Natural and Supernatural Forces at Work


Think about it! These days and times there are senseless killings. People are claiming to kill in the name of their god’s. People are coerced to take innocent lives for no apparent reason (so it appears). Truth is it’s the workings of natural people dealing with the supernatural or the supernatural dealing with natural people. Either way one has connected with the other. It is all a form of darkness.

My question is this; what God has so LITTLE power, He need you to kill and destroy in His name? What God has so much hatred He will ask, command, or order you to kill in His name? Think about it, does it make any sense at all? It may be the god/s of many, but it certainly isn’t God who is in Heaven. Many people are weak and babes in the spirit they will follow anyone who have some form of power. If a babe who is on milk, is trying to eat meat what happens? The meat will choke them to death right?

Many are choked to death spiritually, because they are babes. People are being led by their false gods into false beliefs. Whether they have power or not they aren’t God. They are people who they themselves are disturbed in their spirits. They are people who have experienced something along the way that has caused them to be full of darkness. If not tapped into the light, you’re tapped into darkness.

People must stand against evil. If you’re contemplating harming yourself or others in the name of your god, please don’t. Why would you want to serve a god who wants you to kill innocent people for no good reason? If you’re plagued with something supernatural seek help. Don’t ever be embarrassed, too prideful, or ashamed to seek help for something in which you don’t understand. If you don’t it can consume you.

The world will deal with many topics but not the topics of evil and the supernatural. They will make movies about it, but most people will not openly speak about it. Sadly even people who profess to be Saints of God will not deal with this topic out of fear or people thinking they’re crazy. Just because people refuse to face it doesn’t mean it do not exist. I believe if people would make it a legitimate topic of conversation it can help people who are secretly dealing with their demons. The world wants to call everything mental illness when it is NOT! This world is full of evilness. It is seeking whom it can devour and it is swallowing up many. If people don’t understand what they are dealing with they don’t know how to fight it.

The devil is rejoicing every single time a person succumbs to their demons. The devil feels he’s victorious every time people take the lives of others or their own lives. He’s actually a defeated foe under your feet if you believe it. I know it’s hard to understand if you don’t serve the true and living God. There are millions serving god’s but those gods isn’t God the Father and Jesus Christ!

I believe when people are connected and in tune with their bodies they know what is happening to them whether natural or supernatural. They know something is different. Sadly many fall prey to what is happening to them because they aren’t in tune. We all experience spiritual and mental warfare. However, the difference is when we know and have a personal relationship with the true and living God; His Jesus Son, and the Holy Spirit; we know the tricks of the enemy..

When you talk about the supernatural people want to think you’re crazy. The Bible says ‘for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” I believe this is natural and supernatural.

Anytime a person has bad thoughts in their head it can lead to a serious problem. It is clearly a sign something is wrong. Too many fail to seek help. They fail to seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of what is happening and I believe it is why many succumb to the darkness. Evil is just as prevalent in this world as good! When people understand and accept this, maybe then things will change for those who are afflicted.

Envy Into Hate


I’ve written about racism several times, so today I will give racist people another reason to be mad. Skin is skin all it can do is cover the body to protect what’s beneath. The problem isn’t the skin color it is the people who have a issue with it.

I’m sick and tired of seeing people who are prejudice against a person because of the color of their skin. The problem isn’t a person’s skin color YOU are the problem; the one whose hating. You and your many distorted views and warped mental states. You have give enormous amounts of power to what you claim to hate. Does this make any type of sense? It clearly shows the brown/dark skin isn’t the problem, the problem is the racist person.

I challenge all racist people to look at yourselves in the mirror. What do you see? Obviously someone you are unhappy with, no way you can be happy harboring hate. Hate is very dark, ugly, and evil! I say all racist, because some racist people have the same skin color as the Brown/dark skin person. Your attitude is a learned behavior and your developed hate is a learned behavior. You have inner issues that have pooled up out of your dark hearts and have absurd your thinking due to learned behaviors. People who hate on their own race’s skin color or just as ignorant as any other racist people. They too were taught negative things against their own kind and they fell for the nonsense! Sad, but true!

I don’t know who told you that you were better or superior, but they told you a big lie. No race is superior over any other race and no race is pure. At the end of it all WE ALL came from the exact same seed. WE ALL are connected in some way. No one race is pure, not one!

It’s not about the skin color. It’s about the envy inside of the racist person. People hate the skin because of what it represents. If Brown/dark skinned people were the one’s oppressed and enslaved, why are they the one’s hated? If they were beaten, raped, ripped from families, and murdered, then why are they’re the one’s who are hated? If they were held down and kept from learning how to read, etc, why are they the one’s who are hated? If they were talked about, lied on, and persecuted; why are they the ones who are hated?

Thing is I believe it’s envy turned into hate. It’s envy that although down they didn’t stay there. It’s envy although murdered, raped, persecuted, mocked, scorned, beaten, ripped from families, enslaved, and oppressed they managed to overcome it all. They managed to learn to read, become inventors, teachers, politicians, celebrities, lawyers, doctors, etc. etc. In their darkest hours they drew strength and learned how to be resilient. They turned adversities into resilency! It taught them to have mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual toughness. This is why the Brown/dark skinned race are hated. This race stands when they should have been counted down and out! They are hated because of it.

I know some do, but what if the Brown/dark skinned race hated for all their ancestors went through? What if they hated for the travesties their ancestors had to endure? It would be just as ridiculous for them to hate over it as it is for any other race to hate. The majority of people hating didn’t endure any of it (Brown/dark skinned people nor any Caucasians or whomever). However, they continue to carry the torches for those who have long passed on. Why? What sense does it make? Stop giving power to foolishness. Most of you didn’t endure any of it personally and really don’t know anyone who did. Yet, you’re angry, but for what?

Hating for any reason is a learned behavior. It is a behavior that can be unlearned if people choose. What did a person do to you personally? Figure that one out!! I’m sure the answer will be NOTHING! You have crazy Brown/dark skinned people and crazy Caucasians and all other races. All races do the same foolishness and all races do the same types of good things. All races have the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not ONE single race is exempt!

The racism needs to stop! It stops with each of us individually. As I’ve said many times before my family is a stew. We have all races (Brown/dark skinned, Caucasian, Korean, Puerto Rican, Mexican, African, European, etc. We embrace it all, because that’s what we do! Skin is just skin, it is people who make a big deal out of it! Those who do are 100% the problem! A racist person don’t have to be racist, they are by choice! I don’t care what was taught, any person who chooses can change their ways of thinking.

People miss out on the possibilities of beautiful friendships because they are too busy giving power to what they claim to hate. Smart right?? No, it shows how ignorant people are and they don’t even realize the power they give to what they claim to hate.

You’re no better than I am, I’m no better than you! No race is better than another it is a figment of imagination to think so. We all breathe air to live and we all have red blood in our veins. No race have anything different than another race that makes them unique. We all need the same things to live and WE ALL will someday die! We are ALL born into skins we didn’t select. No one should be punished for it or hated over it. If you were taught to hate because of skin color, you were taught wrong, I don’t care who taught you. It is WRONG!

People make everything a black and white issue, it’s so sad. I quite often hear results of statistics and research where the Brown/dark skinned race always comes out with the worst of the worst. It’s rigged most times. I’ve gotten a couple of graduate degrees in my days and I know all about research. I know how things can be manipulated to come out exactly how you hypothesized. It is another way to keep people in oppressed mindsets. People better wake up!

I didn’t use the term black or white, because honestly race wise they don’t exist. I’ve never in life seen a black person, I seen some really dark people, but never a black one. I’ve never in life seen a white person, I’ve seen some really pale colored skin tones, but never a white person. Those terms were given to add further strength to the racism. They were given as a way to put down one race and pump up the other. It’s ridiculous.

When will the foolishness end? I will be glad when Jesus returns to end all of the stupidity going on in this world! He is going to separate the right from the wrong, period!

Stunting Your Growth


Many people fail to realize they are in their own way. They know it all and they think they have it all together. If people would put as much or more emphasis on worrying about self, they would be much better off. Too many people put everyone else above self. They focus way too much on being what other people want them to be versus focusing on who they are or what they want to become.

Most people stunt their own growth because they refuse to acknowledge the fact they are responsible for who they choose to become. I don’t care what happened along the way or who did it; how we choose to become depends solely on each of us individually. There are many who will not grasp hold of this truth. They will continue in life the same way and most will die unchanged.

There are unlimited things available to us all if we apply ourselves. A lot of people won’t get off of their dusty stumps to do anything different. They have become fixated and content in their wrong ways of thinking, feeling, and acting until they’ve stunt their own growth. Most do it because they spend most of their lives blaming other people for who they’ve chosen to become.

Most times in life no one is shelling out anything for free. Whatever you want out of life you have to set goals and move towards those goals. Sometimes you will have support, but many times you won’t. If you don’t keep on moving towards your goals. It all depends on you. You shouldn’t live your life for anyone or allow anyone to try an live your life for you.

Stop stunting your own growth and stop allowing others to stunt your growth. Stop waiting for or looking for the approval of others. Many people mess up because they become too sidetracked when they don’t get support or approval of others. News flash; everyone you love won’t love you and everyone who says they support you, don’t and won’t! It’s as simple as that! Keep it moving!

No one can get from point A to B if they’re standing in the same spot. You must move! Life will throw you curved balls, but that’s just it; it’s a part of life! As I recently said “don’t make what is meant to be stepping stones; stumbling blocks.” Stepping stones you step on or jump over and keep going (moving towards your goals), but stumbling blocks can knock you down and stunt your growth, they keep you from progressing. What you choose is up to you!

Enslaved by Feelings and Emotions


Millions are in many situations because they are being held mentally captive by their own free will. It doesn’t only apply to relationships it applies in all aspects of a person’s life. However this post is concerning relationships. It’s terrible the bad choices and decisions make based on what they think is love, especially when children are involved. I can talk or write about it all day, but people have to understand it for self. Many people find themselves in terrible situations and relationships because they are going off of feelings and emotions and NOT looking at the truth. They can’t see past their feelings and emotions.

When I was young I did it once, it was enough for me to learn. I never made the mistake again. You must see beyond what you’re feeling. Everything starts with a thought, however; if your thoughts are distorted then it means your feelings and emotions will be absurd. A person think they know the truth, but they are basing it on their distorted views. Those views are distorted because their thinking is distorted. The old saying is VERY true “everything that glitters isn’t gold.”

Never, ever, never get caught up in a situation or with someone where you are basing things solely on how you’re feeling. You are bound to make bad choices and decisions. People do this every single day. If you don’t know people who do this personally, I’m sure you’ve at least have heard about them. Yet, people continue to do it!

A person will never change their ways of thinking if they don’t think they have a problem. They will never change if they think what they do is right. They will never change if they think they have it all together. They will never change if they have given power to their feelings and emotions. When a person do not change they only remain the same.

Many make bad decisions and choices, some to the extreme of death either to self or a loved one. It takes self love and maturity to be able to see past your feelings. I believe with everything in me, when a person truly love his or herself they are careful and selective in who or what they allow in their life.

There are many people who want what isn’t good for them. The sad part many of these people know it’s not good for them from the start. Yet they can’t see the truth, because they are blind by their feelings and emotions. Relationships will continue to fail until people wake up! Those you choose to become involved with will treat you exactly how you allow. If you don’t care about and love yourself, don’t expect anyone to genuinely care and love you. It starts with you!

When you Don’t Love Yourself


It is apparent to most people, but not apparent to the individual. Most people think they have it all together, however the truth is told in the decisions people make about their lives. People are quick to say they want to know the truth until you give it to them, then they are upset with you.

There are many people in this world who are seeking love and many unfortunately think they’ve found it. My question is how do you know what love is from someone else when if you first don’t love yourself or haven’t really experienced it from anyone?

People focus on receiving love from others, but not on loving self. Other people will treat you exactly how you allow. I don’t care how good you treat someone else people will play with your heart, feelings, and emotions for as long as you allow. Why you may ask? It’s because they too have issues they need to face. If a person don’t know what love is they will accept what they are getting as love.

This is why we see many women and men getting with people who abuse them or kill them. They also abuse or kill their children. This is why we see people getting with individuals who drain them financially, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Again, people do to you what you allow. What they think is love simply is not!

When a person is desperate for love they will do anything to get it. This is a person who doesn’t love his or herself. There’s no way possible a person can love his or herself an allow someone else to mistreat them or their children. No way on earth! People who love self no their worth!

You shouldn’t have to buy love. By the way it’s impossible to buy love, people think they can. They aren’t buying love, they are buying the other person. Stop giving and watch what happens! You shouldn’t have to ever deal with abuse, disrespect, belittling, controlling individuals, obsessed or possessive individuals, or people who cause you or your loved ones harm. None of it signifies love in no kind of way.

A lot of people don’t know what love is, because it’s how they were brought up and unfortunately they got comfortable with it and settled for it. What I mean is as people get older who they choose to become falls on them. We can stay the same or we can choose to change. Point blank! People who do not embrace change carry baggage from one place to another continuing to pile up the drama in their lives and the lives of others.

If a person doesn’t love his or herself they will take and take either until some tragic happen or their eyes become open and they realize the unhappy relationship they are in. If you don’t love yourself people will sense your vulnerability and many will prey on you. Other people can sense when a person is eager in their quest for love. The people who prey have their own issues as well, but the individuals who become involved with them can’t see their issues, because they can’t see their own.

Love is many things, but it’s never abusive, disrespectful, controlling, demanding, obsessive, or possessive. It can’t be brought with money or material things. If you don’t love yourself it’s time to look in the mirror and deal with you! No one can fix you, but you!

Think about why are you allowing someone to treat you the way they are. Think about why you are settling. You will find it starts and ends with you! A person may try one time, but if you love yourself, you will nip it in the bud asap! Don’t allow your feelings and emotions to blind you to the truth. If you do you will always find yourself getting in a bad situation or staying in one. As I always say; face that man or woman in the mirror and accept a change needs to occur!

Don’t let the World be Your Downfall


I know a lot of people get sick of me talking about this. God wishes for none of us to perish. Too many people are against Him in these days and times. It saddens me how some people simply don’t believe while others who claim to believe act as if they don’t. They live something opposite of what they profess. They pretend to be one way when they are actually another.

God can’t use any of us if we are “lukewarm.” In His Word He says “He will spew you from His mouth.” He despise “lukewarm” and it is going to be the downfall for many. People choose the world when everyday people are corrupting the world and it is being filled with more and more evil workings of people. People profess to love Jesus and God the Father, yet they live the lives of hypocrites. In all honesty can’t use anyone who is living this way.

Too many people make excuses for being how they choose to be. It’s all an excuse to continue to live for the world. None of us can live eternally with Jesus if we are trying to straddle the invisible fence I often mention. People who do this are only fooling themselves because God knows and sees it all.

This world isn’t worth losing your soul over. If Jesus isn’t worth a person serving with honesty and truth, then they don’t have a chance with anything else! Jesus is the ONLY way and none of us can get to the Father lest we go through the Son.

Every little thing a person who claims to love Jesus does to try an please man or hide from man is sealing their fate for sure damnation if they don’t change. Stop being a man pleaser and be a loyal Jesus pleaser. Stop trying to hide from man when Jesus sees every move you make. It doesn’t make sense and people obviously have such a profound disconnect until they think they are pulling the wool over Jesus eyes! It just isn’t possible!

If the world is who your flesh chases after then it is who you love the most. That means you’re not on Jesus side. It means you’re against Him and not for Him. It means if you don’t change you will gain the world, but lose your soul.

Our home here is only temporary. We all have a permanent home waiting and we decide now where it will be (Heaven or hell). When the curtain of life falls for the last time it is done and over; we get no more opportunities to change. We will have sealed our fate. Each day is a day to make the right decision. Each day we get is Him showing us how much He loves us; He gives us a chance to get right with Him. Still people continue to play with God.

Even if you say you choose Jesus if you’re double minded and living something other than what you profess you have NOT chosen Him. If you are living this way you DO NOT love Him. I don’t care what you say or think you DO NOT love Him and He isn’t pleased with what you’re doing! Please get right before it’s too late!!

Blaming Keeps You Stuck


When a person blame others for who they’ve become they hold back self. They don’t afford self the opportunity to change, because they become stuck and fixated. No one and I mean no one can become who they are meant to be if they are stuck in mental states of blaming other people for who they are.

As I’ve said and written many times before, I believe people and situations can contribute to who people become, however the ultimate decision is the individual’s. No one on earth is exempt from struggles, troubles, adversities, trials and tribulations, woes, sorrows, hardships, misfortunes, tragedy, or whatever you want to label them. We all will go through things and unfortunately sometimes they are things done to us by other people. Still; how we choose to hold on to things is determined by the individual NOT the other people.

We all have our own lives to live. If a person put all their time and energy to reliving and rehashing old things; they give power to it. Many think they are hurting the other person/people by being angry and acting out, truth is people who do this are hurting self the most. If a person live their life blaming other people they do not have the chance to change. These types of people spend years of their lives blaming other people instead of changing and making their lives better.

No matter what you go through it doesn’t have a grip on you, people choose to grip and hold on to those things; even though they are long gone and the benefit of holding on is none. Many people spend their entire lives angry over things that happened years and years ago. They can’t mature or grow, because they are stuck in unhealthy mindsets.

Regardless of what a person goes through if they don’t deal with whatever it is/was they will go a lifetime allowing it to affect them. No one has to live this way. Many people give power to those things and the pain and memories become so strong it consumes them. They become angry and bitter and it sickens them like a disease. They spend all of their time sulking and complaining. They are miserable and unhappy, yet they continue to blame without ever trying to get control of their lives. Many bring children into the world and raise them just like they are to be sad, depressed, angry, and bitter about life.

We all have the ability to change if it is what we choose. No one can take your power if you do not give it! People must take back their power from their pasts. Okay, you went through what you went through, but it’s over now. I’m not downplaying it, I’m not saying it wasn’t traumatic, I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I’m not saying any of it. I am saying the actual event is over, yet people allow their memories to keep them trapped in a time warp as if the event is happening in their present.

I can talk about it because I’ve been their, however I have never been one to blame. I could have, but I didn’t and I never have. I can tell you things I’ve gone through you wouldn’t believe, but yet here I am telling you that you don’t have to allow it to ruin your life. I could be angry, bitter, and all of it, but I choose otherwise. I can’t let anyone take my spirit from me, because they didn’t put my spirit in me. People allow what they’ve gone through to suck the life out of them, when they don’t have too!

You decide you want better, embrace better, and then do better! Accept whatever has happened, forgive people, and forgive yourself. When you forgive people it heals you. You can’t move towards change by holding on to what once was!

Trust He’s All You Need


I know in life some days are easier than others. If anyone says everyday is great, they are lying. We all have good and bad days, but in the midst of the bad days, God is still good! Many people add to their problems by the choices and decisions they make. There are a lot of people who are broken and sad. Many of them want to give up, but I encourage you to hang on in there.

Although His time isn’t ours, He doesn’t think like us, He’s still an on time God. He doesn’t always come when we want Him, but He’s always on time. He didn’t say he will supply our want’s but He did say He would supply our needs. A lot of people don’t know what they want, they continue to make bad choices and decisions, but God and His Son Jesus knows what we need.

God gave His only begotten Son Jesus and He’s everything we can ever imagine or think we need. He’s love when we feel no one cares, because many don’t have support or people to love them, He always loves us. Man’s love is conditional, however; the love of God and His Son Jesus is unconditional. He’s shelter in the time of storms, which doesn’t necessarily mean physical shelter, but it means spiritual shelter/protection. He’s our water when we are thirsty, this doesn’t necessarily mean running water, but the water of life from the depth of the well of water He supplies so we thirst no more.

He’s a friend to the friendless, a mother to the motherless, father to the fatherless, and so forth. He’s our first, last, beginning, and end. He’s our all and all. He’s our wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and many great things we all need. He’s a healer in our times of sickness, He’s our Comforter through the Holy Spirit. He’s peace when things seems a little much, He’s joy, that’s why you should never let anyone take from you what they never gave you in the first place. Many people feel lonely because they get all into their feelings, but we don’t ever have to feel this way because we aren’t ever alone.

I can go on and on, but I hope you understand what I am trying to relay. He is everything we need. It is up to us who say we believe to trust, lean, and depend on Him. Everything we ask for isn’t necessarily what we need, trust that Jesus knows what’s best for you. Stop getting angry with Jesus, because when you do you’re allowing the flesh to lead. When you’re angry with Jesus you’re allowing the devil to steal your joy. Believe Jesus to be “the Great I AM, because that’s exactly who He is.

No one ever said when you live for Jesus your life would be trouble free. We still go through, but instead of trying to fix your situation trust and believe Jesus got it! He can handle it if you turn it over.

Stepping Stones Into Stumbling Blocks


I hope all is well. I am actually recuperating from surgery. I am doing well it’s a 6 week recovery. However, I wanted to post since I didn’t post last week.

I wanted to encourage someone today. I find through communicating with many people they have allowed their stepping stones to become stumbling blocks. People have a tendency of doing this mostly out of fear.

Stepping stones are things on your individual journeys that are meant to move you from point A to B. They are often there to set a person up for another phase in life. They are meant to be temporary. They provide opportunity for growth and they open doors. Sometimes they may not be what a person really want, however they are only temporary moments setting you up for something greater. Problem is a lot of people get frustrated because of what the stepping stone entails. Some people may feel they deserve more. They oftentimes feel it’s beneath them. Sometimes people feel it’s too much. People don’t want what comes along with it. Bottom line is people forget they’re only pumping their brakes, it’s not supposed to be a stopping point.

Stumbling blocks are things that come along which oftentimes make people want to question why they do what they do. They make people feel like throwing in their towel. They are hindrances and forms of blockages keeping people from getting to the next level. People sometimes feel defeated, they get discouraged. Stumbling blocks can knock people down and out if it’s what they allow.

Truth is stepping stones are a way to build us up for the next level. Unfortunately most people allow their temporary stepping stones to become their stumbling blocks when they were never meant to be. People get opportunities and because of fear, self doubt, lack of faith, lack of esteem and confidence they allow what is supposed to be stepping stones to become stumbling blocks. When this happens people turn down opportunities and stay in the same place. They begin to let opportunities to pass them by because they make their stepping stones their stumbling blocks.

Many people are afraid of change. People shouldn’t allow their fears to keep them stuck and afraid to maneuver through their stepping stones in life.
If a person does their stepping stones become stumbling blocks hindering them and keeping them stagnant. People who do this fail to mature and grow. They miss out on a lot in life because of their inabilities to move forward.

Never be afraid to use your stepping stones to your advantage. Your stepping stones aren’t there to hinder or knock you down. They will if you have
allowed them to become your stumbling blocks.