Anointing and Emotions; Gifts and Talents


I wrote about this a couple of years ago. Time goes fast it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Therefore, I wanted to revisit this topic. I’ve mentioned before that I am a gospel singer/songwriter and the things I see and heard by people who profess to be Saints of God made me want to revisit this topic.

A lot of people think because they can sing or speak well they are supposed to be pastors, etc. This isn’t true. The only people who are supposed to be pastors are those who are called by God. As Saints of God, we should all be messengers, but definitely NOT pastors. In my personal opinion, I believe that is one of the biggest problems in churches today. People are preaching God’s word who aren’t called to do so. If a person is called from God they will be qualified to do what they do, they would stand on the Word of God, and they will certainly TRULY live the life. A lot of pastors are about their business, but not God’s business and it shows in how they run their churches and by what they allow in their churches. Too many people who are becoming leaders in the churches of today are elected by man and NOT God. This is a big reason a lot of shenanigans are taking place in churches today. Worldly people are becoming pastors allowing worldly things in their churches. People who are sincere and going for the right reasons can’t get what they need, because too much of the world is now inside the churches of today. This isn’t the work of God!

I’ve seen many people who sings beautifully and it touches you. However, it is NOT the anointing! It is emotions! People are able to relate to the words of a song which moves them to tears. It is not because of the anointing of the person singing the song. How can a person be anointed when they are doing everything against God. Sounding good and being able to motivate a crowd doesn’t mean a person is anointed by God. It appalls me when I hear people say he or she are anointed singers, when they are hypocrites! I’m only writing on what I’ve seen personally. I know the lifestyle these people lead and therefore I know no way it’s the anointing. I’m not judging, I’m telling the truth!

The same with gifts and talents. People use the words loosely, but don’t have the true understanding. A person may be gifted by man’s definition of what being gifted means, but it has nothing to do with spiritual gifts at all. In the Bible it speaks specifically of 9 Gifts of the Spirit and 9 Fruits of the Spirit. There is nothing wrong with people saying someone is gifted, however people need to understand it is a talent they are very good at, but it isn’t a spiritual gift.

I won’t list the Gifts of the Spirit or the Fruits of the Spirit. I think if a person doesn’t know what they are, this is great opportunity to study the Fruits of the Spirit so to apply them in your life. Pray for the Gifts of the Spirit and walk in them through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We can either go through life ONLY receiving what is being taught in the churches or we can develop our own individual relationships with Jesus the Son and God the Father. We must know Jesus and God for ourselves, and the Holy Spirit will keep us as we walk daily in the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. Your leaders can’t get you into Heaven and they can’t save your soul. Stop worshipping the creature and start worshipping and praising the Creator. Individually we must develop a personal and daily relationship with Jesus the Son and God the Father, then allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide. Remember the Word says, the ONLY way to the Father is through the Son!

Study the Word of God for yourselves it will enlighten you to what is and what isn’t lining up with God’s Word in churches today. Unfortunately a lot of what is taking place in today’s churches isn’t lining up with God’s Word. No matter what or who, the journey is an individual journey. We all must individually stand before God for ourselves, no one can do it for us!


It’s Unbelievable to the Unbeliever


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “no one is that holy.” I think it’s a sad shame I hear this from the mouth’s of people who call themselves God’s children. The ONLY reason so called believers would say something so foolish is because they are really unbelievers. They “profess with their mouth’s but their hearts are far from the Lord.” They say all of the right things, but they are “putting on a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof.” They are fake Saints. People must stop pretending for man, because man has to stand before God! If you’re going to live HOLY then live HOLY, stop fronting, because it’s going to get you a for sure seat in hell.

If people don’t stop playing with the Son of God and God the Father they will be turned over to reprobate minds. This basically means God has given a person up to self; your will, your way; to continue to do what you want to do. While He gives chances to get it right, people need to take heed. Being turned over to a reprobate mind is an awful thing and the consequence is death if a person doesn’t change their ways and get right with God.

People can choose to live right if they want too. Those who have turned away never was really connected the way they claimed to be. This is why there will be a “great falling away” of so called God’s children. These people will be easily deceived. It’s the devil’s business to get us all off course if he could. He wants to destroy us all in ways he hopes keeps people from choosing Jesus. He makes things look good those things are nothing but death and damnation.

Your heart being in the right place, doesn’t mean you’re doing right! Everyday people do good for a form of show, but they don’t mean for one second what they do. It’s all a form of show and performance for the eyes of man to see. What about what God sees?

Everyday people say God knows my heart, they are EXACTLY right. He does and no matter how people pretend He knows they are FAKE! He sees through those smoke screens. Forms of Godliness will not get it! It’s like an old gospel song says ninety-nine and a half won’t do!

My experience has been when you give so called people of God a message about Jesus they have an attitude, they get offended, they’re mad, they talk about you, they are afraid to speak up, they say no one is that holy, they say you’re judging, they say no one is perfect, and a host of other things. I will tell you why. It is because these so called Saints are not who they pretend to be; period!! They talk it, but they sure don’t walk it! They’ve played church for so long they’ve become replications of True Saints. They’ve learned the behaviors and actions of True Saints and now are able to mimic them. Silly, God knows the truth!!!

People who don’t believe they can live a holy life are NOT true believers. No way they can be real in their walk. People who are real in their walk, they aren’t just hearers of the Word they are doers. They live to please Jesus for real; it’s not a game to them, because they know playing with God leads to destruction.

To live holy becomes a lifestyle, it becomes second nature. People who don’t believe are so called Saint’s who can’t fathom the thought; living holy is possible. It is possible!! People don’t want to give up their ways or this world. They don’t want to stop putting everything before God. Why??? It’s because they don’t REALLY believe! You simply can’t act the way you used to act, do the things you used to do, go the places you used to go, speak the way you used to speak, even dress the way you used to dress(many don’t want to believe they need to dress differently, women still want their dresses up their butts, boobs out, and skin tight clothes, but if you’re really changed your hearts will be convicted when wearing that type of attire); and be a new creature. No way on earth! People want to mesh everything together making excuses as to why they are doing what they do. An excuse is all it is! I didn’t say be separated, Jesus did! You can’t intertwine walking with Jesus and the world in no shape, form, or fashion.

Everything about a person changes when they become a doer of the Word of God. Nothing is the same, because true Saints know they aren’t their own, they belong to God. They are new creatures living for Jesus the Son and God the Father. So to those of you who are continuing to make excuses, one day you won’t have a chance to utter another excuse.

Thin but Distinctive Line Between Evil and Mental


Listen people please trust and believe, if you’re fixated on particular thoughts and they are constantly in your head YOU HAVE GIVEN POWER TO THEM! No matter what they are, if they are constantly swirling around in your head it means you’re pondering over them. All thoughts aren’t bad, this post is about the bad/negative thoughts.

If it’s wrong YOU KNOW IT’S WRONG! Please, please, please check yourself! Please re-evaluate your ways of thinking. If you are fixated on the thoughts and they dictate your actions then you are possessed by this negativity. It will consume you and cause you to commit and submit to doing something you know is wrong.

There is so much going on in this world. People are doing foolish things every second of the day. Some days it seems as if people in the world have gone completely mad. God reminds me there is a difference between a person being mental and a person being possessed by evil! The world don’t want to deal with evil, because people are afraid to admit it exists. People are accepting when it comes to movies, but they don’t REALLY believe it’s real!

People who can’t get over bad thoughts are possessed by something not of God. God is love and He doesn’t dwell in darkness at all. He is the light in the darkness if people believe! If not they are consumed by their darkness! If something causes a person do anything wrong they are inhabited by something evil. It has consumed their thoughts, because the person has opened the door for it to come into their life in some form or another. A person’s thoughts fuels their feelings and behaviors.

Think about this:

Guns have handles, but no hands, and bullets have no eyes. The gun will lie wherever you laid it down until you pick it up. People must think about what they’re doing and STOP just doing! If there’s a thought in your head telling you to harm someone it is a BAD thought! If it’s something you’ve been thinking about go get HELP! Talk to someone about what’s bothering you! If you can’t let it go evil has entered your body through freewill and it is controlling you. Please seek help before you do something you can’t undo! This is the same for ANY weapon!

Alcohol and drugs can’t miraculously pour into a person’s body. People pick it up and induce it in some form or another. It’s done by free will. If it controls you it possesses you! It has consumed you. It is evil which has taken over your body of free will. In some way you have subjected yourself to it and it has caused you to submit to it! It is your god!

Lusts of the flesh comes in all forms. Most people think it means only sex, no this is incorrect. Sex is one form of lusts of the flesh. However, it also involves a plethora of other things; which by the way are ALL a form of evil. People don’t want to accept it, but it’s true. People entertain demons everyday without a second thought. They don’t realize the magnitude of what they are doing or the implications of their behaviors.

In case you don’t understand lusts of the flesh. It includes ALL sexual indulgences (sexual immorality of many forms such as fornication, adultery, bestiality, pedophilia, sodomy, homosexuality, etc), food addiction, alcohol & drug addictions, idolatry (people, objects, other things), greed (money, material things), I hope you get the understanding I’m trying to relay in this message!

Absolutely ANYTHING which has control over you is a form of possession. If you let the devil in he will come in and take over! People are walking around possessed and they are succumbing left and right without a fight. The devil is rejoicing over all of his angels building up his army.

It’s real! This is why people are committing such hideous acts! It’s pure evil controlling the minds and hearts of people in this world. This is why the world has so many people filled with hate. It’s darkness from evil!

People are suicidal and homicidal day in and day out! Their minds and hearts are controlled by evil. I know people will be upset over me adding suicide in it. You think you’re the only one been hurt by suicide? I have too! Again, anything that controls your thoughts consumes and control you. Would you categorize it as something good? No it’s negative! It’s a form of evil possession which has taken control. The devil wants to kill your body, mind, and soul. He wants to steal your lives, because he knows he HAS to go back to hell, therefore he wants to take as many with him as he can. He wants to destroy the hearts and minds of as many people as he can.

Suicidal and homicidal people aren’t born like that! They develop the tendencies and behaviors either through traumatic events they experienced or things they’ve seen others do. They develop certain mindsets through things they have been a part of whether willfully or forced upon them. It forms into something dark! It consumes and takes over the minds of many.

What baffles me is this; Society is quick to say someone is mentally instable. Ask yourself an honest question. Have you EVER seen a mentally unstable person? If you have you can CLEARLY tell they are incapable of the mental capacity to devise elaborate plans to harm people. Their minds don’t even work that way! Those who do are inflicted by evil, period! There is a thin but DESTINTIVE line between mental and evil.

Evil inhabits people through many different ways. It enters by the freewill of people. People welcome it in somehow by the lives they lead (thoughts-beliefs, feelings, behaviors (sex, drugs, alcohol, anger, fear, anxiety). When people are dealing with issues of their pasts and they can’t seem to move on, they are inhabited by this darkness which can lead people down dark paths into the unimaginable and unthinkable.

I’ve deal with many who have committed suicide and or homicide. I’ve dealt with many who can’t move on from issues of their pasts. You name it, I’ve probably dealt with it. This is why I know what I’m writing about. It happens to different people, but all of the hosts deals with the same types of things.

It can happen to anyone, even you and I if we don’t keep our minds and hearts on Jesus. The devil is on a mission.

Fixated on what you Got, Instead of What got you


This very thing will land many into lake of brimstone and fire (HELL). People are too worried about what they have or what they can get. Their thoughts and passions are for what they can accomplish, acquire, or obtain. People are lost in their desires to gain all the possessions the world has to offer. Some will do it at any or all cost. Realization is you gain the world, but the price will be to lose your souls.

People are into how big their homes are, how much money in their accounts, or the cars they drive. If they don’t have their own, they will connect with people to get out of them what they can. They are willing to step on toes, feet, and even heads to get what they want. They will stab you in the back and then steal someone else’s knife and stab you with that one too!

They are liars, false prophets, hearers of the Word only, fake Saints, deceivers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, Jezebel spirits, and you name it! All they care about is the association of Jesus the Son and God the Father by name and name alone. They have forms of Godliness denying the power thereof. They have studied and therefore have learned to mimic the behaviors and actions of true Saints.

Most are working diligently towards material prosperity and NOT spiritual prosperity. They want to be big shots! They are vain and puffed up by people. They love to hear people chant their names. They speak in inaudible fake tongues, even God Himself can’t understand the foolishness from their lips. They pretend to live Holy, yet they are double-minded.

You know who you are, you know what you are, and you know to whom you truly belong. You may deceive some people, but you’re not deceiving them all and you’re certainly NOT deceiving Jesus the Son or God the Father! You will find yourselves on roller skates and a slippery road straight into the pit of hell. Don’t get caught living this way when the Master comes. He’s coming like a thief in the night!

The Bible says people will love the world more than they love God. It is definitely true! People are so focused on what they got and not on what got them! Some will kill, steal, or destroy others to get it (with no remorse or shame). They are possessed by their desires of this world. Anything having control over you possesses you! If you love it more than God; it is your god!

People need to understand with no doubt once you leave this world you can’t take NOTHING with you. Concerns should be of eternal life with the King. If not your eternal life will be with whom you chose; your master Satan! As I’ve said and written before, Satan can’t put a person in hell, people choose it freely.

The choice is always yours to make, but remember your choice will make the difference between life and death! Make the right one, before it’s too late!

Leader or not What’s in the Heart Comes out


A real leader is servant first and they know how to lead by example. Regardless of what position a person holds it DOESN’T mean they are qualified to hold it. It doesn’t mean they have the skills or ability to lead. I see it every single day. I also saw it a lot as a soldier. I’ve written and said a million times you can put ANYONE in ANY position; status NOR money WILL change the type of heart a person has. The type of heart a person has will ALWAYS eventually show who you’re really dealing with! People can hide who they are from others until who they really are surfaces to the top. Whether good or bad; what’s inside is coming out one way or another!

A person who isn’t capable of leading properly can cause chaos for those around them; which ultimately leads to division. “A divided house can not stand.” When some people get into certain positions they think they are above the law and even God. Many people heads are in clouds, because they think they are untouchable. It’s straight vanity. God doesn’t appreciate vainness. One thing for sure (what goes up MUST come down) just as what’s in the heart WILL eventually come out!

Too many people are in positions with messed up and cold hearts. Many of these individuals are in positions of authority and power. They love controlling and having authority over others, because it gratifies them. They are individuals with a multitude of issues. They spew seeds of division amongst people. Why? It’s because of their hearts. These types of people have issues which has caused them to be the way they are and many of them think the way they are is okay. Wrong!

Sadly society is fixated on the positions people hold and NOT whether or not people are capable of holding the positions they are in. If you’re a broken person how on earth can you lead others? It’s like the blind leading the blind. The outcome is division and oftentimes destruction in the lives of others. Bottom line is as the Bible says “how can the blind lead the blind less they both fall in the ditch.”

In this world messed up individuals are embedded throughout the world in different positions; some are positions of power while others are not. They love control and authority and are oftentimes demanding of respect; yet gives none. The outcome is always the same (division, chaos, and drama). The heart will NOT change unless people choose to change their ways of thinking. These people were directly taught distorted and wrongs of thinking or either they developed distorted and wrongs of thinking due to past issues. They move along in and out of positions with the same messed up mentalities. They prey on others, especially those they see as weak and vulnerable.

There are a lot of people with hidden agendas. They get into positions to play out their hidden agendas. Certain positions allows them access to do just that! What’s in the heart will always come out of you! It only lays dormant until it rises to the surface. People can’t contain their demons. What’s in is coming out!

Doomsday Prophecies


Don’t let them scare you! No one knows the day or the hour for which God shall appear. The Bible says Jesus doesn’t even know when this will happen; so please how can any man? Keep your peace and keep trusting the Word of God. People have destroyed the world many times over, yet we’re still here.

People think they’ve figured out when the end of the world will happen, NOT SO! Read the Bible it tells us exactly what will happen before Jesus appears. Stop believing man!

People are trying desperately to unlock the mysteries of our universe and our world. They will NEVER do so, because this is the way God wanted it to be. When it’s time He will reveal all He has for us. Until then, don’t worry or fret about any doomsday prophecies. Besides, you can run, but you can’t hide! Those people who think they can hide are sadly mistaken, underground is the worst place a person can be when the world is destroyed. The Bible says He will send in plagues. People should stop thinking they are more powerful and wiser than Jesus the Son and God the Father. No one is above God!

Keep your eyes on the Creator and NOT the creature!!!!

Afraid or Ashamed, Then you Don’t Know Him


As a true Saint oftentimes you will have to stand alone. If you’re afraid to stand alone, then you should check your walk. If you’re afraid to speak the truth, then you should check your walk. If you’re afraid now, I feel sorry for you, because what’s coming will shake people to their core, so if you’re unable to stand now, you won’t be able to stand when your faith is truly tested. This is why many will fall away! Things in this world are not going to get better, they will only become worse.

Many people will walk away, because they aren’t ready for your lifestyle. Let them walk! No matter how hard it seems, how it looks, how it feels, stick and stand on the Word of God! Those who walk away are supposed to walk away, they aren’t good for you anyhow. Those people will sometimes be family and friends. You all know I’m an advocate of loving them from a distance. You help them if they need help, but you keep it moving. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Keep praying for them!

People must learn to activate and work the power Jesus has given to us all, if we believe, accept it, and use it. It’s like anything else, the more you work it, the stronger it becomes. Don’t worry about what those around you will say or is saying. Live your life in a way knowing without a doubt you’ve secured your seat in the Kingdom! People will do all kinds of things against you; still stand on the truth and the Word of God!

Times are at hand! God is showing us signs and wonders He promised would be coming. People still are choosing to act as if it’s all a big game. It is not a game, yet people are playing games with their lives they will NEVER win! People freely live their lives against God, yet for the devil; when the devil cares nothing about them. The devil is doing what he’s here on earth to do (kill, steal, and destroy). He already knows his seat is designated in the pits of Hell and his plan is devised where many will foolishly choose to accompany him there. He can’t put people in Hell, people choose hell on their own. The devil just trick people into it! He is the father of lies and deceit. He’s seeking whom he can devour and he’s doing exactly that! He make things appear good, but ANYTHING against God isn’t good or good for you!

The Bible says “watch and pray and it also says “guard your heart.” My prayer is Saints of God stand on the Word of God and live for the truth! Don’t be afraid, because there is no fear in Jesus. Don’t be ashamed, because He said “if you’re ashamed to own me before man, I’ll be ashamed to own you before my Father in Heaven. Bottom line, either you’re for Him or against Him. There’s no such thing as a closet Saint. If you think there is, then THINK AGAIN! If you’re sugarcoating, watering down the Word, and pretending for man, then you’re NOT a true Saint of God! “A house divided against itself will fall!”