When Someone Talks About You


When someone talks about you what they say can’t hurt you unless you choose for it to hurt you. The old saying is really true “hurt people hurt people.” People who always having something negative to say are negative people. They are filled with old issues they’ve carried around for a life time. They’ve allowed the bitterness to build and fester inside. The only way they’ve learned to cope is by lashing out at other people.

You can’t please negative people. To them you’re never good enough no matter how good you are. This is why I’m always encouraging people to stand on their own and believe in self. Some of the people who should be the most influential are those we love the most. Unfortunately they are often the ones who tries to hurt us the most.

Words can hurt if we allow. A physical wound heals and sometimes the scar goes completely away and is often forgotten. However, those ugly words can get in deep inside of us and lie dormant. People hold on to them as if there’s a benefit to holding on to the negativity. Don’t be this person! It doesn’t matter what was said, you’re not who they say you are UNLESS you believe it. If you believe it this normally means you already have other things inside which has caused you to lose self confidence and self esteem. It also means somewhere along the way you’ve given away your power. If you give it people will most definitely take it!

I’m very selective about who I allow in my life. I’m very selective about who I call my friend. I have studied people for many years and I know they will look you in the face and smile, but they will stabbed you in the back. I know people will say they love you when they know they don’t. I know they can’t stand you for who you are and they will do or say anything to bring you down. I know they will say negative things about you in trying to break you. I know they are offended when you are different from them. The list goes on and on and on. None of it matters! What matters is what you think of yourself!

Never ever give anyone the power to bring you down because of the words they’ve spoken to you or about you. If you do they’ll do it every chance they get, because they know it hurts you. Know your value and self worth; when you do what others think of you means a whole lot less.

Always remember people (regardless of who they may be) who intentionally hurt you are hurt people who have unresolved issues. This doesn’t mean what they do is okay, just approach it a different way and do not let it cause a rip in your soul. Be blessed and know you’re uniquely you and don’t let anyone else make you feel otherwise!


Standing on Your own Oftentimes Means Standing Alone


I wanted to encourage someone this morning who may be going through their moments of feeling alone. I realize for some it seems like a lifetime, but I’m here to tell you you’re not alone, there are many people who feel like you. I’ve been there myself time and time again. However, for me I know who stands with me through it all. I know to the natural eye I look alone and if a person is caught up in that, they will feel alone. I know I’m never alone because spiritually I’m always surrounded my God’s love. I know the Holy Spirit is there as my comforter and my guide. It’s hard for a lot of people to comprehend and really I don’t expect them too, especially if they aren’t on that type of spiritual level.

Remember, no matter what you’re going through do NOT lean to your own understanding. No matter what it look or feel like do NOT lean to your own understanding. Trust Jesus to be exactly who He say He is, and when the going gets tough; keep right on praying, trusting, and believing! We wasn’t put on this earth to have a peaches and cream day everyday. We are going to have some hard times. During those times hold fast and strong to your faith in God and in yourself!

I’ve been different all of my life, I’ve felt an outcast all of my life in many situations to include work, church, family, and friends. I love all people, but all people don’t love me. I honestly don’t care who it is I have NEVER ever allowed it to hinder me or cause me any form of stagnation. I haven’t always been as close to Jesus the Son and God the Father as I am now, but even when I wasn’t and was too immature to know it; He had me covered! He kept me time and time again! Through my darkness times, He was there for me, loving me, and keeping me strong EVEN when I didn’t know it was Him.

If I was the type of person who relied on others for my joy, peace, and happiness I would have given up a long time ago. Thank God Almighty He made me the way He did. I thank Him for given me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding even when I didn’t know what it was He had given me. I only sensed being different.

I’ve been around people from all walks of life both in country and out of country, yet I’ve never been one to conform to others to be a part of the group. If you like me fine, if you don’t fine. I don’t give anyone or anything the power to cause me pain and suffering. I know exactly how to let go and let God work it out for me. Trust and believe I’ve gone through enough to be angry and full of pain, but thank God Almighty at an early age I had this something inside of me that kept and made me strong.

To anyone who may need this on today, stand tall and know that NO MATTER what you’re going through you’re NEVER alone. If being alone is what you’re focused on and if it’s what’s always on your mind you will most definitely begin to feel some kind of negative way about it. It will cause other issues for you, issues you don’t need.

I think it’s VERY important people do not lean and depend on others to a point of breakdown if the support isn’t there. Individually we must learn to stand on our own and believe in self. There will be many let downs by others. There will be many days we aren’t supported by others. If we don’t allow others to dictate our happiness, joy, peace, then they certainly can’t take it from us!! Stand, EVEN IF IT SEEMS YOU’RE STANDING ALONE!

Mixing and Mingling


I know lately I’ve been writing a lot about choosing death or hell as our eternal home. The reason I am constantly writing about this is because it is a personal choice and many people freely are choosing their eternal home as hell. No one has to make this choice yet millions are when they choose NOT to stop doing what they are doing.

As always many of my posts are about people who are professing to be true Saints of Gods and those who really are. If you don’t believe it is your choice, I’m really not here to convince anyone otherwise. I’m only trying to remind people of the way to the Father is through the Son. Those who are sincere in their walks understands the many posts I’ve been writing, because as a Saint of God it is our duty to keep trying to reach as many people who will receive. It is our duty to play our parts.

My greatest sorrow is to know people are losing their souls to gain the world when it has nothing to offer other than death. I know it seems fun and full of glitz and glamour, but at the end of the road there isn’t a rainbow; instead death awaits. Everyone chose what they choose, but most don’t understand the detrimental consequences of their choices. I’m not trying to frightened anyone, I’m simply telling you the truth according to the Word of God.

People constantly talk of being judged and of not being perfect, yet in the end neither will be used as a get out of hell free card. No sir, no madam; it doesn’t work that way. Every opportunity we get to live is another beautiful day to choose eternal life!

As true Saints of God we unequivocally can’t mix and mingle with the ways of the world and think it’s okay, it is NOT! The Bible tells us we must separate ourselves. All of this bringing the world into the churches of today to reach youngsters is a crock of lies! You talking about excuses that’s all it is, no way in the world is the mess going on in churches today alright or right period!! People are falling for any and everything, because they aren’t standing for nothing! They are as I always say; like leaves in the wind. They go with whatever sounds or feels right to them at the time.

There is so much mess in churches today, people aren’t understanding, because instead of seeking understanding they are too busy being a part of the mess going on! They would rather be a party to the mess rather than to stand against it. This is why it’s very important people read, know, understand, and live by the Word of God for self! People aren’t getting what they need in churches today, because too many of the churches have brought the world to their sanctuaries. People aren’t seeing any difference between the world and the churches. This isn’t the will of God. Jesus doesn’t conform to the ways of the world or to people. We are to conform to Jesus and His ways! No matter how much people proclaim Jesus or put His name to a song, in their sermons, etc, if you’re doing things against Him, then you’re against the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

I don’t care how double minded a person is ANY day someone gets to see is a day to straighten up and get it right! If they continue to do what they do, they may very well lose their soul. This would be very sad!

We must be different, no way on this earth can we choose Jesus and live for Him yet be the same! No way, it’s impossible! We should become peculiar people, because we are supposed to be new creatures. When people willfully want to mix and mingle with the world it’s clear they aren’t sincere in their walk. They are strong in their talk, but weak in their walk! I don’t care how much they proclaim to be sincere they aren’t. People must want to change, when a person really wants to change they will. When a person really changes, their ways will change. Once you’re truly living for Jesus you don’t want any parts of the world any longer. If you do you must check yourself!!

Please stop playing games with your lives before it’s too late!!

To be a new Creature you Must let Things go


There is absolutely no way around it. To become new in Christ, you must be willing to give up this world. The first step is accepting Jesus as your personal Savior (Romans 10:9), then you must seek Him in all you do and allow the Holy Spirit to lead so you can grow. We must seek after Him day and night. Our minds and hearts must be renewed daily.

Many people want to profess and proclaim they are about Jesus the Son and God the Father. However, their walk tells the whole truth. No one and I do mean no one can serve both Jesus and the adversary, the devil. The problem is many are trying to do this very thing! They turn on their holiness when they know certain people are watching or when they’re around certain people (church, etc), yet outside of it they live any kind of way. They still party, curse like they know no other way to speak, addicted to all kinds of sins of the flesh (sex, drugs, alcohols, etc), fornicating, committing adultery, killing, stealing, etc. They do all of these things and a host of others. Yet they pretend to be in love with Jesus. According to the Word of God, it’s impossible to love Him if you’re doing these things!

When you’re truly in love with Jesus you will live what you profess. Everyday of a person’s life, if they love Jesus they will strive daily to walk in holiness. It’s not about us, it’s all about allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in the way we should go. It’s all about submitting and committing to Jesus.

Those of us who are truly living for Jesus Christ become new creatures. Everything about us changes. When the devil try to attack we know through the Holy Spirit how to stand firm and tall against his tricks. We get flashes of our pasts even though we are forgiven. I believe it’s a reminder of what we came from and not to go back to. We get thoughts, but we know any thought against the flesh is against Jesus the Son, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, therefore we quickly put away any foolishness.

I say these things because we are still flesh and bone. If I say nothing ever rises against our flesh, I would be lying. It does, but the difference is as a true Saint of God we dismiss those things. We do not fall subject to those things. Although we are human flesh and bones in this natural body, we have to walk with and in the Spirit, there’s no other way we can make it. Living for Jesus is as easy as anything else. The deeper you go, the stronger and more powerful you become. Jesus gave us power to do things, we must believe it and activate the power within us through the Holy Spirit. This walk isn’t something you pick up and put down at will. You must walk it every single day, all day. Your mind and heart must be about the business of Jesus the Son and God the Father.

We can’t be double minded, because there is no place in God’s Kingdom for double minded people. We must give up our old ways and become new in all of our ways. This sometimes mean letting go of certain people in our lives. I’m not saying we don’t love, but I am saying, if they choose the world, we can’t put ourselves in predicaments causing us to falter or fall. Therefore we have to let them go so they don’t put stumbling blocks and obstacles in our way.

As true Saints of God, the irrefutable truth is we must let go the things of the world. In these times people will love the world more than they do God. The Bible says we shouldn’t love the things of the world. This is why it’s so hard for people to submit and commit to Jesus. They are lovers of this world. No matter if the consequences are death, many still choose the ways of the world. Honestly, my belief is if people TRULY believed they would choose Jesus. They wouldn’t play or pretend, they would undoubtedly choose Jesus. If they really believed in Heaven and hell, they would choose Jesus.

It’s all about choices, people will choose what they love the most. No matter in their minds if they believe they love Jesus, if they flip flop, then they DON’T really love Jesus. Don’t be mad at me, be mad at yourself for your choices. I didn’t make it up, it’s in the Word. You’re either for Him or against Him, there’s no in between. There’s no I’m for Him today, but later on this afternoon, I’m doing me. No it doesn’t work this way. This is a flip flopper, a double minded person. Bottom line, these types of people don’t REALLY love Jesus and they certainly aren’t living for Him. I’m not trying to judge anyone, I’m trying to help people with the unadulterated truth. Time out for watering down and sugarcoating!

Something I saw on social media yesterday I want to write about. There was a picture of people in church and then a picture of people doing other things. The caption said; it’s going to be something when the ones you think will be in Heaven will be in hell and those you think will be in Hell will be in Heaven. This is my opinion; man is looking through the natural eye. They see what people portray to them and they take it as gospel. Although a person may sit in church Sunday after Sunday, may be some form of a church leader, or whatever they claim, etc, etc, it means absolutely nothing. They may or may not living the life. They know if they are and they know if they aren’t; it isn’t a surprise to them. Those who truly are living according to God’s Word will make it others will not. Acting Holy and living true Holiness are two different things. Those who were doing worldly things (whether they go to church or not), will absolutely go to hell IF they do not change their ways. The choice is ours to make, point blank, and the end!!!

Is Your Living in Vain


Many people are claiming to love Jesus so much, yet clearly don’t have their priorities straight. As I’ve mentioned many times before, there is nothing wrong with material possessions as long as you’re not possessed and obsessed by those things. There is nothing wrong with material prosperity as long as your main focus is spiritual prosperity! Everything you obtain will mean nothing in the end. All of the treasures we lay up on this earth will be left and used by someone else.

People are so into trying to obtain fame and fortune, they forget the most important thing, which is putting God first. They are puffed up by their accomplishments. They get big headed and begin to make things about self. They become their own gods and gods to people.

God nor His Son Jesus are impressed by what you have, because if your life isn’t first about Jesus, nothing you have is worth a thing. You can have what the world considers as “having it all.” Yet, truth is you have nothing if you don’t have Jesus and are living for Him! There’s way more to the process of being a Saint of God than to simply say you have Jesus in your life. It’s vain talk if you’re not living it! Too many proudly talk it, but don’t walk it. Your living is in vain!

People foolishly seek after the worldly possessions, gaining the whole world ONLY to lose their souls in the end. They strive to be all of that in the eyes of man. The same people you’re trying to stand on a pedal stool for will be on bending knees same as you some day!

God surely isn’t pleased or impressed by what you have obtained. It’s great in the eyes of man and it’s great to you, but He’s not impressed! The Bible says ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” We seek after things of the flesh, (those things pleasing in the eye sight of man), but God knows exactly what we need.

We are all getting older, no one is getting younger. People of the world are running amok. They are scattered about like leaves in the wind doing everything unpleasing in the sight of Jesus the Son and God the Father. The Holy Spirit can’t lead them, because they only proclaim Jesus from their lips, but as the Bible says “their hearts are from them.”

People must turn to Jesus before it’s too late! Time is running out!

He is Still on the Throne, Prayer Still Works


I know in these days and times a lot of people are discouraged, but don’t be, because God is still in the business of answering prayers. The Bible says “faith without works is dead.” You must have faith that Jesus will do what He says He will do! Prayers aren’t always answered right away, matter of fact, most times they aren’t answered right away. However, He always answers our prayers in one way or another. It’s not always as we would like, but nevertheless He knows what’s best for us.

I encourage you my sisters and brothers in Christ to stay strong! Don’t look at your problems, rather look at your praise! No matter how hard, no matter what it is, keep giving Him the praise! In this life we will constantly go through our hills and valleys, but He’s the God of those hills and valleys. You’re not alone!

We all go through and we will do so until our time on this earth is over. People can grow as they go through or they can allow their struggles to defeat them. Everything we go through is a testimony of strength and endurance for other people. It is also a reminder to us to see where He has brought us through!

Nothing in life is easy, sometimes it seems harder when you’re living for Jesus the Son and God the Father. It’s because the devil is always looking for soldiers especially those who have given their lives to Jesus and are living for Him. Sometimes it makes you cry out, Lord, Lord. Sometimes it makes you feel as if you can’t make it, but trust me you can and you will! The devil is here to “steal, kill, and destroy.” Our God in Heaven is here to “give us life and life more abundantly.” Life can be hard, it can deal some heavy blows, YOU can take it and definitely make it, because you belong to the God who sits high and looks low!

Don’t allow doubt and discouragement to rob you of what God has for you! Jesus and our Father God wants us to stay strong and not be discouraged. We shouldn’t doubt either, we must believe He is who He say He is! The devil and his soldiers are doing everything they can to attack God’s children. They are going after our physical bodies, our mental states of minds, and our very souls. They want to destroy God’s children. My sisters and brothers the devil is a defeated foe under your feet. You have the power to give him a TKO in the name of Jesus!

If you don’t believe you have power you will act as if you don’t and ultimately render yourselves powerless against the tricks of the enemy. The Holy Spirit is here to lead and guide God’s people, but we must walk always by “faith and not by sight.” Don’t wait until you’re going through something to activate your power. Use the power Jesus gave us and allow the Holy spirit to work in you and through you. Seek Jesus in all you do. Stand strong against the attacks of the enemy. Be a true warrior for Jesus, because one day He’s coming back and He’s going to be ready for battle. Stand strong, stay strong, and continue to stay on the side of the Great and Mighty King Jesus. One day you will hear Him say “well done my good and faithful servant.” I don’t know about you, but that is what I want to hear Him tell me.

The Bible says “watch and pray.” We have to continue to stay prayed up! We must pray without cease. God is still on the throne and He’s still in charge and control. Don’t think otherwise, because if you do it’s a way the devil can get into your mind and try to take over. “Resist the devil and he will flee.” I won’t say he’s not coming back again and again, but I do say KEEP RIGHT ON RESISTING! Stay in the race and your reward will be great!! Keep holding on, keep believing, and keep trusting in Jesus!

Anointing and Emotions; Gifts and Talents


I wrote about this a couple of years ago. Time goes fast it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Therefore, I wanted to revisit this topic. I’ve mentioned before that I am a gospel singer/songwriter and the things I see and heard by people who profess to be Saints of God made me want to revisit this topic.

A lot of people think because they can sing or speak well they are supposed to be pastors, etc. This isn’t true. The only people who are supposed to be pastors are those who are called by God. As Saints of God, we should all be messengers, but definitely NOT pastors. In my personal opinion, I believe that is one of the biggest problems in churches today. People are preaching God’s word who aren’t called to do so. If a person is called from God they will be qualified to do what they do, they would stand on the Word of God, and they will certainly TRULY live the life. A lot of pastors are about their business, but not God’s business and it shows in how they run their churches and by what they allow in their churches. Too many people who are becoming leaders in the churches of today are elected by man and NOT God. This is a big reason a lot of shenanigans are taking place in churches today. Worldly people are becoming pastors allowing worldly things in their churches. People who are sincere and going for the right reasons can’t get what they need, because too much of the world is now inside the churches of today. This isn’t the work of God!

I’ve seen many people who sings beautifully and it touches you. However, it is NOT the anointing! It is emotions! People are able to relate to the words of a song which moves them to tears. It is not because of the anointing of the person singing the song. How can a person be anointed when they are doing everything against God. Sounding good and being able to motivate a crowd doesn’t mean a person is anointed by God. It appalls me when I hear people say he or she are anointed singers, when they are hypocrites! I’m only writing on what I’ve seen personally. I know the lifestyle these people lead and therefore I know no way it’s the anointing. I’m not judging, I’m telling the truth!

The same with gifts and talents. People use the words loosely, but don’t have the true understanding. A person may be gifted by man’s definition of what being gifted means, but it has nothing to do with spiritual gifts at all. In the Bible it speaks specifically of 9 Gifts of the Spirit and 9 Fruits of the Spirit. There is nothing wrong with people saying someone is gifted, however people need to understand it is a talent they are very good at, but it isn’t a spiritual gift.

I won’t list the Gifts of the Spirit or the Fruits of the Spirit. I think if a person doesn’t know what they are, this is great opportunity to study the Fruits of the Spirit so to apply them in your life. Pray for the Gifts of the Spirit and walk in them through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We can either go through life ONLY receiving what is being taught in the churches or we can develop our own individual relationships with Jesus the Son and God the Father. We must know Jesus and God for ourselves, and the Holy Spirit will keep us as we walk daily in the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. Your leaders can’t get you into Heaven and they can’t save your soul. Stop worshipping the creature and start worshipping and praising the Creator. Individually we must develop a personal and daily relationship with Jesus the Son and God the Father, then allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide. Remember the Word says, the ONLY way to the Father is through the Son!

Study the Word of God for yourselves it will enlighten you to what is and what isn’t lining up with God’s Word in churches today. Unfortunately a lot of what is taking place in today’s churches isn’t lining up with God’s Word. No matter what or who, the journey is an individual journey. We all must individually stand before God for ourselves, no one can do it for us!