Living Your Life, But Spiritually Dead


Some people claim to be living there best lives without Jesus being in it. Not possible! Many people claim to love Jesus, yet they are seeking after houses, land, fame, and fortune, but aren’t seeking” the Kingdom of God and its righteousness.” They seek after material prosperity, but not spiritual prosperity! They don’t have a connection to or relationship with the true source which is the Father and the Son (God and Jesus). If there’s no relationship with them then there’s none with the Holy Spirit. Many people profess they love the Lord, but do not seek after Him.

Money runs out or you die and can no longer spend it, houses get old and depreciate- they burn up- or they get blown away in storms, friends come and go – half the time they are fake, family can sometimes be your worst enemy and when you need them they are nowhere to be found, cars breakdown, most times you may own the house never the land, all material things are left behind, people destroy themselves trying to climb ladders of success or trying to stay on the pedal stools people put them on, and the list goes on. Regardless, these are the things people desperately seek after!

All of the things we treasure and build up on earth will have no significance to us when we step out of life’s back door into the eternity we chose of free will. Once we take the step out there’s no turning back. We can’t blame anyone for the choices we make or have made. No one else is to blame for how we choose/chose to live our lives.

The problem with a lot of people who profess Christ is they only speak it, they don’t live it. They do what they do to please man. They praise and worship man, but not God. They desire relationships with different people while not attempting to get one with Jesus. They mimic holiness, but they aren’t Holy. They don’t read the Word for themselves nor do they seek understanding. They get mad at the truth. They fall for anything because of their double minded ways.

Everything people acquire on earth will be left behind when they die. None of it will matter. The wealthiest individual is the poorest if they don’t have Jesus. The poorest is the richest if they do! Money can buy a person many things, but it can’t buy a seat into the Kingdom of God! The seat is reserved for you and have already been purchased with a price. Yet people work feverishly building their treasures on earth. Our physical bodies will decay away, our spiritual bodies will not! Once these physical bodies are no more we move completely into our spiritual bodies. Whatever we choose while in our physical bodies has devastating consequences for us eternally. When you step out of your life’s back door you step into what you chose!


Can’t Help Who You Love Is A Lie And An Excuse


That’s right! It is an excuse and a big fat lie that has gotten many people in terrible situations. If a person can’t help who they love they have no self control. We definitely have the ability to control our feelings and emotions if we choose to. Many people don’t think they can and it’s because of their mindsets.

There are a lot of people who’ve gotten into relationships with people who should be off limits, period! People such as relatives, friend’s significant others, married individuals, single individuals who are in relationships already, underage individuals, and those you have authority over (on jobs, in the schools, churches, etc).

When individuals want to be with someone they don’t care who it is, how wrong it is, or perhaps how dangerous it may be or become. All they want is to be with who they want. I’ve written it and spoken about it a million times. The reason people do this is because of the flesh. They want what they want at any and all costs! They’re led solely by their wrong ways of thinking, feelings, and emotions. All they can see is who they want and that’s it, because they are seeing through eyes blind by their feelings.

The main reason people are this way is they have a lot of unresolved issues and the most important one is no self love. They seek love or something in others, because they lack it in self. I know some people may feel otherwise, but it’s the truth. Think about it; if you really love yourself the last thing you want to do is cause yourself problems leading to more heartache and pain. You wouldn’t want to cause yourself unnecessary problems with some possibly leading to serious legal issues. People do this when they involve themselves with people they shouldn’t be with. Some may lead to legal issues while all lead to headaches, heartaches, and pain!

To want someone or to fall in love is all based on thoughts and feelings despite how you get to that point. You don’t start having feelings unless they have been created and fueled by your thoughts. This is true in every situation possible NOT just in relationships. When a person really wants someone they start having major thoughts of them. The more they do then along comes the feelings. People give way too much power to their thoughts and it causes them major issues.

When you love yourself it took growth and maturity to get to that point. It took a lot of hard knocks through experiences. However, once you’re at that point there’s usually no turning back! It takes growth and maturity to walk away from the wrong people and the wrong situations. You see beyond your feelings! If you are attracted in anyway to the wrong person you know to get those feelings in check quickly and you will. You have the power to do the right thing if doing the right thing is what you choose. There are always consequences when you choose bad choices and decisions!

This is only “food for thought.”

The Dead Weight of Others


It will knock you down and out! Someone came to see me today after being hospitalized for wanting to end his life last week. He’s been trying to carry the weight of everyone else. Talking with him encouraged me to write this post. There are many people walking in the same shoes.

When individuals aren’t trying to fix their own problems, why do you think you can fix them? Many people mean well, but what they don’t realize is they’re only responsible for self. I don’t care how much you love your friends and family, to carry their weight is a unbearable burden to bear, especially when you can’t handle your own.

Too many individuals are living as people pleasers. They try to make everyone happy when they themselves are unhappy. They pretend all is well when it’s not. They try to fix everyone else’s issues when they can’t deal with or fix their own. It is a huge recipe for disaster and can lead to a breakdown. It is way too much stress to carry when you’re struggling with your own weight.

If you’re one of those people my recommendation is to own it. I mean; accept you’re this type of person and acknowledge it’s too much to handle. If stress isn’t managed it will manage you! Trying to fix everyone else’s problems leads to stress overload. You can’t do it! It can lead to anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. it’s not worth it!

When people try to carry the weight of others they become overwhelmed. They compile the issues of others on top of their own. Many people live their lives with unhealthy mindsets failing to deal with their own unresolved issues. They keep a lot bottled up inside. They smile and act as if they have it together when in truth they don’t. People dump on them because it’s what they’ve allowed. No one can stop this from happening, but you, the individual. You teach people exactly how to treach you! If you act like you’re super man or super woman then they’ll treat you as if you are. People will treat you as if you’re their own personal landfill for their garbage!

There’s no way anyone should be stressed out due to other people. I don’t care who the other people are. Allow no one to do this to you! If you can’t deal with your own issues you certainly can’t deal with those of other people. You’re not a landfill and you’re not a garbage disposal, stop allowing others to treat you as if you are. Stop trying to carry the dead weight of others. Dead weight is heavy! Your knees will buckle and down you will eventually go!

I will always say IF you love yourself you will be careful what you allow into your life. IF you love yourself the first person you will deal with is yourself. You can’t fix anyone and no one can fix you! People’s states of mind is their biggest enemy. You can love others while putting you first! When a person stop giving power to their pasts and people they change. Folks won’t like it. It’s NOT your problem! Make no excuses about it, love you, and become the best you that you can be! You can’t do this if you’re living your life carrying your own unresolved weight and the dead weight of others!

Sold Out to the Creature Not The Creator


It really saddens me to see how people are easily persuaded and deceived due to emotions. People are clearly seeking after something, the sad part is they don’t know what. Therefore they latch on to whoever is sounding good and making them feel good. People believe because a person has a sob heart felt story to tell and they can sing good or speak well they are anointed. This is a LIE from the devil! People get rapped up in the story, song, and emotions of the person until the person is who they end up worshipping. A lot of the individuals are openly living like hypocrites, but the people are sold on emotions. This is a disgrace to Jesus and the Father!

People are worshipping and idolizing people because they can see them and they are tangible. They fall for whatever they do or say. They are hypnotized and mesmerized by emotions and words tickling their ears. They begin worshipping these people. They are being led astray because they have no roots. They are following emotions and not the anointing. Most don’t know what true anointing feels like because they don’t understand the difference between the anointing and emotions. They are babes still on milk and have no real relationship with Jesus!

Being a phenomenal singer or speaker doesn’t mean a person is anointed, yet many believes it does. The first thing people will say is the person is anointed. This is foolish! Many people are babes in Christ and can’t move to another level because their eyes are on the creature and NOT the Creator! They are praising and worshipping a man or woman who’s not even living for Jesus, they just sing or speak well. If you’re well known it’s icing on the cake, people will follow them in a second.

Many people are so full of hurt they seek after what makes them feel good. They are blind due to their feelings and emotions. This is the exact mentality millions have in relationships. They miss all of the signs due to being caught up in how they feel. It’s like an addict, they seek after the high; the thing that makes them feel good.

Many are falling by the wayside because they aren’t yet fully connected to the true source. As I’ve said, they have no roots. They are wishy washy /lukewarm/double minded. They are seeking after the tangible while dismissing the intangible. They are following people who aren’t humble. The people they follow are broken too and can’t even live what they teach, preach, or sing about. However, because they are tangible many people worship them.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can give you a feeling no man can match. It can take you from darkness to the light if you believe it and receive it. Many folks are in their own way. They are following people God can’t use because they are too puffed up and lost. They don’t have sense to humble themselves so that they decrease so God can increase in them. They can’t see this due to pompous ways of thinking. Yet, these are the people being praised and worshipped. God isn’t pleased!

Money Can’t Fix Brokenness


True or false? I bet many of you have found this out the hard way. Most people who don’t have money or who don’t have a lot of money will do almost anything to get it. Sadly, some people with lots of money will also do almost anything to get more. Nothing is wrong with making money as long as you’re not obsessed with making it. People think money is the solution to all of their problems. Money helps, but it doesn’t solve all problems and honestly it ONLY solves money related issues.

Many people get into relationships with individuals because of what they have or for what they think they have. It’s the driving force in many relationships. After getting with who they want they find the individual is more broken then them. What’s inside of people is always coming out!

Money can help make a person look better, help a person to buy things or buy better things, go nice places, pay bills, get you what you want- desire- need, it helps people get into different positions and platforms opportunities (even though sometimes they aren’t qualified or suitable, but that’s what money get you). It gets you those things and a plethora of others. However, what it can’t ever do and won’t ever do is buy away brokenness.

Out of brokenness comes foolishness, crazy, unhappiness, sadness, depression, hate, envy, jealousy, suicidal & homicidal ideation, sexual immorality, cheaters, liars, mental stress, anxiety, lack self esteem, lack of confidence, co dependency, all types of addictions, ability to loveself or others, the ability to trust, and many other things. Money doesn’t have the power to change what dwells within. It can help with money related issues, but it can also make issues/situations worst.

Brokenness can cause some people who don’t have a lot of money to step on toes and/or necks to get more money, yet they are still unhappy. Some people who have plenty of money are still unhappy as ever. Nothing changes what’s inside other than change itself, which is nothing you can purchase with money!

People can fool you real good. They will look at you with a straight face while they are drowning in their own tears inside. Many people get accustomed to pretending it’s all okay when it isn’t. This mentality helps no one!

Many people have come to realize money doesn’t change the junk inside. They find themselves still suffering with the same issues. For many it has created more issues. When people are unhappy inside they’re never satisfied. They’re always seeking after something! Chasing the dollar has caused some people to do terrible things, which leads to more sorrow and pain. When people aren’t happy inside money won’t change that! It never has and never will.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, facing the person staring at you in the mirror is how change begins. No one can do this for you, but you! People pretend, run, hide, duck, and dodge from others, but guess who always right there? You and all of the pain inside. The pain and sorrow bottled up won’t go away on its own it’s something you must deal with in order to heal and grow mentally, emotionally, and maturely. Love from someone won’t do it and no amounts of money will do it. It is a task only you, the individual can accomplish. You have to want to change! It starts by changing your mindset and loving self! If a person doesn’t change what’s inside, they will continue to be unhappy people with or without money! ☹️

You Freely Choose How You Think, Feel, and Act


You read it right. I mean every word! Most people blame others for how they choose to act or who they choose to become. Truth is how you act and what or who you choose to become falls directly on you! People fail self greatest of all. What I mean is many people do not have the wisdom, knowledge, or understanding of who they are because they spend their lives trying to please others, blaming others, or seeking validation from others. They spend most of their time trying to be someone else, worshipping others, allowing their pasts to stagnate them, allowing others or things to take their power, or spend time believing others make them mad, angry, etc. In doing those things they don’t allow self to mature and grow to who they can become. Many people all over the world are this way. Saddest part of it all most don’t have the wisdom, knowledge, or understanding of this because they deny themselves the power within them to change.

In order to love yourself there’s no way around dealing with the true you, which is dealing with the core. Within the core lies the truth. There lies the problems and the solutions if people would dare to uncover it. Most people continue living the same way. They choose the same paths, they choose to believe they are less than therefore they deny their worth and value, they give power to others and things such as alcohol, drugs, sex, and negative mindsets and ways of thinking.

People are stuck by their negative ways of thinking because it is what they choose. They are mad about things that happened when they were children without realizing no matter what they went through or who did it; as an individual you still have the power to decide if it makes and keeps you angry as an adult. No one makes you mad, angry or full of hate but you; yourself! It’s true! You can blame anyone you choose but the truth is the decision to be mad, angry, mean, full of hate, envious, jealous, stripe, or malice is a personal choice.

People are this way because of how they perceived and accepted things in their lives. Unfortunately many people choose to latch and hold on to negativity. They choose to not love self yet seek it in others and always ending up more broken in some way. They willfully choose to pick up drugs and alcohol as a way of coping or as their way of belonging or acceptance etc. They blame others when although people can contribute to things in your life, how you choose to allow ANYTHING to affect you falls on you, the individual!

People think, feel, and act like their parents or other care givers because it is what they choose. It’s not generational curses. It’s simply the free will of people choosing to think, feel, and act the same as those before them.

No matter what ANY of us have gone through, how we react or act because of it falls soley on the individual. How we perceive or believe it to be determines how it affects us. No matter how bad it was/is; it has no power to hurt you other than what you give it.

If you take things in as bad, then your thoughts will be negative, which in turn fosters negative feelings, and leads to negative ways of acting. This is how most people choose to live without falter. Many have died with their negative mindsets.

If you’re mad or angry it’s because it is what you chose. If you’re full of hate regardless the reason, it is what you chose. Perceiving anything as bad breeds negativity (thoughts, feelings, actions). It all ends up leading to negative mindsets. People willingly choose this poison!

Reality is we all can choose positive minds sets. If you believe troubles last always they will. If you believe your life has been ruined due to what you’ve gone through, in your mind it will be. If you believe you deserve less than, it is what you will get. If you choose to be victims of circumstances then it’s how you will live. If you feel you’re unworthy then it’s how you will act. If you don’t love yourself you won’t love anyone in a healthy way and most times you will not be loved in a healthy way. If you don’t respect yourself you will not be respected. If you give away your power to anyone or anything it will be taken. If you blame others for your life; you’re giving them power over it. If you blame your past you are stuck there and are prisoners to your own ways of thinking. If you look for happiness in others it’s because you don’t have it within. If you can’t be alone it’s because you don’t love yourself nor do you know your worth or potential. No one on earth can change your ways of thinking, acting, and feeling other than you!

I can go on and on. The moral of this post is how you’re acting falls completely on you. No one controls your thoughts, but they can control you if you allow. That too is a choice. Who we’ve become is our choice. What we think, believe, feel, and act may have been influenced in some way by others, but how it all affects us falls on us, individually! No one has power over you unless you believe they do. If you believe it you will become and act powerless. No one can change your mindset other than you! It’s all up to you! The more time you give to negativity the time you’ve lost towards positivity! You can choose change, the power lies within you! As long as you live it’s NEVER too late for change!

When You Don’t Know Your Worth


Don’t expect for someone else to care about your worth if you don’t. People will treat you how you treat yourself and how you allow. One of the biggest problem people have in relationships is they don’t have requirements. Meaning they don’t identify what they will or won’t accept nor do they identify their needs. They don’t set boundaries nor do they have expectations. Most people simply go along with almost anything to be with who they think they want. They take a lot of nonsense in the name of what they consider as love.

Many people get into relationships based on their wants and desires and hardly ever based on their needs. They are lost and blind due to feelings and emotions. When a person is focused on their feelings, wants, and desires they actually fail to see what is happening right in their faces. Although they are in unhealthy relationships many can’t see it because they are focused on what they feel, want, and desire. They exhaust their energy trying to please who they are while getting nothing in return. These types of people are often mistreated and taken advantage of.

To know and understand your worth you must first love yourself. Many people don’t love self and are always seeking love in someone else. It almost always causes dysfunction in their lives. Individuals try hard to figure out their significant others when they don’t even know self. They try hard to make their significant others happy when they aren’t happy within self. They take nonsense in the name of love, because they don’t really know what love is. They are led by their feelings and emotions. They feel deeply with their hearts but don’t think with their brains. This leads to a life of chaos and dysfunction.

This is why many are seeking love no matter what or who and in the midst of it they find themselves in unhappy relationships with no requirements, boundaries, or standards. They accept anything. Guess what? They will always end up getting just that (anything). Too many people are very willing to settle just to be in a relationship. If you don’t know your worth it will cause many problems in your life. Regardless of what or who, you will always be treated how you allow.

When people are focused on getting what they think they want that’s all they see. Most times when they finally open their eyes to the truth they are in too deep. It’s very important people deal with their inner issues because if not they will suffer because of it. What’s inside is always coming out! Many people don’t know their worth because they have given power to their past which has kept them in negative ways of thinking therefore negative mindsets. They haven’t been able to move pass their negative ways of thinking about self due to what they’ve gone through at earlier stages in life. It’s not the past it’s how people choose to think about it that keeps them in negative states of mind.

Learning to love yourself should be priority for all. It’s not, but I wish it were. People hang on to pains and sorrows as if it were beneficial when it’s not! You won’t understand your worth until you learn to let go and love yourself. Many people are fixated on loving who they are with and because of it they don’t take the time or opportunity to love self. Until they do they will continue to have dysfunction in their lives. They will keep looking for something in others they don’t have in self. A person can tell what you think about yourself by what you allow in your life. If your worth isn’t important to you, then it won’t be to other people.