If Loving Someone is Wrong, Then why do it


My belief is why do it if you KNOW it’s wrong? People put themselves in a lot of bad situations by their own freewill. They meet someone and instead of looking at the big picture (the entire situation) they are blind by their feelings. If you start out a relationship the wrong way most times than not it is exactly the relationship will end. People don’t care they still will do it. They think they have the power to change the other person. They think they have the power to fix or save the other person. Wrong, wrong!

Men and women stop lowering yourselves to the ground by getting involved with someone who is already involved. Stop getting involved with people when you clearly see red flags. Stop getting involved with people who show you who they really are and you know it’s not right for you. Stop getting involved with people when they are cheating with you on someone one else. What does it say about him or her and what does it say about you to be involved with this type of person? It may seem great, but you will suffer the consequences of your actions sooner or later. There’s nothing great about it.

Millions get into bad relationships and because they are blind by their emotions and feelings they can’t see the truth. They see it, but they won’t acknowledge it until later when it’s clear things are wrong. As I’ve written many times, some people don’t get to leave because they die in their bad and unhealthy relationships. They are murdered by those they thought loved them.

Love is a lot of things to a lot of people. The sad truth is for many what they think is love it’s far from it. People have to look inside of self to understand why they choose the people they choose to become involved with when they know the relationship is not right for them. If it’s not right for you it means it’s not good for you! Run the other way before you’re in too deep!

People may appear the part (but you have to do more than look at the outside in order to see the inside, which also means looking past your feelings). Most people can’t get to that point, because they are stuck on the outer appearance or too wrapped up in THEIR feelings to see the truth when it is ALWAYS staring them in the face. I can’t even count the number of people who have told me “I did see signs of this and that, but I thought he or she would change.” The problem is people jump off into the deep based solely on how the other person is making them feel. Oftentimes people are deeply hurt by the one’s they think they want to become involved with, yet they look past it.

People have to grow up and realize when they allow their feelings to lead they will almost always end up crying about their relationships. There is absolutely no way to see the truth if you don’t use the brain inside of your head. When you use your brain, you don’t care how you feel; you will move on from the drama and shenanigans. You rather be alone and happy than to be with someone and feeling alone and unhappy. It’s a crock of bull when people say you can’t help who you fall in love with. I believe that’s a big fat lie! People can’t help it when they allow their feelings to lead. They become powerless because of their feelings and emotions. They can’t see the truth!

It’s no joke, the saying is very true “the same thing that made you laugh will make you cry!”


There is a Price for Going Along With Wrong


This message is for anyone who is going along with wrong. One thing about me is you can’t convince me to do wrong or to go along with wrong. You can count me out!! If a person don’t have ethics, morals, values, or integrity they are liable to do anything. It is very sad to see people go along with wrong because of being afraid for ANY reason. This post is about people who go along with wrong because they benefit in some way from it.

When you go along with wrong it doesn’t matter why you do it, you are a part of the problem; and you will someday have to pay the price for going along with wrong. Everyone has a right to speak up and stand up against wrong!

There are a lot of people who go along with wrong because they fear losing their jobs or they are afraid for other reasons. Bottom line you’re still wrong. Others go along with wrong because they think they have some benefit in doing it. Bottom line they are still wrong. You don’t get a free pass, because you are afraid. Wrong is wrong!

If you don’t stand for right, you are wrong! If you go along with wrong you are wrong! It will come back on you one way or the other. You may think because you have gotten over you’ve gotten by, WRONG! Karma returns and slaps us all upside the head.

A person who know they can get you to go along with wrong, know they have power and control over you. Never give anyone your power in any facet! Millions get used and abused because they relinquish their power to others. Remember I always say and write “we teach others how to treat us.” This is the truth! People treat you exactly how you allow. A person may try you, but they only get once chance UNLESS you give them the opportunity to continue doing what they do.

I know without a doubt there are some places I couldn’t and wouldn’t even want to work, because I will not go along with wrong. I won’t lie for you, but I won’t lie on you either! I don’t care who you are or what your position is, I will not lie for you! People who go along with wrong will someday pay the price for what they’ve said or done!

We should be dedicated and committed to what we do, but never at the price of doing wrong or going along with wrong. People who do definitely have issues of their own they need to deal with. They need to address why they are willing to sell out by doing wrong for anyone.

This was on my mind and I wanted to put it out there! God bless and I’m talking about God with the big G, the one and only God the Father who gave this world His ONLY begotten Son; Jesus!

You Serve who you Love the Most


Oh, I know somebody will get mad over this one. Hopefully it will spark the need for change! The truth is the truth no matter who tell it. I believe with all of my being, “if you’re not sold out, you’re a sell out who’s on the wrong side). You already know if you’re for Him or against Him. There’s absolutely no other option! If you’re claiming to be for Him and not living for Him, you’re not serving Him!

Spitting words as sweet as a honeycomb is talking a bunch of NOTHING! You’re an ear tickler and that about sums it up! You’re all about a show and not at all sold out for the Kingdom of God. If we aren’t living what we profess we are putting our souls in jeopardy of damnation. It’s impossible to serve both Jesus and mammoth (the world/devil). I know you’re probably sick of me writing about it, but I won’t stop!

People have to figure out why they are risking their souls for this world. If anyone or anything is influencing you not to serve Jesus the Son and God our Father, then you have to leave them behind. Bottom line is you make the choice for yourself, you simply can’t blame anyone else. To give up the world is to gain eternal life and a place in the Kingdom. Talking the part, looking the part, acting the part is in vain when you’re not living the part. God continues to give us the opportunity to change, yet many refuse to take it, one day all chances will be null and void, because time will be up. You can’t get any get out of hell cards and you can’t get any rain checks. When it’s over it’s over! We choose where we spend eternity while we live here on earth!

Those who don’t want to give up this world are those who freely choose the side they are on. You can think all day and all night you’re on the Lord’s side, but it is truly a figment of the imagination if you’re not serving Him completely. You can’t do it sometimes whenever you feel like it. This walk is personal and daily. Smooth slick words won’t do it and as I always say your ability to mimic well won’t do it either. We must be in it all the way, not half way or some of the way; we must be in it all the way.

A lot of people would deceive you if there weren’t a gift called discernment and if the Holy Spirit didn’t lead and guide. People have it all down packed, they know how to do things and say things to make you think they are living what they profess. The problem for them is what’s in their hearts always comes and show who they really are. They are those “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” It’s truly a waste of time and energy pretending, because you get NO points for it. If anything or anyone causes you to want to do something against God it isn’t good for you in no shape, form, or fashion.

As individuals we can’t blame anyone else for our choosing to make someone or something our god. We can’t blame anyone else for the lives we choose of free will to lead. It’s no one’s choice to make other than the one who makes it. People do what they want, when they want despite the consequences of their actions. They don’t care the many people they’ve known to die, some still act as if they will never die. News flash; someday we all will die, no one on earth is exempt!

Many are confused, they have it all wrong. Although the Bible says “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature, the old things passed away, behold all things are become new.” Don’t get it misconstrued! When it says if anyone is in Christ, it goes way beyond professing it from your lips. We must be born again and we must live Holy! This is a daily journey, a daily walk! We become new creatures when we put off them old ways. You must shed them and leave them were they fell off; and don’t go back and pick them up again! There’s absolutely no other way to become this new creature. Either a person wants to do it or they don’t and believe me; their actions tell the truth! It shows it in their character, how they think, speak, and what they do. If you can’t hide it from the One who matters, why try to hide it from anyone?

Look at the reflection staring at you in the mirror and then face the truth. If you know (and you do) that you’re not living what you profess it’s time to start. Playing as if you do on certain occasions around certain people gets you no where. Every day you do this it gets you closer to hell. If you don’t make it into Heaven it’s nobody’s fault, but yours!


Traditions Can Lead You Straight to Hell


I’ve written many times about people doing things out of tradition. I believe more people than not are operating this way when it comes to serving Jesus and going to church. They go to church strictly out of tradition and familiarity. It’s what they’ve known since childhood. Yet as adults many still to this day haven’t grown any closer to God, they are still “babes in Christ.”

Many think because they go to church that’s it! They think because they asked Jesus into their hearts it’s all they have to do. Don’t let the devil fool you! It isn’t so! You must be born again and you must live the life you speak of (you must be holy). People have made their pastors their Master. They have allowed themselves to be brainwashed. They go to church out of tradition, familiarity, honor, and respect for their leaders and not at all for homage and alteration to The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Believe me when I tell you; all of your pastors knees will someday bend like their flocks. No one is exempt! “Every knee shall bow and every tongue must confess.”

The worst part about it is people are sitting in their churches while allowing all kinds of disorder to take place in their churches. They go along with whatever and they conform to whatever. Most churches are man’s churches and not God’s. They are started by self appointed people or man appointed leaders who are all about the money and NOT the soul. It’s all about material prosperity and not at all about spiritual prosperity! Many aren’t chosen of God; they are chosen by man. People don’t want the truth, but it doesn’t make it any less than the truth.

My recommendation is get into the Word and get it in your hearts. Know the Word for yourselves. Stop worshipping your leaders making them your god, because a whole lot of them don’t know Jesus for themselves. There’s only ONE God and you will never reign with Him if you continue to worship and praise the one you’ve made your god here on earth. The Bible says these false leaders will be charged for leading the flock astray, but make no mistake about it; you will have to pay for following!

The crazy part of it all is people live by traditions, etc, yet they are ALWAYS trying to change God to fit their traditions and lifestyles. This will never be okay. He is an unchanging God who doesn’t EVER conform to the ways of this world. He doesn’t conform to fit us or our lifestyles.

Every day we get to see is a day to open those closed eyes, clear out those plugged ears, and get rid of those dull stony hearts. If a person doesn’t choose to change they will remain the same. This is unfortunate because the Bible plainly says He will return swiftly like a thief in the night, in the twinkling of an eye. That means any second, minute, or hour. Please don’t let Him catch you serving man and not Him!!! Don’t let Him catch you with those closed eyes, plugged ears, and dull stony hearts!

Repercussions for Idolizing


Every single thing people idolize is of no value for the Kingdom of God. People are obsessed and therefore possessed by many things to include other people. People channel others to feel their spirits (how ridiculous)? Many of the people you idolize are unhappy with themselves, because they too are worshipping other people (both dead and alive). They too are changing their faces and bodies to resemble others. Sad, sad, sad! Who many of you are wishing to be, are wishing to be someone else.

If people would worship Jesus the way they worship other people there would be much more love in this world. If people would seek after Jesus with the passion and drive they have for others it would be wonderful! Unfortunately they are too busy making other people their god/s. When you idolize people you make them your god. Some people are beyond crazy when it comes to other individuals. They are obsessed by them and by what they think they know of them. They cry, faint, sling snot, and bow down to these people. EVERY single one of the people being worshipped will have to bow down to the King someday. Yet people are making them their gods here on earth! How foolish!!!

Not only do people worship other individuals they also worship objects and other things. People idolize almost everything possible. They are only making the rich richer (celebrities or others of status, sports teams, name brand items, and other things) while many struggle to stay afloat. It makes no sense at all. Many of the self proclaimed saints are leaders of the pack, when they know idolizing of any kind is against God.

You can serve man if you want, but it’s a waste of time and energy. It can be damnation for your soul if you don’t stop it. Don’t you realize some of the very people you worship are miserable and unhappy with their lives? Many of them put on masks and pretend everyday, yet you think because they are of some type of status they are worth worshipping and idolizing! Jesus has the greatest status of all times; dying for our sins, yet many would still rather worship man. Very sad!

Many choose the way of the world. The devil has no heaven or hell to put anyone in, because he too will be bound in hell when it’s time. People choose freely the ways of this world. Don’t blame the devil, because people have free choice to serve him just as they have free choice to choose and serve God the Father. If people don’t change their ways the repercussions for their actions will be death. For whatever reason people would rather have this world than Jesus!

2018 Time to get it Right With Jesus


Happy New Year. I pray those of you who know the Lord our Savior and Father God that you join me in praying for the world. Things have changed so much over the years, but remember God is unchanging. I don’t care how people try to change Him, He’s unchanging. When people serve other gods they are like leaves in the wind. They change according to what’s going on. As discouraging as it can be, remember God sits high and looks low! No matter how it looks He is still in control. Don’t give up on God, because He hasn’t given up on you. The devil is on his job trying to kill, steal, and destroy as many as he can. He’s a liar and a defeated foe!

Those who say they are Children of God yet are flip floppers and double minded people it’s time to walk the talk. Everyday we live we get a day older. It’s time to be who and what you claim to be. Trust me nothing you do is pleasing to God, I don’t care if you think it is, it isn’t. We must serve Him with honesty and truth. He have no use for lukewarm people! People who are lukewarm, double minded, flip floppers, wishy washy, teeter totters, or whatever you call it; aren’t doing anything other than risking losing their souls. Their ways of living are in vain.

If it stings, it’s better to sting now then to cost you your soul later. If it’s upsetting, it’s best to check yourself now then to be checked by the Master later and bound in hell.

I’m not the judge or the jury nor am I trying to be. However, I am here to speak the truth. Accept it or not! Jesus has already given us guidance by the way of the Word and the Holy Spirit. Those who truly choose Him choose His guidance! It’s only a problem for people who say they choose Him, but their actions tell the real truth. It’s 2018 it’s time to get it right. All of the pretense, mimicking, and lies need to stop. You can’t hide anything from God, nothing at all! He knows all your schemes, tricks, and lies.

People who say they are children of God yet are living something else. Your living is in vain!! Stop seeking richness and fame and start to truly get your hearts and minds on Jesus the Son, God the Father, and allow the precious Holy Spirit to guide you! There’s no greater richest than to be a part of the one and ONLY true Royal Family!! Some of the wealthiest people in this world have NOTHING, because they don’t have Jesus. Fame, fortune, or material things has no place in the Kingdom of God. People need to get it right before it’s too late!

If you made it to 2018 and you see today, this is another chance to submit and commit completely to the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. This could very well be your last chance. On what a person think is a healthy day they could die. No one is exempt!

The Skin Isn’t the Problem You Are


It is almost 2018 and people are still racist. There are Blacks who are racist against their own race of people and it’s because of the ignorance learned. There are other races racist against their own and it too is because of the ignorance learned. I don’t care who it pertains to; ALL of it comes from unhealthy and wrong ways of thinking leading to bad learned behaviors.

To dislike or hate some one on the basis of their skin color is beyond ignorant. People who do this need to look in the mirror at the person staring back at them. A person who have hate for others have hate for his or herself. Why do you think you have the right to do this? Who made you superior? Why do you think you’re better than anyone else? The answers are you’re don’t, absolutely no one, and you aren’t!!

People who dislike or hate people on the basis of skin color got the mindset from somewhere. They either learned the behavior as a child or they became a part of a group who think this way. It doesn’t matter where it came from it is plain ignorant. One thing for certain is no one was born with this way of thinking. It is a learned behavior that becomes habitual.

Why is the Black race the most hated? If Blacks were supposedly so oppressed and misused, then why are they still hated to this day by many? If you’re oppressing a person in everyway possible, why is the question? It is very sad that some people think their race is superior. IT IS NOT! No one race is superior to another. We all are born into skins we didn’t choose. We all have to eat and drink to live, we all experience troubles in this life, and we all die! Period!! No race is exempt from ANY of it. If there were such a superior race they would be EXEMPT. New flash, there is NO superior race of people, they DO NOT exist!

Many hate dark skin, but millions on top of millions tan in the sun, go to a tanning booths, or spray tan for color. Why if you are one who hates the dark skinned people? It makes NO sense at all!!

Skin color isn’t the problem, the problem is those who are prejudice against people with skin different from their own. It’s a shallow, immature, and ignorant way of thinking. It’s a mindset people need to get over. These types of people have deep seated issues and self hate. To hate anyone because they are different than you clearly shows you’re a person who have issues.

I guarantee you there is absolutely NO pure race. Many people who hate Blacks will probably fall out dead if they knew their true origin of where they actually came from. We all got a little of something else in us and it DID NOT originate from a White race. I know this simply by the origin of the Bible. No one can change it. You may not accept it, but you sure can’t change it. The ONLY superior is God the Father and Jesus the Son. They are the ONLY superior.

There are a lot more important things to worry about in this life then to care about the skin color of another person. ANYONE who dislikes or hates on the basis of skin color are unhappy and sad people. There’s no way they can be happy, because they have too much hatred inside. It’s much harder to hold on to hatred than it is to let it go. It ages you and it causes stress in the body to hold on to garbage and unhealthy things.

A lot of people who do this type of hating call themselves Saints of God. They are liars and that’s the bonafide truth! Like it or not! God and His Son Jesus are pure love, NOTHING else! Hatred, jealousy, malice, strife, none of it dwells in them. People who harbor these ugly things DO NOT have the Spirit of God within them. If you think you do you are sadly mistaken.

Skin is skin, it will burn, it gets dry, etc, and it will all someday rot away. No one of any race is exempt. Skin is an organ that covers and protects the body’s internal organs and structure etc. We all bleed red blood, NO ONE is exempt!! If God meant for it to be any other way, He would have made it so, but He didn’t.

I know God is VERY sad when He looks at people and the hatred they carry inside for others. This entire world has people who dislike and hate people due to the color of their skin. It’s not the skin baby, it’s you; the one who has this wrong way of thinking.

Whoever you are you need to change! I know I’m a true Saint of God and I’m still no special than anyone else. He has no respect of persons. He care less the color of skin, His face is pure light shining like a diamond. Anyone looked at a diamond? If it’s a good quality diamond all you see is a prism of colors. God is like this diamond. We are all a part of Him, but sadly we aren’t all God’s children, because many haven’t chosen to be. Still the fact remains we all came from Him and His descendants.

If you think you’re special, superior, and exempt; you may as well catch a rocket to the moon. You’re in the wrong universe! Get mad if you want to, the truth is the truth!! I pray people with this mindset embrace a new mindset in the upcoming year. It’s time to stop being and thinking foolishly. Learn how to love people no matter the skin color, because remember, it’s NOT the skin color, the problem is YOU, the one who hates. Skin can’t do anything other than rest on the body, that’s it! It’s people who are displaying the dislike and hate and those who do are the problem!! Many of you don’t believe in God and Heaven, but some of you claim that you do. I pity for you, because no way you will EVER get to see Heaven with a mindset filled with hate.

I challenge you to sit down and think about why you hate. Think about real legitimate reasons you hate. I’m talking about going way beyond the fact it is a learned behavior and a habitual way of thinking. Think about your personal experience of why you hate. Did someone do something to you personally? People of ALL races do stupid things, they do the unthinkable things, etc. No one can blame problems of any sort on one race, because every race existing on this earth do the same types of things. In saying that, please I challenge people to search their hearts and minds and figure out why they feel as they do. People will be amazed of all the time and effort they’ve put into hating when they CAN’T come up with reasons why they do! People are doing it because their friends or family has done it or do it. Trust and believe those you follow have no reasons as to why either. It’s truly sad!!