I know I write a lot of things you may not like and on the other hand some of you may like, but don’t want to be the first to hit like. Either way it’s fine with me. All I care about is giving the message. I refuse to die and go to hell, because I am trying to appease man and not tell the truth. When you speak on the truth it normally rocks the boat. I’m going to rock it and turn it over if necessary. I have to give what is given to me. In saying that, this topic is concerning the upcoming holiday (Christmas).

I know that we all know that it’s not recorded in the Bible that Jesus was actually born on December 25th. The Bible speaks on the time of season, but not the actual month or day. Christmas was actually originated through Pagan’s worship and it’s why I don’t get into it like that, because of that reason. If you don’t believe me, research it for yourselves. When I was younger and didn’t know any better I did, but I don’t now. We aren’t to celebrate or worship anything or anyone more than God and His Son Jesus. However, each to his and her own. In saying that, what I want you to understand is since millions celebrate it for Christ’s birth then remember THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.

I’ve seen so many go into debt for Christmas. It’s only ONE day out of the year and the next year they’re paying off credit cards, etc. I think this is nonsense simply because people shouldn’t cause themselves stress over it. Christmas is too commercialized and people are doing crazy things in order to supply their family and friends material things when it’s supposed to be about the birth of Christ.

During the holidays people also become more depressed and suicidal. Did you notice I wrote become more? The reason I say more is because those who do have always struggled with the issues of depression and suicidal thoughts; it doesn’t just happen. Unfortunately during the holidays the thoughts and feelings are more prominent. People are depressed because they don’t have the money to get the things they want for others. Others are depressed and/or suicidal over past events that have plagued them all of their lives for instance; the loss of loved ones through death or breakup, and many other things. They feel lonely and alone during the holidays.

Christmas is ONLY one day out of the year. Once the day is over that’s it, it’s done until the next year. This is why people shouldn’t go into debt during this time of the year. When people go into debt, steal, become more depressed, etc it is CLEARLY not about the birth of Christ. This is why I say remember the reason for the season.

I recommend Jesus today for those who don’t have a TRUE relationship with Him and for those who don’t know Him at all. See, you can profess it all day, but it will always show in your thoughts, feelings, and actions/behaviors. The only way we can make it through it all is by having this personal real relationship with Jesus.

When you know who Jesus is and you truly love Him, you will understand that all of the hoopla isn’t what the world portrays it to be. You will clearly see how the world has twisted and commercialized THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. People celebrate it for self and family/friends; but the truth is, if you’re doing it for the birth of Christ, it should be about that and not made to be about celebrating everyone and everything else. This way you will not go into debt, depression, or become suicidal. Celebrate that the world was given Jesus for the forgiveness of all of our sins. No matter what; He loves you and He wants you to welcome Him into your lives. He don’t want any of us to perish. I’m so glad about it.

I’m not in anyway trying to spoil it for anyone. What I am trying to do is help you to understand that most of you have been brainwashed by society when it comes to Christmas. You lose your minds trying to get gifts for everyone and it shouldn’t be this way. If you don’t have it, why go in debt to get it. It really isn’t that serious, but society has made it this way.

It is your choice what you do, but it’s still my duty to tell you so you’re more aware of what’s really going on. Please don’t get bound down in anyway because of the Christmas Season. Though I don’t celebrate it like that, I will admit it is a magical time of the year, because people show more love during this time of the year. I also think it’s sad, because people should show love that way all year around. I pray that you focus on showing more love all year around. I pray that you do not go into debt this year over Christmas. I pray that those who are depressed or suicidal know that things will be alright. If you get to know Jesus you will know that you’re NEVER alone. Being physically alone is the best time to get really close to God. It is also a good time to realize who you are. You’re uniquely made and you shouldn’t give your power to love yourself and your life to anyone or anything. Many waste years giving power to others over their lives, when those they gave power to are dead or at least gone on with their lives. Your life belongs to you, learn how to let go of things that are over, no matter how bad they were. You can get past it, but it is you who have to let go of it so you can get on with living your life. I pray a special healing to your hearts and minds. God bless!



Some people have gotten too high for their own good. By high I mean they’re up in the clouds on their pedal stools. They didn’t get up there on their own, others have elevated them to that point and now they’re too high for their own good. I won’t categorize it by any particular type of people, because I’ve seen it by people of all caliber.

Today I am referencing leaders in the church. This post isn’t intended for all, but “if the shoe fits, wear it.” If it doesn’t be thankful it’s not about you. I know the first thing someone will say is I’m judging. Those who aren’t on the right road will think it’s judging. I’m not trying to judge anyone, because God has left what we must abide by, especially those who are leaders in the church. I’m speaking the truth, I’ve seen what I’m writing about time and time again. God isn’t pleased at all! Initially some leaders may have had good intentions, but they have lost it along the way. They’ve lost focus, therefore control. It has turned into a race for fame and fortune. They’ve forgotten about their flock and what the true message is about. They’ve made is about things of the world and no longer about living in such a way to gain eternal life.

I am appalled at what I am seeing church leaders do and say these days. We are living in trying times and things won’t get better. Things in the Bible must be fulfilled; so that means things will become worse.  Many who aren’t acknowledging it are those who are supposed to be serving God.

Leaders, I don’t care what title or titles you hold, I am talking to you. If you’re not for real about what you’re doing it’s time you sit down. Some of you are falling down in one way or another (dying, becoming suicidal, drugged and alcohol addicted, depressed, getting caught up in gay scandals, abuse scandals, sex scandals, and all types of things etc). On the other hand some of you think you’re getting away, because your dirt hasn’t yet been brought to the light. Today is your chance to get it right. a chance to stop the foolishness; to change your ways, and your life. However, if you don’t, you too will fall sooner or later. God is tired of being mocked!

God is charging you many times over for leading his flock astray.You’ve become hungry for attention, fame, and fortune. A lot of you aren’t teaching soul salvation at all. All your teaching is material prosperity. You’ve lost the focus. You’re not teaching how to live holy and how to truly worship, honor, praise, and obey our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You’ve lost focus of the true message. You’re not speaking the truth, your heart isn’t with the Messenger and your eyes are no longer on the Creator. It’s all about you. I believe this is why everybody want to be a preacher, pastor, evangelist, bishop, apostle, prophet, etc. etc. They love the power that comes along with it. Many are too busy focusing on who has the nicest and biggest church, and material things.

The Word says, “for many are called, but few are chosen.” The problem with the world today is far too  many of you have called yourselves and it is the VERY reason why you’re not chosen. You’ve made it all about you. You love being praised, worshipped, and honored by your congregation and others.

Some of you are living more crooked than the letter S. You’re living like hypocrites behind closed doors, because you  feel you can’t be seen. Some of you are so in your face and don’t care what people see, because you hold the power, control, and authority over the people. You use it to the max; people fall at your feet, and will do anything for you. Some of you take full advantage of this.

A true saint sees the truth by way of the Holy Spirit and a Gift of the Holy Spirit; which is Discernment. The truth is visible. The sad part of it all is you think you’re fooling everybody, because you’re fooling so many. You’re mistaken! Most importantly; you’re not fooling God.

You’re accepting any and everything in the sanctuary. You’re allowing things that are clearly against the Word of God. You go along with it because of the mighty dollar and keeping people pleased so that they come back and not go anywhere else. Many of you are all about notoriety and recognition. You want to be an important person of prestige.

Some of you act as if God is the little one and you’re the Creator. You’ve actually put Him on the back burner while you’ve put yourselves out front. Although many have helped put you there and up on the pedal stool you’re on, it’s you who will be charged by God, because you’re in the position of leader in/of your church.

Many of you are flashier than worldly people. It’s because you too are still in the world. Nothing about your life is changed. What I mean by this is you’re still doing the same worldly things. You CAN’T live any kind of way and gain eternal life. If this was the case the entire Bible and God would be a lie.

Heaven and Hell are real. Every single day we’re blessed to see is a day to get it right. It’s a chance to change our ways and to get it right. Unfortunately many fail to take this wonderful opportunity. Instead they continue on in their mess.

Today, right now, is an opportunity to change your life. You must have a made up mind, a changed mind and heart. God must be your all and all, your everything, your reason for the seasons, your first and last, the greatest love of your life, etc. You must be sold out to Him. If you don’t feel this way then you shouldn’t be standing before people calling yourself a leader called by God. God qualifies those He elect. Too many leaders have set their own qualifications to go by, because they’re not truly called by God.

Many of you are living to build up your worldly houses, but have forgotten about your spiritual houses. You love the things of the world. You love being considered by your congregation and others as great! You love being called “great woman or man of God” knowing it’s furthest from the truth. You’re pumped up with pride. You’re boastful and you’ve forgotten how to be a servant. All you care about is being served.

At some point you may have given your life to Christ, but somewhere you took your eyes off of God and His Son Jesus Christ. God can’t use you the way you are, because you’re too full of vanity. It’s time to come down off of your pedal stool so that you may be a true prospect the Lord can use.

You can’t be both in the world and of the world; yet preaching God’s Word; thinking it’s alright by God. It’s not! You know you’re wrong and if you don’t stop it one day you won’t have an opportunity to ask for forgiveness. If this happens, when your eyes close for the last time, dead is what you will be and you will not have eternal life. Stop trying to gain the world only to lose your soul. I’m not trying to hurt no one, I’m trying to help somebody, before it’s too late.



This post is for any and everyone. I based the title on the mind and how people allow their minds to leave them in broken states of mind. It doesn’t matter who a person is, most allow things from their pasts to stunt their growth in life. This post is to help people understand life doesn’t have to be this way.

No matter what a person goes through or have gone through there’s someone who has gone through or is going through worse. I know reading this doesn’t make a person feel any better, however the statement is still true. This means regardless of what a person is going through it’s NEVER as bad as they think it is. I understand it may be bad to the person going through it, but the truth is all things we go through are only as bad as we perceive them to be.

I’ve been encouraging people and providing some form of intervention for years. I truly understand how the mind can take a person on a trip. I’ve seen things and if I didn’t tell myself okay enough is enough, you’ve let it play over in your head long enough, my mind would keep replaying it. The reason most people continue to live in the same states of mind for years, is because they aren’t able to stop re-playing memories and thoughts of the things they’ve seen, heard, or have gone through. We’re all human and at some point it happens to us all, but when we can’t move on from things this is when dysfunction occurs.

The problem with most is they haven’t yet learned how to get past things that have caused negative  disturbances in their lives. This is why so many are constantly re-living the memories of their pasts. They are living the residual affects of the actual experiences. Their lives are in disarray  and many can’t seem to function without disorder and chaos. Most are living a lifelong pity party; not understanding or accepting the fact that no one has to live this way.

I don’t care what you go through. I don’t care how bad it was. I don’t care what you have done. I don’t care how bad it was, you can get past it. Most people stay in a darkened state of mind of their own freewill. They don’t want to let go of what their parents did or didn’t do. They don’t want to let go of what happened to them (regardless of what it was). Instead of moving on many choose to waddle in their situations and continue to allow the thoughts to play around in their heads. This leads to different forms and levels of self destruction.

People want to blame it on things such as their dads not being in their lives, others on their mom’s not being in their lives, and many on being past victims of all forms of sexual abuse or physical. It’s all an EXCUSE. I know this may upset people but it is still the truth. What you’ve gone through was a real event, but it’s over. People continue to re-play it in their heads and it causes them a life of pain and suffering.

Each of us were born in this world without knowledge or input. None of us got a chance to say whether we wanted to be born or who our parents would be. The fact is we’re here. When we allow what has been said and done to us by others to disrupt the rest of our lives it is no one’s fault but our own. Many give all power to the past and those who wronged them. Sad part about it is many of those people who wronged you are dead in the grave or have gone on with their lives. Yet many still live a life of self destruction over it, rendering themselves powerless.

I’m not being inconsiderate or insensitive. I’ve personally gone through MANY storms. However, I chose to NOT allow what I’ve gone through to cause me to want to give up on myself or life. People can be ruthless, heartless, and plain cruel. It goes for friends, family  relatives, and others. Many hurt others because of what they’ve gone through. People seem to forget how painful things were when they were going through hell. Far too many have gone on to do the same things to others.

No person has to subject his or herself to a lifetime of misery because of what they’ve gone through in life. You made it through right? If you made it through you can get past it. Too many are held captive not by their minds, but to their minds. It’s all about negative thinking. People hold on to negative memories. They hold those memories inside and allow them to take root in their lives. They water the roots when they continue to re-live the memories on a daily basis in their actions and behaviors.

No matter who you are or where you are in your life, today you can move forward from the negativity and stagnation you’ve allowed to overcome and envelop you. None of us can go back to live what we have already lived. Unfortunately many remain stagnant and stuck due to their unwillingness to let things go and move forward. Instead they re-live their painful memories over and over. They turn to lives of crimes, drugs, alcohol. self mutilation, suicidal and homicidal tendencies or the act itself, immortal sexual acts or sex addiction, abuse (giving or receiving), and the list goes on. It’s easier to live with the familiarity of misery then to move forward and make a lasting change, because change means putting in the time and effort to make it happen. Many do nothing but complain. They choose to continue living their lifelong pity party.

Many become content with their lives. Some will say “you think I want to be this way or I don’t want to be this way.” I say YES YOU DO. When you’re seriously tired of being the way you are you will make a change. Unfortunately many will continue to subject themselves to destructive ways of life. A lot of them blame EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, but fail to take ownership and responsibility of their own lives, actions, and behaviors.

A person who doesn’t choose to move towards change is a person who is content and comfortable with their life. If you’re comfortable don’t complain. You have a choice to change, question is will you?



Today I am writing about each of us. I am writing to help someone understand something important. For those of you who believe in God, but know you’re not truly serving Him this is for you. Many in this world believe that because they go to church Sunday after Sunday, sing in the choir, work on the usher board, pay tithes, preacher, teachers, motivational speakers, bishops, are deacons in the church, holding different positions under different titles etc. etc it will help them to make it into the Kingdom. I’m here to tell you it won’t.

Stop believing you will get in because of what you do, because most people are doing it to be pleasing in the sight of man. Nothing matters if your heart and mind isn’t right. If your mind and heart isn’t changed nothing you do or have done will make a difference.

People must stop fooling themselves. Every single thing you do God knows. Everything you do in the dark or in what you think is secret; God knows. He knows your heart and He knows your thoughts. I don’t know why people continue to think they’re hiding. You’re not!

Your heart and mind must change. You can be saved all day, but if your heart and mind isn’t right, you being saved has no merit. I’m not trying to judge, and I didn’t make it up, God said it. He paved the way and He told us how to live. Many glorify man and they live to please him.

When your heart and mind has been renewed a change has taken place. You don’t desire to do the things you once did. The things you do will be from your heart and no longer to please man, they will be to please God. Your thoughts of everything will be different. You will constantly stay focused on being pleasing in the sight of God, it is what will keep you on track. You will be conscious and aware of your doings, sayings, comings, and goings. Until your heart and mind change you will profess Him from your lips but your hearts will be far from Him. It is why people will continue to live any kind of way and think they will have a seat in the Kingdom. To think this way is clear indication a person’s heart and mind aren’t right.

When your heart and mind is right your focus will always be on Jesus first. I’m not saying you will be reading the Word all day long, but you will be committed to reading it. I’m not saying you will be crying hallelujah all day and saying praise the Lord all day, but you will have a praise in your heart all of the time. I am saying there will be true conviction and true change. You won’t see or do things the same. There will be a change in you. You can’t do what you once did and you won’t have the desire to. You will understand everything against God will have to cease. You will look back and realize how God has kept you through your mess. You will cry out to Him, because although you didn’t realize it; He was there all the time. He protected you from dangers see and unseen when you know you were deep in your mess.

Too many want to do any and everything they choose, but they want to say they’re living for God. Lies! There’s no way. You can’t go to church on the Sunday and drunker than a dog on Monday through Saturday. You can’t continue to satisfy your fleshy desires (adultery, fornication, etc) or partying like a rock star up in the club and going to church on Sunday and say you’re dancing for Jesus. Some of you could get Emmys and Grammys for your church performances. You can’t be singing for Jesus and the devil both; that’s not serving the true and living God. Many of you claim you do it to reach the younger generation, etc. Lies! You do it because you’re straddling the fence. God isn’t listening to that excuse. It doesn’t work that way. You’re fooling yourselves. Not one time did God bow down and do what man did to get His point across. Not one time did He change to please man. Man do it, because they are straddling the fence.

God said “if you’re not for me, then you’re against me.” Point blank, there you have it! It’s in the Word, I didn’t make it up. You can keep fooling yourself if you want to. No way you can have a true personal relationship with the true living God and doing things against Him at the same time. You’re fooling yourself but when your heart and mind has changed you will see the light and you definitely will get understanding.

The bottom line of it all is I’m praying that you get it right and seek God while you can. Get on His side and stay there, because the ways of this world is going to become worse. Nothing but the Word of God will stand. If you don’t know if for yourself and have it in you, so sorry for you. If you read this and get mad, it only means I’m talking to you; about you. If it hurts, good! I’m trying to help somebody. I can’t save no one, but I can tell you about a Man who can save EVERYBODY. He doesn’t want anyone to perish.