Dangerous Thoughts


People don’t realize the power they give to their thoughts. It can be very dangerous. It has proven to lead to unthinkable situations. We all think about things, sometimes those things causes fear to rise up. If people succumb to those thoughts then fear can take over.

There are people who think about their pasts and they allow those thoughts to control their lives. The actual experiences are no more, they no longer exist. However, due to the power people give their memories they allow the thoughts of those experiences to keep them bound to them for a lifetime. They live unhappy chaotic lives due to the power they’ve given to their thoughts. They can’t seem to let things go, instead they hold on to the negative thoughts as if there is a benefit to it. These thoughts are so real and present to them, because of the power they’ve given to them. The thoughts produce anger, bitterness, hatred, etc.

Many people meet individuals they are attracted too, but they don’t look at the whole picture. All they see is their interest. Most times they don’t care if the person is married or with someone. All they care about is the interest they have in the individual. They begin to think about the person, the more they think about the person the more power they begin to give their thoughts. They don’t think about the whole situation and this is why people find themselves in mess! They can’t see past what they are feeling, because of what’s inside of them and the power they give to their thoughts.

We all have heard many times of people committing unthinkable acts such as homicide, suicide, and a host of other things to self and to others. Do you think they woke up and said I’m going to do this or that today? Nooooo, they do not! It is something they have thought about for a long time. They probably talked themselves into and out of it over and over until they finally succumbed to it. Sometimes people are coerced into things. Other people put the thoughts into their heads, but they are the one’s who chose to let it fester into powerful thoughts that eventually take over.

Bottom line of this post is this; we all have thoughts. If I sat here and said we all didn’t get off the wall thoughts sometimes; I would be a liar. I get them like everyone else. However, I’ve never ever thought to kill myself, kill someone else, or harm anyone. People who go that far have unresolved issues which has either led them to be coerced or the issues have caused them to be angry, bitter, depressed, etc. Something caused the thoughts, but the individual is the one who fueled the fire giving power to those thoughts.

I thank God, when I get an off the wall thought, I know it’s off the wall and I put the devil right where he belongs. I never entertain any foolish thoughts. I instantly say that is foolish or stupid and I dump it as quickly as it came. What people fail to understand is they can’t control what will come, but they can control whether they entertain those thoughts or not! You can control the power you give to your thoughts. You can choose if you allow other people to put negative thoughts in your head. If you know it’s wrong then you shouldn’t entertain it or the people who try to plant them in your head. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for many. Many people are easily coerced, persuaded, and influenced to do wrong. People who choose not to control the power they give their thoughts, the power of their thoughts control them.

You Created Your Drama


People are getting into relationships with folks who are already in relationship and snapping because it’s not going how they wanted. How can you think anything good is going to come out of your wrong doings? People must learn to see past their feelings; when they can’t what’s inside will always show up outside.

People are murdering folks or harming them in different ways, because they can’t deal with the drama they willfully got into. You can’t get with someone else’s significant other and get upset with the fact they won’t give you what you’re seeking. You can’t get mad because they won’t leave who they are with for you. It’s very foolish for people to subject themselves to such nonsense.

Recently a lady killed a man over this. He was a pastor (at least that is what his title was). She shot and killed him and wounded his wife. Her words to him was “you hurt me.” Go figure! You will always end up in a circle of drama when you subject yourself into situations such as this one. People do to you what you allow.

Until individuals learn to love self they will never be able to see past their feelings and emotions. They will continue to involve themselves in bad and unhealthy situations.

A person should never want what someone else has or who someone else has. If an individual wants to cheat with you, then you should tell them NO! Unfortunately too many people seek happiness in other individuals no matter the consequences. These people some of you involve yourselves with are not happy inside of self and this is why they are cheating in the first place.

If a person tries to form a relationship with you and they are already in a relationship this is the first indication they are NOT someone you should become involved with. If they are cheating on who they are with they will cheat on you. If they don’t respect who they are with, they won’t respect you. You will always be the side piece (male or female).

One thing I’ve learnt in dealing with people is how they make themselves available to a cheater. They put their life on the back burner to try and please the cheater, not understanding the cheater is always going home or wherever to the one they are with. You will always be the side piece. Don’t settle for this type of relationship.

The only thing will change a person is change itself. No one can change if they are not in the mindset to change. You can’t get into the mindset until you deal with the man/woman in the mirror. People must stop looking to other people and start looking inward. You’re your worst problem! You’re your worst enemy. Not the other person or other people, but you yourself. Until people face self drama is exactly what they will allow in their lives. No amount of money, title, status, position, or anything else will change this fact!

You don’t know love until you learn to love yourself first!

About Man’s Business


I’m about to step on toes and make someone mad. I already know people will say I’m judging, I am NOT! My mission is to tell the truth and to be what God has me to be. People must stop playing church! I’m not talking about going to the church house. I’m talking about the 24 hour church within us. If a person is about the Father’s business they know you’re churching 24 hours a day.

I will go out on a limb and say most people talk a good game, but they aren’t really living what they talk about. People are living for man’s approval. They are worried about what man thinks about them and not at all about what Jesus the Son or our Father God sees and knows. They miss nothing and when a person is pretending with man, Jesus already knows the truth.

This includes those in the pulpit to the back door. People are professing one thing while living another. They ARE NOT about the Father’s business they are about the business of man. They live to impress man!

Some pastors will have an attitude with you if you don’t address them as Dr., Apostle, Bishop, etc. It’s ridiculous, because the Bible says we can’t take any of it with us. Titles and things means nothing to Jesus. People do what they do to be seen by man. They want the biggest houses, best cars, jets, etc, only to be seen by man. They love to be worshipped, praised, and put on pedal stools. It’s all a show for man. This is why we are seeing them in scandals. They are in drug scandals, child porn, adultery, theft, and you name it. They are depressed, suicidal, homicidal, and you name it, because they are not truly connected to the Lord.

Many folks who go to the church houses are gong out of tradition. In this case tradition can land people in hell. Hearing about Jesus and living for him are two different things. If people continue to go out of tradition it keeps them from developing the relationship they need with Jesus. The Bible says you can’t get to the Father lest you go through the Son. Many people sing out front, but living lives not pleasing to the Lord, they are on boards, they are musicians for the church, leaders of choirs, etc, but they aren’t living lives pleasing to the Lord, because they aren’t actually serving him.

People do what they do because they know others are watching, but they forget Jesus is watching too! You can’t serve the world and Jesus too. If you’re not all in for Him then you are all out against Him. There is absolutely no in between. You can’t be lukewarm! People are living the life of sin and therefore they are blind to their sins. Their concern is doing what they do even when they know it’s wrong. This is because they aren’t connected to the true source.

Individuals learn how to mock God not understanding it’s very wrong to do. He is a God that shall not be mocked! It’s not cute, it’s absolutely wrong! I see people doing it a lot. It’s not funny to me at all. Another thing many have learned to do is mimic the Holy Spirit! They learn how they think they should behave. Their behaviors are learnt by seeing and mimicking what others are doing. I’ve seen little kids on up to the elderly do it. It’s terrible! Salvation is FREE, and sadly many still do not choose it! It’s because people do NOT want to give up their ways. They don’t want to give up the wrong, for the right. They are too concerned with what mans says and thinks.

I’m not judging anyone, but one thing I know for sure is if you’re not 100% for Jesus then you’re all the way against Him! The choice is up to the individual. If you choose the world, then it also means you’ve chosen hell! Only you; the individual can decide it is not what you want. My prayer is that people realize the same men and women they are worshipping, praising, and following knees has to bow before the Father just as theirs will. Man has no Heaven or Hell to put you in. Wake up before it’s too late!

I Do Everything


Yeah???? That is the problem, you do everything! Some people fall in love too quick. They are too eager or desperate for love and they are being led by their feelings. Too many people are in one-sided relationships, they complain yet it’s their own fault they are allowing it. Some people feel if they love a person hard enough they will love them back or do right by them. Not so! They further believe if they make it all about the individual they will love them back, but it simply doesn’t work like that!

There are many people in relationships who give everything they have yet it’s not enough to make someone love them or want to be with them. They get upset because they realize the relationship is one-sided. They don’t understand why the person won’t do right by them. They don’t get why the person don’t love them like they want them too.

Okay, if this is you and your relationship is at this point then you should know it’s really not about the other person, you should be looking at yourself. You can’t expect someone else to change, you must seek change in yourself. If a person truly love you then you don’t have to buy their love, you don’t have to be the one who does everything in the relationship. If they love you they will do their part and your relationship will NOT be one-sided.

Far too many people are in one-sided relationships, but it’s because a one-sided relationship is what they formed with the person and what they accepted. You simply can’t make someone feel as you do or even feel anything at all for you. If you want to be in love by yourself they will let you, because you won’t change them.

Many people waste years being in these types of relationships. They try their hardest to be the best they can for the person they love, yet it gets them nowhere but in a one-sided relationship; sad and lonely. I’ve seen it time and time again.

As I’ve written and stated a million times, learn to love you first. If people learn to love self they will send someone who doesn’t love them right on down the road. A person who loves self will not tolerate this in their relationship. They will understand it takes two people to have a loving and happy relationship. Many people are in love, but unfortunately they are in love by themselves. These are the types of relationships no one should want to be in.

From one bad Relationship Into Another


This is exactly where many people find themselves and I will tell you why. Until a person heals from their deep seated issues they will continue to live being led by their feelings and emotions. They look for things in other people that they don’t possess in self. What they fail to understand is most times the individual they’re involved with has as many or more issues then they. Normally this isn’t realized until it’s too late. This why we see people being cheated on, abused, disrespected, and even killed in their relationships.

Instead of people healing they get into relationships with all of their personal baggage compiling it with the baggage of who they choose. Most times people are relationship hopping because they are unhappy with self. As soon as they’re out of one relationship they are right into another. These types of people haven’t learned how to love self, instead they seek it in someone else. A person will be to you exactly what tell them you want until they get you where they want you (in your version of love and controlled). They know you’re desperate, because they too are desperate. They will treat you exactly how you’ve allowed. People must learn to take time for self. Learn to be alone for awhile. You grow the most when you’re alone learning about yourself and the experience you went through. This knowledge teaches you what and what not to do in other relationships. It gives you strength. The problem is most people don’t take this time to learn and figure things out before jumping into another relationship. They take all unresolved issues into the next relationship and into the one after that!

The true culprit is individuals inability to deal with the issues they have inside. People act as if all is well when they know it is not. What’s inside causes chaos outside if no healing has occurred. When people don’t heal they accept anything for a little of something. They take much more than they should in their quest for love. Most of these people relinquish their power to the person they are with. They give control to someone who doesn’t even have control over their own life. It always ends in unhealthy and unhappy relationships. Some of which are oftentimes with deadly consequences.

I’ve seen time and time again people get with individuals and try their darndest to change them, save them, or fix them. You can’t fix, save, or change anyone. Most people can’t do it for self, yet they allow their feelings, desires, and wants to make them think they can do it for someone else. People willfully allow themselves to get into bad situation with people they shouldn’t be with.

One of if not the greatest teacher if people will receive it (good or bad) is experience. It teaches us a lot, but unfortunately most people allow it to beat and break them down instead of use it to grow. We can learn from any experience whether good or bad. The old sayings “people learn from their mistakes and when a person know better they do better” isn’t always the truth! Many people don’t learn a thing from their experiences and in fact keep repeating the cycle and although some people know better, many people choose not to do better.

Most times people find it easier blaming their pasts and others, but at the end of the day each of us are responsible for our own lives and how we choose to live it. We can blame others all day it does nothing to facilitate change in our individual lives. If people do not deal from the things keeping them stuck they can’t move forward. They will remain where they are doing the same things and dealing with the same types of people. I find individuals focus more on trying to please others then they do in trying to be happy for self. Relying on someone else for peace, love, happiness, security, etc can be disasterous for your life!

Learn to love yourself and if you do you will become very careful about who you choose to fall in love with! When you love yourself you see past feelings to the truth!

The Jaws of Fear


It is very sad how people allow fear to land them in bad situations and relationships. People get into relationships they shouldn’t be in then they allow fear to keep them there. None of us can get back the time we given to being bound to and tied up by fear. In a relationship the other person may be a part of the issue, but the real problem is the person who allows fear to keep them where they shouldn’t be or where they don’t want to be. If you’re afraid to leave for ANY reason; I always say you’ve stayed too long. People fool themselves into believing they are/were blindsided. Keep lying to yourself! Individuals at some point always show you who they really are. It never fails! Many miss the signs because they are blind by their feelings and emotions. By the time they can see they are then bound by fear, (to leave, to stay, to start over, to be alone, etc).

I don’t care what it stems from fear is crippling and debilitating to anyone who gives in to it. It affects many facets of a person’s life when they allow fear to control them. There are many people stuck in unhappy and unhealthy relationships, on unhappy jobs, in careers they are unhappy with, afraid to change, afraid to try something different, afraid to be alone, afraid to start over, afraid of what others will say or do, etc, etc. They totally give in to fear. It controls them, keeping them stagnant and unable to move forward.

Whatever or whoever you give your power to means you have none. It means the person or thing controls you. Fear keeps people dependent instead independent. When you fear your fear is evident in your actions. This empowers others to maintain control over you! It gives power to the fear in you to keep you where you are. People develop anxiety etc due to fear! This can lead to other issues mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The ONLY person can change your situation is you. When you give your power to anything no matter what it is (person or thing), it becomes stronger than you! Stop giving what belongs to you away due to fear. Your power belongs to you! You were meant to be strong and the very best version of yourself! No one other than Jesus the Son and God the Father completes you, but you! If you choose not to believe then at least believe in yourself! You are the only person who can complete you!

Many people look for love and validation in others when they don’t have it in self! It oftentimes keep people where they are. People allow their issues and the fear of change to hold them down and back! Today is a new day. Tell fear no more! Talk it right on out of your life. Let it take all of the junk it has set up in your life keeping you stuck right along with it! Those who believe in Jesus allows the devil free reign when they give into fear, because God’s love conquers ALL fear! If you’re a believer then you must believe it! Otherwise you allow the devil victory in your life. He doesn’t have no more power than you give! That goes for the devil in ANY form he may appear!

Take back your power, take back your life!