In Control or Controlled


I’m referencing people who allow themselves to be controlled by anyone or anything. I can take the truth, because the truth never changes. I would rather be hurt by the truth then a lie. A lot of people don’t want the truth. They say they do, but they don’t. Many people find it difficult to accept the truth because it will normally mean there’s something wrong they need to right.

Anything that has a person tied and tangled up has control over them. If something or someone controls you it means you don’t have any control over self. People shouldn’t give their power to nothing or no one!

This world has many people who are in bad situations because they are controlled by something or someone. For instance when we see people commit terrible acts. They’ve thought on it for a while until they’ve given power to those thoughts. Then the feelings are developed, afterwards the act is committed. They allowed themselves to be controlled to the point of consumption by their thoughts due to the power they gave them. Everything starts with a thought, feelings, then actions. The difference is when people are in tune with self and love self, they are not allowing themselves to be consumed by any negativity. They will dismiss it no matter what or who.

People who allow themselves to be controlled are people who have unresolved issues. The many unresolved issues causes much chaos in their lives. I know some people are thinking “everyone has issues.” Listen, I agreed. However, the difference is are you controlling those things or are they controlling you? That is the big difference! Yes, we all deal with this or that, but how we allow it to affect our lives makes the difference.

You may disagree, but I know it’s fact. Individuals who are allowing those issues to control their lives are people who haven’t healed. They are carrying around their baggage day in and day out. It’s affecting their relationships, decisions, choices, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It leads them to making bad relationship choices (getting with people for the wrong reasons (sex, looks, what they have, who they are, the position they hold, titles, trying to save/fix other broken people when you are also broken, etc). It leads them to getting with the wrong people (already in a relationship, married, underage, abusive, slothful no ambition, etc, etc). It keeps them in abusive relationships, controlling, obsessive, possessive, etc). It keeps people chasing after the flesh (in all kinds of ways = sex, money, fame, becoming addicts (sex, money, drugs, alcohol, fetishes, etc). It leads people into doing unthinkable things such as commit murder or suicide, road rage, etc; because they are emotional, angry, bitter, confused, hurt, etc. etc). They haven’t dealt with their issues and they don’t love self. What many people fail to understand the more they add to their already problematic lives the worst things become. It’s hard to deal with new issues you’ve adopted when you haven’t yet dealt with the old ones.

People must heal and learn to love self. If people don’t get past their pains they can never move forward to become healthy minded and properly functioning individuals. Their lives will continue to be on auto repeat. They will keep making the same mistakes with similar but different people. They will continue to look for things in others they don’t even possess within self. Their relationships won’t work. Their relationships may continue, but they aren’t healthy. People are in loveless relationships and are lonely as can be. People are staying with people who don’t love them and people they don’t love, because their seeking something in others.

I can go on and on about it. The reason individuals are controlled by other people and/or things is because #1 they haven’t healed from their pasts and #2 they do not love self. You can’t have one without the other! It leaves people lacking esteem, confidence, having trust issues, not knowing how to show affection, not knowing how to communicate effectively, depending on others, seeking security, seeking love, etc.

People are very quick to blame things such as alcohol, drugs, etc for their problems. No, no, no! Those things may amplify, magnify, or intensify problems, but something happened to cause a person to begin those things in the first place. Whatever it was/is; it is where the problem truly lies. Truth is people hurt themselves by becoming addicted to those and other things. Alcohol and drugs affects the mind, body, and soul of individuals who are controlled by it. Some people think because they are functioning addicts they aren’t addicts. Wrong! Anything you can’t do without has power and control over you! People can’t gain control until they heal self and love self. A person can pretend all day and they can put on a smile, but it doesn’t fix their issues. Pretending keeps people right where they are!

People who are harboring their own issues haven’t learned how to love self. They will take whatever to be with someone. They are influenced, manipulated, coerced, and persuaded to do things they don’t want to do. They go along to get along. They get involved with things to have a sense of belonging. They put up with ridiculousness and they take disrespect and mistreatment on all levels. It’s because they haven’t healed and they don’t love self. A person who loves his or herself cares about their own well being. They are careful as to what they get involved with, who they are involved with, and how they allow anyone to treat them.


Monsters in Societies Around the World


I know many of you will think I’m off base. I don’t think so! Many in this world are living lies. They know they are doing the unthinkable to children while trying to hide it! They are tainted broken individuals. There’s no other way to put it. I’ve never sugarcoated anything and I won’t start today. In my opinion the reason the sexual perversions are going on in world is the toxicity continues to spread, because people continue to abuse the children who turn into adults who abuse children. No one is healing from their bad experiences. These people are continuing the cycles of abuse.

Sadly, many are in positons of power. Although many are in jobs which allows them authority and power; the power I’m speaking of is from the top. There are a lot of filthy nasty so-called secret societies/clubs were adult people do terrible things to children. If you don’t know then I’m trying to educate you. Unfortunately the foundation of many nations were built by some sexual perverted individuals. Notice I said some! They were/are in every areas of society. I believe this is why so much sexual perversion goes on. There are demands for sex trafficking, child porn, and sexual abuse all over the world. It trickles down to other broken people in lower positions of power. They’ve done things a certain way for so long then the next people in line has kept the cycles of abuse going. I don’t care who it is, the maladaptive behavior comes from the hearts of broken people.

If you research you will find many people were/are into sexual perversion to gain fame and fortune. It goes all the way back to Aleister Crowley and I’m sure even before him. He has taught people how to do the unthinkable to gain fame and fortune. He clearly was a broken man and he influenced other broken people to go along with his ways of thinking; despite how horribly wrong it was.

People from all walks of life are filled with evil and darkness. They appear as good people and portray themselves as good people knowing the whole time they have demons inside, many of which they don’t try to fight. They’ve learnt their ways of thinking, feeling, and acting unfortunately giving power to it. Instead of choosing to be better people they’ve kept the cycles of abuse going. I’ve known or have heard of many people professional and non-professional who have been caught doing unacceptable things to children. They include Generals and all ranks of the military, doctors, lawyers, policeman, teachers, priest, parents, relatives, friends of family, politicians, celebrities, etc, etc. The list goes on. All of it comes from unresolved brokenness! It seems our society is filled with an over abundance of these types of people who continues the cycles of sexual abuse.

It’s a shame and NO matter the reasons why, it’s all excuses. It’s dumb to think to abuse a child gains you fame and fortune. That’s an excuse! These types of people are into Satanic rituals. The bottom line is abusing children is wrong in every single way possible. To look at anyone from infant to any underage child and feel anything sexual means you have a major issue inside of yourself. You need help, because your ways of thinking are VERY distorted. If they are distorted it means they are wrong!

Some parents and other family members sexually abuse their own children/relative. Some do it for money (some will do anything to get money or to gain something else) or they do it simply because it was once done to them. As far as I am concerned, it’s all excuses! As an adult you know it’s wrong, that’s why you try to hide it. To sexually abuse a child or to allow it in any way; something is clearly wrong with the adult. People do it because they haven’t dealt with the demons inside of them. Children abuse children because they are adopting the same thought processes, feelings, and actions they’ve been taught. It’s still wrong! Children have to be taught it’s wrong and helped in order to deal with their issues and break the cycle!

Anyone adult who abuses a child of any age does it because they are broken. They are led by their wrong ways of thinking, which fuels their feelings and actions. Many will abuse until they are caught. Then they tell their sob story of being abused. I don’t take anything from anyone who were once a victim, but I will say; to use it as a crutch or excuse to abuse is an excuse! There is no reason at all to touch a child in a sexual manner. If someone has any type of thought to do so they need to deal with the demons they carry inside. To keep hiding fixes nothing at all. In fact it only keeps people repeating the cycles of abuse.

When will these types of people take responsibility for the monsters they’ve willfully become? Yep, I’m calling them monsters, because that’s what they’ve become! Stop the blame and take responsibility for what you do! You have perverted minds, because it’s what you’ve become accustomed to through years of hiding, lying, and pretending you are one way when you know you are something else. You’ve given strength to your demons to continue hurting others and yourself. It’s awful! People must face their inner selves and deal with those hidden things that have them trapped in their wrong ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. It is the ONLY way a person will change.

People who do these things don’t love self nor do they have the understanding of what love is. They are lost in their wrong ways of thinking. They’ve become so familiar and comfortable with who they’ve become. To them it seems right even though they KNOW it’s wrong. Change will not occur on it’s own, people must acknowledge the fact they need to change. Non one can change until they deal with their demons! The more people hide and pretend the more power they give to their demons to keep the cycles of abuse going. Think to yourselves the REAL reason why you do what you do and there you will find the truth. The one person you can’t lie to is yourself! Despite it all and no matter what; you are responsible for your thoughts, feelings, and your actions!

The R. Kelly Controversy


I don’t normally talk about this type of stuff. I don’t follow R. Kelly or even listen to his music, but I wanted to write about this due to the topic at hand. R. Kelly is obviously someone who was once at some point victimized. However, it is absolutely NO excuse to victimize anyone, especially children. When people don’t heal from their pains they move forward in life with all of the unresolved hurt, which leads them into doing the same things once done to them.

R. Kelly is someone considered as a celebrity. Oftentimes famous people are sought after. Although I fully blame R. Kelly for his actions since he was the adult, I also blame the parents or any other adult who allowed these awful things to occur. Any adult who contributed to what happened in any way should also be under scrutiny. They were dead wrong too! They did it to gain something which is normally material things, money, etc. It’s VERY sad!

Hey, my daughters were once teenagers. Although some children look older due to physically developing faster than others they are still children. They may know about sex and they may do things to try to be noticed or known, that’s beside the point. The fact is they are children. They may get out of line by trying to be seductive, etc; the fact remains they are children. If a child get out of line, it’s up to the adult to put them back in line.

I think a program should be developed specifically for children who are involved in situations such as this. These children should be mandated into this program. If they are doing it of freewill they need to know it’s wrong. If they are doing it because someone else wants them to they need to know it’s wrong. They need a program to teach them to say NO to ANYONE who tries to persuade them in anyway to get involved in this type of relationship. I don’t care who that person/people may be. They should be taught what grooming is and what sexual predators are. Sexual predators look like you and I. Meaning, they have no particular look. They come from all walks of life. These young children need to be taught about healthy and unhealthy relationships. I’m not saying they are at fault in no shape or form. However, what I am saying is if they understand enough to know they are trying to get something out of the situation, then they understand enough to know they are doing something they should probably not be doing. They know they are getting something for something; whatever the something is! This is why many of them get involved in this types of situations. A lot of them do it of their own free will while many others are groomed, coached, manipulated, or coerced by others (the sexual predator, parents, relatives, friends, etc). If society do not EVER start looking at these young children then society is at fault as well, because it is repeatedly failing to teach these young children what they are doing is inappropriate. All I’m saying is they need to be taught it is NOT okay. They need to be taught how to avoid these types of situations. Obviously the adults who are taking part in this aren’t teaching their children it’s wrong. Society knows this problem is prevalent and running rampant in the world; why not do something to fix it?

ANY adult who becomes sexually involved with a child are absolutely wrong. R. Kelly was one thousand percent wrong for what he done. He shouldn’t have ever put himself in any of the positions he were in. He do not love himself nor do he know what love is. If he did he would have loved himself enough to not cause himself unnecessary drama. If he knew about love, then he would of known being with children is wrong and has nothing to do with love. This clearly shows he has unresolved issues. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing and he knew what he was doing was wrong. I have written several topics on this subject. These people get into certain positions and they use the power they’ve obtained to do what they are intending to do.

I’ve talked to plenty of predators and all of the stories derive out of childhood experiences. It doesn’t make victimizing right. Is is NOT a greenlight to victimize others. A lot of people I’ve spoken to said they battle with beginning to enjoy what they went through versus hating it. Those who begin to like the feelings are the ones who normally end up victimizing others. They begin the same behaviors of manipulation, lies, and deceit as those who victimized them. As victims it was their first encounters with sex or intimacy through touching (molestation, incest), etc. They are confused about how they feel. When they don’t deal with what has happened they carry the thoughts, feelings, and emotions with them throughout their lives. They may look as if they are functioning properly in society, but the truth is they are dsyfunctional people functioning in dsyfunctional ways in society. Many end up repeating the same cycles of those who victimized them. They become predators!

As I’ve said many times before and will continue to say. No one on the face of the earth can fix their problems by continuing to add to them. You can’t fix self until you face self. To continue to hide, lie, scheme, manipulate, deceive, etc. etc does absolutely NOTHING to help you heal from your issues. Nothing a person does is done in secret!!!!

I Challenge You, You, and You


I made a post on Facebook about how people will quickly try a challenge from a movie, from something else, or someone else. Many times the challenges are dangerous and ridiculous, yet people will attempt them. Look at the Birdbox challenge. People it is a MOVIE! Some of you are hurting yourselves trying to do something that was done on a movie set under controlled conditions. How ridiculous is that?

It goes to show you how easy people are influenced and will follow the ways of the world. Honestly I get it. When you are worldly you do worldly things. Sadly many people who profess Christ gets on the bandwagon of these challenges else well. Listen, one foot in the world risks your soul to hell. You can talk about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all you want, but if you still have a foot in the world you are worldly. You can’t be lukewarm.

My challenge to you, you, and you is to try Jesus. If you’ve never tried Him try Him. You try everything else, why not Jesus? For those of you who say you love Him, but you’re doing things against Him, truth is you don’t really love Him. Not sorry, it’s the truth! To love Him is to live for Him. There is no other acceptable way! Therefore, I challenge you to surrender it all. I challenge you to give up the ways of this world. The only way you can live for Him is to surrender. If you do you will change and never be the same. No way you can love Him, live for Him, and be the same! No way possible! A lot of people think they are living their best lives living worldly. You’re not living your best life if you’re not living for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

If you haven’t asked Him into your life read Romans 10:9. If you already have, but know in your heart you’re not living for Him, go back and re-dedicate your life to Him. Repent, be changed, and live for. You can still have fun and excitement serving the Lord!!

We all will die. Everyday we get to live is a chance to repent and truly serve the Lord. It’s your choice whether you will or will not. I would rather lose the world and gain Heaven, then to lose my soul to the world and gain a place in Hell, where the very master the world serves will also reside. When you give up the world living doesn’t stop, it begins.

That’s all I’m going to say other than will you take this challenge?

Stuff Is All It Is


At the end of the day all we’ve acquired is a bunch of stuff. It may mean something to man, but it means nothing when it comes to departing this world. Nothing we acquire can go with us.

I was sitting feeling emotional due to the death of my co worker. As they pack his office, which happens to be right next to mine, it made me really think. We work to get what we want, need, and desire in life. Some people cut throat and have their dog eat dog mentality to get to the top, etc. The whole time, nothing we acquire benefits us in the end. Other people may benefit from it until they die, but the person who worked hard, cheated, schemed, or whatever to get it doesn’t benefit.

I’m only saying this because as sure as we live we will die. People are going about the hustle and bustle of their lives as if they aren’t going to take the same journey. One thing about me I know I will and therefore I accept it. Some people act as if they will live forever. News flash! You won’t!

People worry about their things/their stuff, but they don’t think about getting their spiritual houses in order. This stuff will be taken, sold, or given away, none of it will benefit us when we are gone. It’s very important people start thinking about getting their spiritual houses in order while they can. If you don’t then how you chose to live on this earth determines your eternal home. It’s no joke, it’s serious business.

None of us would have thought my co-worker would be gone, but he is. He was younger than me and not sick. Life can be taken in an instant. I mean in a second. Individuals must get ready now while they can. If it doesn’t matter to you, it’s your choice. However, if you want Heaven to be your home, then you have to live as if you do right now while you can. None of us knows what the next moment will bring.

Death comes for us all and it does not discriminate. It takes babies to the elderly. It takes the sick, the healthy, the poor, the rich, man, boy, woman, and girl of all races and populations. Jesus says He’s coming back “in a twinkling of an eye.” I’ve seen it so many times. We must be ready! I know we can’t be ready by knowing when it will happen, but we all can be ready by living for Jesus while we yet live.

Many people talk about it, but they are not about the business of Jesus. They do things so man can be pleased, yet they forget the Master sees it all. Those very people they are trying to please have to someday meet the Maker too! Get your minds and hearts right. Get them on Jesus, for He’s coming back sooner or later for us all. We all will have our turn! One thing for sure getting into Heaven isn’t based on what you’ve acquired on earth. You must be born again and you must do what the Lord has commanded us all to do! He didn’t discriminate nor did He have any respectable people. What was said was meant for us all!! We have a choice to choose or not to choose Jesus! If you love Him you will live for Him. Point blank! All of our curtains are going down day by day!

Being Grateful


I know sometimes it’s hard for people to be grateful. You must understand the impact of being grateful, thankful, and showing gratitude have on your lives. I didn’t always understand, but thank God for opened eyes!

As I looked back over my life, it makes me completely and totally grateful for every situation whether good or bad. It fills me with an abundance of joy. People won’t ever understand it when they are looking through the eyes of pain. When a person continues to live their lives looking through eyes of pain they keep themselves stuck in place. They are giving power to their situations and it prevents them from moving forward in life.

Nothing can tear us down ripping through to our souls if we don’t give it permission and power to do so. It may sounds outlandish, but I assure you it’s true. People must get better perspectives on things. You control how things affect you. What happens or has happened just simply happens. Some of it we can control while a lot of it we can’t. Regardless, how we allow it to affect our lives determines how it will affect our lives (get it)!

Through every obstacle, trial-error-tribulation, hard times, the good, the bad, and the ugly OR whatever you choose to label it, be grateful!

I promise you the tough lessons in life is what gives you what you need to grow and flourish. It gives you what you need to mature. It teaches you who you really are. It shows you how strong you are. It teaches you what you will or will not allow. It teaches you what you like and dislike. It teaches you the difference between wants and needs. It teaches you everything that looks good isn’t good for you. It teaches you nothing holds a relationship together other than effective communication and true love. It teaches you what others say to you or about you has no affect unless you choose for it too. It teaches you that you can choose to change or remain the same. it teaches you that in order to know how to love anyone and be happy, you must first love yourself and be happy with yourself. I can go on and on about what life lessons can teach us. Bottom line is if a person does not accept it within self for self they will continue to repeat the same things in life.

I know for a fact and without a shadow of a doubt it doesn’t just work for me, it works for anyone who believes. The only way in this life a person will live with peace within self is by not allowing the world (people and things) to control who they are, how they think, and how they feel. We must first love our self, forgive self, and re-gain power to free self from self.

If I acted like what I’ve gone through in this world I would be a complete mess. I chose to love me through it all. I chose to grow through it all. I chose to NOT give my power to people or things. I knew at an early age people will hurt you, but I also grew into the knowledge that they can only hurt you to the degree you allow.

People must learn anything and everything begins and ends with self. I’m speaking in terms of us living in this world as human beings. Reading my blogs you all know God, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are above everything to me, but next to it is myself. Every fiber in my being belongs to me and no one else. I may have came from someone else, but I am my own person. That is what I’m trying to convey here.

Individuals have for far too long given all of their power to others and to things (relationships, family, friends, material things, money, individuals, fame, fortune, statuses, titles, substances, alcohol, etc)when they have a choice not to. We teach others how to treat us! We give power to things to control us.

Whatever your experience has been, is, or will be always be grateful, because I promise you it is teaching you something for the better if you look at in differently. Most people look at it as bad, take it in as bad, and react badly to it, when we always have a choice to do otherwise.

You are wonderfully and uniquely made. What you possess only bellows to you, because it was only intended for you. I pray you decide for yourself to love you and become the best you, that you can be!

Control and Power Is Yours


It’s up to you what you allow in your life. I’m not saying you always have control of what happens, no! I’m not saying that at all, because life happens to us all. What I am saying is you have full control as to how you allow life and all it brings to affect you. Only you have the power to control this unless you give this power away.

The problem with most people is they freely give their power away. When a person do not take ownership and responsibility of who they are they fail self. The blame falls on no one other than the individual! It may seems like a lie, but I assure you it’s the truth!

People spend most of their lives blaming other people for their problems instead of trying to fix their lives. I will admit sometimes people can contribute to, but at the end of the day the responsbility falls on the individual. People contribute to how a person may think, feel, and act, because it’s what the individual gets accustomed to (what they learned), STILL yet, a person can and MUST choose to form their own thoughts and feelings in this life. What I mean is this; no matter what has happened to you, no matter how tragic, no matter who did it, how it affects your life depends on you! The memories and thoughts possesses and controls your life when you allow them to. People must free their minds of their wrong ways of thinking, no matter how they got that way.

A person can choose drugs, alcohol, sex, suicide, homicide, anger, bitterness, envy, hatred, jealousy, bad relationships, etc. etc, the choice is theirs or a person can choose to take their power and control into their own hands and not allow anyone or anything to control their life.

People do bad things to other people. It’s because they too need to face their issues. A lot of times it’s family and friends who will hurt you the most. It doesn’t matter who, what matters is how you’ve allowed it to affect your life. If people would grasp the fact what you give your energy and power to controls you; maybe they will decide to change their ways of thinking.

Memories are only as powerful as you make them. Most people are stuck by their own ways of thinking. They are literally prisoners to their own states of mind. Your memories forms your thoughts, but YOU have control as to how they affect you. Stop letting your thoughts consume you! You can’t control thoughts from coming, but you certainly can control how they affect your life. You can control the degree of power you give them. You can control the intensity of them. Anything you give your power to you give the power to control you!

The only way to heal from past pains is by facing them. Those pains causes many people the inability to properly function. People allow themselves to be consumed by all of the dark ugly things. Many people have allowed this built up ugliness to ruin their lives. They are filled with anger, hate, blame, and bitterness until it spills from the inside out into every facet of their lives doing nothing but destroying whatever in it’s path. This is because people allow all of the pent up stuff to consume them.

This is exactly why we see all of the racism (people hating and don’t have a clue as to why), road rage (people are on the attack when the situation isn’t the problem the angry individual is their own problem), senseless killings (out of pent up anger, wrong ways of thinking and feeling) suicides (due to their thoughts and feelings they let consume them), doing things they think are in secret (when there are no secrets), lying-faking-pretending (when it doesn’t fix the problem), bad choices and decisions made by people all over the world.

People get into bad relationships based off of their thoughts and feelings. People seek love in the wrong ways, wrong places, and from the wrong people based on their thoughts and feelings. People pressure and try to force others into relationships with them based on their thoughts and feelings. People do things they wouldn’t normally do to please others bases on their thoughts and feelings. People hold in unnecessary junk based on their thoughts and feelings. People are angry, bitter, jealous, hating, etc based on their thoughts and feelings. People give their power and control away to how they think, feel, and act! Think about it, if you’re thinking the wrong way, don’t you think all of the decisions and choices you make will be based on how you think and feel? They will!

The ONLY way people can heal from it all is by changing how they allow things to affect them. No one can do this if they don’t first change their negative/wrong ways of thinking. It’s YOUR life! Love you enough to want the best for yourself. Guess what if you don’t love yourself you’re failing yourself AND it’s clear you are giving your power and control to your wrong ways of thinking. This wrong way of thinking and feeling allows you to give your power to people and things.

We are going into another year! Today make a choice to love you! Seek love in yourself, before you seek it in ANY other human being. Forgive yourself and embrace this new coming year with the greatest passion. Your power and control ONLY belongs to you! Take it!!! Take it by being intentional, aware, and consistent in what you are thinking and how you allow it to affect you in every single situation. Say NO to your negative thoughts and ways of thinking. You must be aware of what you’re doing to self. This phenomenal change starts with you. Start right now! You can re-gain your power and control. Once you do, never give it away again! Remember all any of us has is this moment we are living right now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t promised. All we will ever have is the present moment! We can’t live in the past it’s gone. We can plan for the future, but can’t live in the future until it gets here. By the way once it’s here it ends up as the present. We can only actually live in the present!