Trying Jesus Won’t Hurt


There is so much going on in and around the world. No matter what you go through, no matter what you see or hear; hang on to your faith. It gets a little scary, but remember God’s love conquers all fear. You can’t let fear set in, just keep the faith and stand on the Word of God!

As I look around I see families are at odds with one another, parents killing their children, children killing their parents, friend’s killing each other, there are mass shooting because people have allowed their ways of thinking and feeling to get them to points of no return, there are false preachers-teachers-and prophets, hearts have waxed cold with not enough love in the world, there are many senseless killings, children are being sold-raped-molested-and murdered, people are addicts of all kinds, people are suicidal-depressed-anxiety, etc and the list goes on and on.

Every time you turn on the television it’s bad news right in your neighborhood, close to your neighborhood, or simply around the world. People are committing all types of foul sexual acts towards animals, children, and each other. It’s a dog eat dog world and it goes for family, friends, and others.

If you are someone who don’t believe in God then you don’t believe in Jesus. It is your right to believe whatever it is you choose. However, if you want to know about Jesus you can’t go solely on what you heard or read, you must get a personal relationship for yourself. If you’re interested; read Romans 10:9 if you do that and believe with your heart you can and will be saved in that instant. Become a hearer and doer of God’s Word!

In this world today we need Jesus. A lot of people don’t believe in Jesus, but they believe in worshipping the devil for fame and fortune. They believe in the dark side, etc They allow the darkness inside of them to keep them stuck and in wrong ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

Many people choose to worship god’s of their choice. These types of god’s will use you and when they are finished they will replace you with someone else. They will gladly let you sell out your souls for death. They always entice you to think the world has better to offer you.

My belief is when people don’t believe in God the Father and Jesus the Son, it’s because they can’t see all the beauty before us. They are blind to it. There are many ways God shows us his existence. Think of how we breath, it seems simple, but there is an entire system helping us to breath. Think of the organs inside of our bodies and how they function. Our bodies are machines. Think of what takes place for a baby to be born it’s a miracle all by itself. Even death is a mystery (no one can figure it or birth out). Think of how the sun, moon, and stars hang perfectly in the sky, etc. Think about the cycle of life, we need plants and animals in order to survive, and they need us to survive. That is how God planned it. Think of how you can physically feel pain in your heart area over things both good and bad. This is why God says guard your heart. We are all uniquely and wonderfully made despite all of our flaws. I can go on for days.

God doesn’t force Himself upon us and I’m not trying to force Him upon you. I just want to recommend Him in case you want to try Jesus. When you give your life to Christ it changes you completely. It changes how you think, feel, and act. It teaches you self love, because you can’t love God and hate yourself. He changes you inside out from the old you. Being a true Saint changes you because you can’t live for Jesus and be the same! Many people profess Him, but the Bible say their hearts are far from Him. We see this truth by their choices and decisions. We see it, because their talk and walk doesn’t align.

In these days and times we need Jesus. We are going to face adversities. The ways of this world will become tougher and tougher. Life isn’t always going to be good, we will have bad times. It’s not because God doesn’t love us. It’s because that is the way life goes, it started with the creation of the world. We have to go through. I promise you can become very strong if you learn from all you go through instead of becoming angry at God. Most things we go through are of free will. Many people cause troubles in their own lives then they are mad at God or they blame Him for the decisions they’ve made. Just like the Son and Father allows you to come to them of free will they also allow you to make your own choices and decisions. Most times people think they know what’s best but their choices and decisions says otherwise. Yet, people get mad at God for the choices and decisions they made of free will.

I challenge anyone who wants to be saved read Roman’s 10:9 and once you’re finished start calling on Jesus to usher in the Holy Spirit. Do it with all of your heart. Start repeatedly calling on Him. Pour out to Him and I promise He will pour into you. Something is going to happen that you’ve never felt before! That’s a guarantee! Nothing hurts to try right?

You can go to Him at anytime or anywhere. You learn you’re never alone. He can give you perfect peace surpassing all understanding. He will give you wisdom and knowledge if you pray for it. He will give you what you desire if you pray and believe. You have to have faith and believe He is who He say He is. No matter what happens stand firm and know you’re not alone. Pray without cease and keep on the full Armor of God!

When you give your life to Christ people become offended and defensive, it’s okay. Many times you will have to stand alone, because people are jealous of the Jesus in you! They see the change in you and will have an attitude because you decided to follow Jesus! Don’t let anyone or anything shake your faith! Resist the devil and he will flee! Keep Jesus first and allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you daily.

No matter what you’ve heard, there’s only one way and it’s through Jesus to get to the Father. Some people have fallen away, because they have gained the world only to lose their souls. Some people get what they want and then leave Jesus behind. It’s their choice, but it saddens Jesus. He wishes for none of us to perish and every day we get to live is a day to get it right with God. What you choose is your choice, but I pray you try Jesus; your life will never be the same!

Shallowed Thinking Keeps You Stuck


It is very sad how people are easily bamboozled in believing everything they see is the way it is. It definitely is not! Shallow minded people are easily brainwashed individuals who are always seeking for something. They’re seeking love and to belong. They will do anything and everything to rally behind people who are well known and of status.

What amazes me is people will believe everything coming out of the mouths of the people they worship. Sometimes no matter how wrong people can be; individuals will follow them, because of who the people are. I’ve never in life cared about status, title, position, etc. It doesn’t dictate if I like a person or not. It doesn’t dictate if I deal with a person or not. I care less about who the person is. I mean that from my heart. I praise and worship no man (man or woman). No one is better than me and I am not better than anyone. Every individual despite of who; are human just like you and I! It is ridiculous how individuals act over some people simply because they have some form of well known status.

Some individuals invest time, energy, and money in other people, but none in self. They will follow, worship, and uphold people just because they are well known. People who are considered as average may be more intelligent and knowledgeable, but because they aren’t known, they are treated less than. Sad! It’s a very immature and shallow way to think. People who are considered as famous or of status are like anyone else. The difference is they can buy more, buy better, do more, go more places, etc due to their finances. That’s it! It doesn’t make them exempt from the same EXACT universal issues all people deal with (past issues, anger, hurt, pain, sorrow, unhappiness, jealousy, envy, anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol issues, lying, manipulating, relationship issues, seeking love, lust issues, dying, divorce, suicide, homicide, and many more things). These things don’t only apply to people who aren’t well known, it applies to all people. No one is exempt!

Some individuals kill themselves trying to look like people on magazine covers, television, or on social media platforms. Many individuals will follow people who do wrong simply because of their status. They believe anything they see or hear from the people they worship. There are some people who go under the knife to look like people they worship. It’s completely insane!

As I’ve said before people some of you worship, want to be, or want to look like are people who don’t want to be who they are. They wish they were someone else. They don’t love self like many of you don’t love yourselves. The very people some of you worship are struggling with some of the same issues you are dealing with right at this very moment. The difference is they have money, power, status, titles, etc. etc. Money doesn’t make you smarter nor better. It doesn’t make you exempt in any way from the same struggles and problems. Yet many people are worshipped, simply due to their status and money.

If some people loved self they wouldn’t waste time and energy trying to be be liked by people who don’t even know them nor care to know them. Many people think because they follow certain individuals on social media and go to bat for them when folks say things against those Individuals it makes them have a connection to the individuals. It’s ridiculously foolish! People are very offensive and defensive over people who don’t know a thing about them.

Get your heads out of the sand and realize no one is more important than you are. Despite what people have no one is any better than you. Stop worshipping people and learn to love yourself. Accept yourself and stop giving the energy and attention to others that you should be giving to yourself.

Your Thoughts Can Be Detrimental


Many people are doing the unthinkable. I hate looking at the news because it is always showing nonsense. It’s always showing terrible things happening. Things never simply happen, things are done by a lot of lost and broken people. People who get to points of no return. People who get to this point are people who have premeditated their actions. They are people who took a lot of time to think about what they were going to do, before they did it.

This post isn’t just about people who do the unthinkable. It’s about people who allow the unthinkable to be done to them. It’s about people who make bad choices and decisions in their daily lives causing dysfunction and chaos wherever they go. It’s about people who are blind to their feelings and emotions. It’s about individuals who allow people and things to control them. I can go on and on. However, I hope you get the point!

I’ve stated many times how devastating and damaging it can be when people give power to their thoughts, things, or other people. Anything you give power to you can control you. The more power you give to thoughts you develop feelings behind the thoughts. The feelings will either be good or bad. When you hold negative thoughts then you will have negative feelings. The more power you give to those negative thoughts they put you in terribly negative mindsets.

Power you give to your thoughts can potentially control you giving intensity to your feelings, and your actions. People are brainwashed by others because they give power to others to control them. People are controlled by things because they give power to things to control them. People do this because they are led by their feelings and in fact are blind to the truth. They want and desire to receive something regardless of what the something is. Most of how people think, act, and feel comes from what’s inside of the core (what they lacked, how they were treated, who did it, etc).

When a person is lonely, hurt, angry, isolated, ostracized, rejected, etc they give power to their thoughts. Often those thoughts are of harming self or harming others. Sometimes people are angry due to rejection or unresolved past issues. They long to be a part of a group or to be with someone but when it fails they seek another group or someone else who WILL accept them. Unfortunately oftentimes these groups or people they become a part of are bad. They coerce the individual to do the unthinkable such as harm self, others, or both. This is the act of a person who is led by their negative thoughts and feelings. This is a person who give their power to their thoughts and other people to do the unthinkable. People play on the emotions of others. If they find the individual is at a low point they will swoop in and attack their prey with fake friendship, coercion, manipulation, lies, false promises, and deceit.

When a person haven’t dealt with their issues they are led by their thoughts and feelings. The more angry they are concerning those thoughts, the more power they will hold. When they continue to think on those thoughts it intensifies feelings which leads to actions of some sorts.

When it comes to relationships the feelings people have behind thoughts don’t necessarily have to be negative or about hurting or harming self or others. Those thoughts still lead them into negative situations due to their mindsets. Their feelings make them want whatever or whoever they want at any and all cost. People have found themselves in bad relationships because of how they feel. Thoughts fuels feelings. Some of the relationships have deadly consequences. Sometimes people find they are so unhappy in their relationships they become angry, full of resentment, anxiety, depression, some become suicidal or even homicidal. It’s because they’re unhappy people who land themselves in unhappy and unhealthy relationships.

The mind is powerful because of the thoughts it holds and the power people give to those thoughts. Thoughts leads to feelings. Feelings causes actions whether good or bad in any given situation. Individuals have the power to do the right thing, yet many of them give it away to things and people. They choose their feelings and emotions over doing the right thing. Negative states of minds is what most gravitate towards. Negativity is what they’ve become accustomed to. Many people continue down wrong and negative roads. There are always consequences!

Loving Yourself Starts With You


There are people who find it very difficult being alone. They don’t want to be alone out of fear and insecurities of some sorts. At least it is what some people tell themselves. The truth is when a person don’t love his or herself they are normally seeking companionship with someone or some other people. These individuals oftentimes always feel a need to be around others. They are the types of people who relationship hop. As soon as one relationship is over they’re right into another one.

Another extreme is when individuals are in relationships they cling on to others. They are overbearing and make it miserable for those in relationships with them. They either find it difficult to trust or they trust too much. They are always seeking something in others they don’t possess in self.

The biggest problem in this situation is the lack of self love, which comes from the core. The root of what is causing a person the inability to love his or herself causes much drama in their lives. Instead of people learning to deal with their issues they keep trucking through life doing the same things the very same way. When a person work through their issues of dysfunction they can become stronger individuals who progress and mature mentally.

Sadly many people get older, but they’re still immature. When people don’t deal with their issues it keeps them in the same places in life. Loving self is the greatest form of self development a person can obtain.

In life there will always be those who aren’t in your corner. It’s hard for people to love and support others when they are riddled with their own issues. People are free to feel how they choose. How you allow it to affect you is another story. When people don’t love self they allow what others say and do to greatly affect them emotionally, mentally, and physically. When you show your weakness or vulnerability to others it’s fuel for others to use against you. Some people are always preying on others. Don’t make yourselves easy prey.

People with a lot of issues are always seeking validation and approval from others. They don’t understand their worth and they don’t deal with rejection well. It’s important to them to be wanted and oftentimes they will do anything to please others especially their significant others. They seek what they lack in others. They end up with the wrong people and in unhappy situations.

Learning to love self starts with you, the individual. No one can love you enough to make you love yourself. It all falls on you, the individual. No matter what you’ve gone through, no matter who hurt you, no matter how much you endured, or how long you went through it; you are worthy of better. It starts by forgiveness, self love, and letting go. Too many people keep the pain going by holding on to it and in the process becoming mean, hateful, bitter, revengeful, angry, envious, jealous, etc. When you’re stuck because of your issues you’re giving power to others. When you continue to re-live your pain you’re giving power to others. When you can’t love yourself due to what you’ve gone through you’re giving power to others to control how you think, feel, and act.

We only get one life to live. People can choose the same roads they’ve been on all their lives or they can choose better paths. It’s completely up to the individual what they choose. Sadly many stay on the same road with the same types of people doing the same types of things. People who choose to not change will always remain the same.