, you become a soul who’s sold out! Walking for the Lord isn’t difficult. Yes you’re still tried and you will go through, but that is life! If you want it you will do it and no temptation will pull you away from it.

A lot of things people endure are brought on my self. Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He took everything to the cross for us. It is people who individually choose to pick up those things He took up for us! He made it possible for us to live Holy lives, but people still choose NOT to. People want to make every excuse NOT to do the right thing. They want to add to and take away from the Word to appease self! They want things now and they want them their way.

It is our choice to serve Him and to live for Him. If we REALLY love Him we will live for Him. It won’t be a struggle to decide to do so or not; we will do it! People who TRULY choose Jesus don’t keep going back to the ways of the world. They don’t try to do things in secret, because they know in Jesus there are NO secrets; for He knows and sees all things!

Regardless of how cruel, mean, nasty, cold, and evil people in this world has become; people still choose it over Jesus. They love the world more. They mock Jesus, they fake the Holy Spirit, and they blaspheme against the Lord. They do it because they love the world more.

Sad part is many want to pretend He’s first in their lives. They speak it and act the part in front of those they want to act it in front of, but they don’t live it. Living it is everything and if you’re not doing so, then you’re not for Jesus. If you’re not for Him you’re against Him. You can’t be for Him sometimes, it must be a twenty four-seven, three hundred and sixty five a year thing! It’s a daily relationship, daily praise, and daily worship!

Not one single person on earth can serve two Masters! You can think you can, but you can’t! If a person isn’t ready, they aren’t ready, but don’t think for a second you are able to serve Jesus and do the devil’s work. It won’t work, it don’t work! So again “why are you holding on to the world?” It has nothing to offer you, but hell if you don’t change your ways. Nothing you achieve or gain will matter when you leave this world, for you can’t take anything with you!

People are working faithfully and diligently to gain everything they can in this world. Some live “high on the hog.” Some think because of what they have they are better. Some live to be praised and worshipped. None of what a person has matters. People must think about their spiritual bodies and become less worried about the natural aspects of this world if they want to see the King. I’m so glad I realize nothing is more important than my spiritual walk, my faith, my love, and my commitment to Jesus the Son and God the Father.

I don’t care what anyone believes, I know I love Jesus and I know Jesus loves me. Just because I belong to Him doesn’t mean things are always easy for me, but I know I am not alone, He’s with me every step of the way through whatever!

As the old hymn says “get right church,” because someday we have to go home. That home will either be Heaven or hell. It’s always been your choice as to what you choose. Even if you feel you don’t want to choose, by not choosing your STILL choosing. Remember anything against Jesus the Son is against the Father. You can’t make it to God without going through Jesus the Son. It’s up to you what you choose. My prayer is you make up your mind before it’s to late.

Your Life is Your Life You Only Get One


This week I’m giving you a triple treat (smile).

A lot of times people allow what they’ve gone through to hinder them for a lifetime. Life doesn’t have to be this way for anyone. Stop hindering your progress. Forgive, let go, and live! You may have started out able to point the finger at someone else, but you have 3 pointing back at you for a reason! What I mean is this; we all are products of what we’ve gone through. Whether good or bad it has an impact on our lives. No matter who contributed to the issues as maturing adults you must take responsibility for who or what you choose to become. There is no more room or time to play the blame game. It’s time to pick up the pieces and move on.

In writing this, I know many will probably say it’s easier said than done. I say, it’s only as hard as you make it. I’m not exempt! I’ve had my shares of ups and downs. However, I chose not to allow them to hinder my walk. As I’ve stated many times throughout my blogs; I learnt at an early age people will disappoint and hurt you. Sometimes they are the people you trust and love.
I learnt anyone who willfully hurt someone is a hurting person. Some type of misfortune took place in their life and they didn’t heal from it. This ISN’T an excuse, it’s simply the truth. NO ONE gets the greenlight to hurt someone else because they too at some point were hurt. People must face and deal with their pain in order to move on to be people with healthier states of minds.

Take a self assessment of your life. Don’t live thinking everything is okay, because you don’t think anyone know your little secrets. Many people continue down roads of destruction because they hide behind the truth thinking all is well, because no one knows. Oh it’s always shown through your decisions and choices in life. You can only fake it for so long then the truth will appear in some form or another. Trying to hide and/or pretend prevents you from maturing. It keeps people captive by their own ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. We all must deal with the issues affecting us, it’s the only way a person can grow.

Don’t give up on yourself, because you feel someone else gave up on you. Your life is yours and theirs belong to them. Allow no one to hinder your growth. If people don’t believe in you, it’s okay, you believe in yourself! Stop looking for acceptance and validation from others, because many times you will not get it. Other people have their own issues to work out, which by the way affects how they interact with you. Some people can’t love you, because they don’t love self. They can’t be happy for you, because they are unhappy with self. They can’t support you, because they have jealousy, malice, and envy in their hearts due to how they actually feel about self.

This is why I think it’s super important individuals take ownership and responsibility for who they are and who they choose to become. Don’t give power to anyone or anything, if you do then it means you lose the power that belongs to you! People make mistakes by thinking drugs, sex, alcohol, material things, etc will make them happy or fix their problems. No, they don’t and no they won’t! They in fact can make things worse. For one thing people will want more of it and another thing is nothing or no one can fix you, but you! It starts by forgiveness and facing the man/woman in the mirror.

There are millions of people stuck, because they don’t think they are worthy. They feel this way, because of all the issues they’ve gone through or how people have treated them. They didn’t heal from any of it, instead they carried it throughout their lives. It hinders their ability to move forward in life therefore; hindering their ability to grow. There are millions stuck in immature states of minds. They are led by their feelings and emotions. They find themselves in bad situations over and over again.

You can do whatever you set your mind to do. Just because something appears hard doesn’t mean you can’t overcome the obstacle. Things that are new appears to be hard, that is normal. However, never be afraid to challenge yourself. Never be afraid to try something different. A lot of people complain about their lives and their situations, yet they do nothing about it. You can’t expect to reap the benefit of another person’s labor when you’re not laboring for yourself! Nothing comes easy and it definitely won’t always be good. In this life we must take the good, with the bad, and the ugly. We will go in and out of situations, because our lives are like hills and valleys. Troubles come, but they will also go in time. Stop being your worst enemy and your own worst problem! Love yourself and live your life to the fullest! If you have to stand alone, it’s okay love yourself through the midst of it and remember this is your life, it belongs to no one else! I challenge you to make a change!

Sex Offenders Have Faces Like Yours and Mine


I know I recently wrote a post on sexual predators, but due to the fact I’ve heard a lot of it in the news this very week, I wanted to write another post on it. People have the tendency to shy away from subjects such as this. Go ahead and do whatever you please, but this is a very real problem in our world today. I am going to talk and write about it. Our children should be, must be, have to be protected. Child molesters/predators/offenders/rapist/ etc they look like you and I. It’s scary!

First of all let me make it known not everyone who is labeled a sex offender is one. People lie, that’s a fact! However, fact remains any adult who decides to have sex with a minor is WRONG. I don’t care if the minor looks like an adult in every way, they are NOT adults! Now that is out of the way, let me proceed.

I’ve had the opportunity to sit across from many sexual predators. So far I can say everyone of them had a story of once being victims. Remember the saying “hurt people hurt people?” Not all do, but many has in some form or another. It is NO EXCUSE! I have absolutely no sympathy for a person committing any form of sex act towards a child.

Babies are being raped. Babies! I’m talking infants. This is sick!!!! I just saw this week where 2 males raped a 9 month old. They don’t need any time wasting tax payers dollars. They need to be put in cages without a key. Toddlers and teenagers are being raped, molested, and acts of incest committed against them. This is sad! A man or woman who does this do not deserve to see the light of day, ever! There is no excuse for it, none!! I don’t care if they were once a victim. It should be reason enough you would never want to hurt someone else. However, many have, and many will continue to do so.

To be straight up honest, there seems to be a commodity for rape and molestation of infants and young children. Many people in this world are sick, sick, sick! If a person took the time to devise a plan to victimize, they had time to think about NOT doing it! They always, always try to manipulate a way to be around who they want to victimize. If you have the sense to think to commit such an act, you have time to think about not doing it.

Sex offenders/sexual predators are everywhere. They are in every position, status, etc. Some are rich and famous. It doesn’t matter the color of the skin, the position, the status, etc what’s in a person is coming out.

I’ve seen General’s in the Army caught up in child porn triangles. People of all calibers and walks of life are caught up in child porn. They prey on the innocent helpless little ones who can’t defend themselves.

Those who are into Satanism thinks preying on infants and children is great way to become powerful. They do rituals where they sacrifice little ones either through eating or sexual contact. It’s crazy, but research it for yourself. Their mindsets and agendas are different than the normal sexual predator, although they are still are sexual predators.

Please protect the children. People living amongst you are preying on your children. Make your life about your children until they are able to protect themselves. Don’t think someone won’t do it, because of who they are, sometimes they are the mains one who will do it.

Children are afraid to tell for many reasons. Guess what? They are children and it’s understandable, but remember you must develop a relationship with your child that enables them the courage to tell you what’s really going on. Many children grow into adults who are affected by their pasts because they never dealt with what they’ve gone through. Many grow into adults with very negative attitudes and maladaptive behaviors.

Our world is filled with people who are affected by their pasts because they never developed appropriately during their stages of development. They remained stuck in whatever stage they were affected and although they got older they still kept the same mindset. This destroys many lives. If people don’t heal from their past issues it will be reflected in how they live their lives. It will show in their decisions and choices they make throughout their lifetime.

Choosing Man’s Way Over God’s Way


Many people of the world today have chosen man’s way over thus sayeth the Lord. Everything God says is the right way, man is saying it’s the wrong way. Everything God says is the wrong way, man is saying it’s the right way. What’s even sadder is people don’t fear or respect God. They are boldly doing what they want to do! This world has adopted the “Burger King” concept of “have it your way.” There will be repercussions and consequences for all things against the Son and the Father!

Jesus died for our sins, so we don’t have to die for them. God could have easily brought him down from the cross. He stayed there for you, you, you, and I. Yet, this world is right back in the same predicament of the Bible days. People are doing whatever, whenever, and wherever. They have no shame about anything they do or say! To put icing on the cake, many of these people profess Christ as their Lord and Savior! Lies, lies, lies and people who do this know they are telling lies, lies, lies! I’m not trying to spiritually shame anyone, I’m trying to help you realize you need to get it right before it’s too late!

Time is moving right along, it waits for no man. However the most beautiful thing is even though time is moving quickly, everyday we get to see is a day given for us to change our ways and come to the Lord. It is time given to stop mocking God and playing church. People mock God and play church to please man. They go to church out of tradition, but also out of dedication to man, yet they have no commitment or dedication to Jesus. No one can know the Father if they have no relationship with the Son!

Many people don’t want to give up this world; they think they’ll miss something if they do. They are very correct, they will miss something detrimental to them, which is Heaven trying to live for this world! Many people have and are falling away, because they have no roots. Many people want to straddle a fence that doesn’t exist.

I don’t care who YOU think you are or what pedal stool you’ve been put on. All of our knees will someday bow. No one is above the Master! We will all give an account of what we’ve done against God. There are only 2 roads to take; the right one or the wrong one. Many willfully choose the wrong road, because they don’t want to give up the wrong for the right. They don’t want to let go of things of this world.

You can’t take with you your old ways on a new journey with the Lord, you have to put them down. You must let them completely go and not turn back to pick them up. If a person truly wants to serve God they can and they will give up this world. To love Him, you must live for Him, period! Those who don’t want to give up their old ways are the first ones to say you’re judging them. They are the first ones who will say no one is perfect. These are old, old, excuses to stay where you are in the world.

I will not tell you a lie, not one time have I desired to go back to my old ways. When I came up out of my mess, I was thankful how God kept me safe from all dangers seen and unseen, natural and supernatural. I went through some stuff, but He kept me. It could have been me many times, but yet He kept me. I wouldn’t turn back for nothing or no one! God has been too good to me! When I was in the world I thought I was having fun, I did what I wanted to do. However, when I developed my relationship with Jesus, I realized all the things I had done against Him. It made me weep, I still weep when I think about where He brought me from! I can’t turn back, nothing is back there for me. I know for a fact 100% people can live Holy lives if they choose.

The devil has his agenda and has had it from the start. He makes things appealing to the eyes, he tickles the ears, he gives people this and that and sadly some think what the devil gave them is from the Lord, and he makes things glitter to look like gold when it isn’t. He is doing his job of lying and deceiving people. He pulls all types of arsenals out of his bag of tricks to make people think the world is a better option. Nothing a person gains in this world has value in Heaven or hell. We will take nothing with us when we leave this world. How we chose to live determines our eternal home. Yet, people are still choosing this world as if they will be here forever. No, we all will someday depart this world! People must get ready for this transition. We all have a chance right now to get it right while the blood is running warm through our veins.

Signs Are Ignored, But Still Exist


It’s a shame the situations we willfully put ourselves in. I am including myself, because once upon a time I did it too, but thank God I learnt better and now do better. I’ve learned from every situation (good and the bad) in my life. It taught me what to accept and what not to accept. I clearly see pass feelings and emotions. It’s takes loving self and growth to get to such a point. When a person wants to change they will do it!

I keep reminding myself maturity doesn’t necessarily come with age. People make many bad decisions based on the state of mind they’re in. It’s all related to what is the true you! You can hide it from others, but never from yourself. People can present themselves as one thing and by the way, most do. However, if you want to know the truth simply watch and the truth will present itself in some form or another. It is always seen through a person’s decisions, choices, and ultimately their actions.

You all know I’ve written countless times “we teach others how to treat us and you will always be treated how you’ve allowed.” That is fact! If you choose to get into a relationship with someone who is constantly giving you drama, drama is what you will get. If you get into a relationship in the wrong way, with the wrong person, for the wrong reason, drama is what you will get. Trust and believe drama is on the way!

To break it down further. If a person don’t love self they are bound to be led by their feelings. If a person is carrying a lifetime of old baggage, they are bound to be led by their feelings and emotions. If a person gets with someone who is already with someone, it’s because of inside issues. To be with someone and do things you are uncomfortable with and wouldn’t normally do it’s due to what’s inside. If you allow yourself to be abused, mistreated, or disrespected, it’s because of what’s inside. I can go on and on. The point I am trying to relay is, people treat you how you allow. People allow this because they too are carrying their own baggage they need to deal with. Theirs is affecting them and yours affecting you. Now what do you think it will be? Chaos and drama, yet people will swear it’s love, when love hasn’t a thing to do with it.

People show you who they really are, sadly individuals fail to believe it. Signs are missed due to feeling and emotions. It all comes from negative states of mind people are trapped in and have become comfortable with. People find it difficult to see past their emotions and feelings until they find themselves drowning in a sea of chaos they willfully subjected themselves to. I know it’s a hard pill for many to swallow, yet it is still the truth! No one can change you or your situation other than you!

So many individuals get into relationships thinking they can change the other person. If they can’t change them they think they can save or fix them. You can’t save, fix, or change anyone; this includes your children, significant others, friends, family, or other people. One thing for certain is you can lose your peace, health, and strength in trying. It will leave you drained in more ways than one.

Stop loving people to death! They live and be who they choose to be while some of you die! I mean literally (stress, depression, suicide, etc) and if you don’t literally die you’re dead spiritually. You lose yourselves in trying to fix, save, or change other people. It’s nonsense! Know your worth and lay down boundaries and standards. You must first love you! When you love yourself you won’t allow anyone to bring unnecessary drama into your space/life!

There are a lot of people who get involved with individuals they swear they love and these individuals introduces them to drugs and alcohol. People are introduced to the streets, sexual immorality, and all kind of God forsaken things! Listen if you’re with someone who is introducing you to things which could devastate your life, you’re with the wrong person! Use common sense! No significant other is worth pain and drama in your life. Pain and drama goes hand in hand! Love has NOTHING at all to do with it. Getting involved with people who are bringing chaos in your life says a lot about you! It tells you something in your life needs fixing! To ignore it only adds to your internal issues. You’re trying to fix someone when you haven’t dealt with your own issues, now you’re dealing with those of the person you’re with as well. This is unnecessary stress and drama!

There are always signs! People don’t change into someone you don’t want to be with, they were already that way, but the signs were ignored, because you couldn’t see past your feelings and emotions. When things get unbearable, then and only then can people see the real deal; which was there all along! Unfortunately some people refuse to ever see the truth, because they can’t get past their feelings due to their states of mind. They make things solely about what they want and desire based on their feelings. They ignore the truth!