Should You Stay or Should You Go


The decision lies with you, however you must be able to make it with a clear head. You must be able to deal with your situation without continuing to allow your heart to lead, this is the ONLY way you will make the right choice. Allowing your heart to lead got you where you’re at and dealing with what you’re dealing with.

Far too many people get into and stay into dysfunctional relationships. I’ve written many times about how people get into relationships for the wrong reasons and stay in them for all of the wrong reasons. Many people are too busy seeking love in all of the wrong ways and the wrong places. They lose focus trying to find something in others that they themselves don’t have. They are seeking love in others when they don’t love themselves. Some of you may not agree, but it’s true. When a person REALLY love his or herself, they will be careful the types of people they become involved with or allow into their lives. They will NOT allow anyone to treat them any ole kind of way.

People continue to get into bad relationships, relationships with clear signs the relationships are not good for them. Yet they continue on with these relationships because as I’ve always said, “they are allowing their hearts to lead.”

Do you stay in a relationship that has drained you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physical? If you’re at that point, I believe you’ve stayed too long.

Do you stay in a relationship where you’re constantly crying, sad, miserable, and lonely? If you do, you will stay that way until you either decide to work on it or you decide to move on. Remember, just because you want to work at it, doesn’t mean the person you’re with do. It won’t ever be a healthy relationship if you’re not on the same accord.

Do you stay in a relationship where you’re constantly disrespected and abused? I think NOT! This isn’t love. Too many people stay in these types of relationships until they get to a point where they’re too afraid to leave. If this is the case, YOU’VE STAYED TOO LONG. You should NEVER be afraid of the person you’re with. Unfortunately some never leave because they die in their unhealthy and abusive relationships.

Do you stay in a relationship where you’re constantly cheated on? You’re not the reason a cheater cheats. It doesn’t matter how you look, what you have, etc; a cheater will cheat. When a person is content with someone constantly cheating on them they’re a person with issues that has caused them to devalue his or herself. You’ve taught your significant other how to treat you. No matter how much you love someone it won’t make them love you, it won’t keep them with you, and it certainly won’t keep them from cheating.

Do you stay when there’s no affection between the two of you, you’re sleeping separate NOT because of health reasons but because your significant other doesn’t want to be near you, and they clearly don’t want to be with you? It’s unbelievable the amount of people who are in these types of relationships. They are basically roommates. This is very sad.

I can add many more scenario’s, but the bottom line of it all is to stay or leave is a decision ONLY you should make. I’ve written many posts saying that people treat you EXACTLY how you allow them too. If you let someone treat you any way they choose; then it’s EXACTLY what they will do. Point blank!!!

People need to get out of their feelings and face their situations with honesty and truth. Relationships normally end how they started, but oftentimes at the other end of the spectrum. For example if the relationship is built on sex, sex is the last thing either person will want. Unless a person has matured into a mature adult individuals will continue to get into relationships based on feelings of their hearts. These relationships are doomed from the start. These types of relationships either won’t last or will end up dysfunctional.

Despite of a person’s feelings towards his or her significant other, it takes both individuals to develop a healthy relationship. It doesn’t matter who it is; a person will or can ONLY do to you what you have allowed. If you allow a person to treat you bad for so long they will become inconsiderate and complacent. They will take you for granted. If it’s okay with you how you’re treated, then this is EXACTLY why you’re treated the way you are. If it’s okay with you, it’s okay with them. Everyone together isn’t meant to be together and many find themselves trying to make something work when it isn’t meant to be. Get out of your feelings and face the truth!

You Are What You Believe


Many people are living day to day with negative thoughts of who they are. This negative way of thinking about yourselves was planted as seeds long ago and individuals have cultivated those seeds throughout their lives.

There are people who are suffering day to day. They can’t live a life of peace, because they can’t get pass all of the negative talk planted into them years ago. You’re not anything other than what you believe you are.

Remember I’ve said “hurt people, hurt people.” This is true! Most times people don’t understand why they do what they do. No one can move forward until they deal with their old issues. Most will continue to carry the same baggage throughout a lifetime.

You may be your mothers and fathers children, but you are NOT them. No matter what anyone have said you are not your parents. No matter what your parents have said to you, you are NOT them. No matter if you look like them or even if you have some of their characteristics (it’s normal you’re their offspring), YOU ARE NOT THEM! Stop allowing people to speak negativity into your lives and MOST of all STOP believing it.

A person can’t EVER acquire peace by constantly embracing negativity. You have the amazing ability inside of you to be whatever you choose to be. In order to the best you possible you must learn how to love yourself DESPITE what anyone has said negatively about or against you.

It is very sad that many people are walking around dysfunctional and not loving themselves because they believe the negative talk planted by others and the negative talk they continuously speak to themselves. Think of it metaphorically. Think of it as a person trying to find a priceless coin (signifying your life)in a closet piled to the ceiling with clothes (the clutter is the issues in your life that has caused you to become dysfunctional). It’s impossible to find the valuable coin UNTIL you de-clutter the closet by cleaning it out.

This is the way millions of people are living. They’re constantly piling problems and issues on top on one another and it’s wreaking havoc in their lives.

Not one single person living asked to be here, but guess what; here we are! We are given our lives and it’s up to each of us individually to decide how we will live it. I do understand as a child we don’t have a choice we survive according to what we are given. However, as we grow up into adults it’s up to us to learn another way. We can continue to embrace the way it was and what has caused us the pain and suffering or we can deal with the negativity and accept that it is what it is or was what it was and move on.

I can talk about it all, because I’ve been there. My adversities have truly made me stronger. Not only those that were put upon me by others, but also those that I put on myself. For me, all I can do is thank God Almighty for keeping me through it all and helping me to truly understand just how strong it made me and how it helped me to see clearly the things I missed before.

Things people do and say does hurt but how we allow those things to affect us is what’s most important. If you give people your power they will take it. If you allow what people say and do affect how you feel about yourself then it means you’re already not feeling good about yourself. This is something you need to work on, because it means there’s something you haven’t dealt with and is still holding on to.

I promise and guarantee if you learn how to love you your outlook on life will change. If you learn how to respect yourself it will teach you something about how you allow others to treat you. It equips you with a new confidence with self esteem and a power you’ve never known. People will look at you differently because you’re not the person you used to be. You will still have those who hate on you and hate you, THAT WON’T CHANGE. The reason this doesn’t change even though you have is because although you have a newness about you other people don’t, they are still embracing their pain and suffering. They will continue to be jealous, envious, and full of hatred.

You can’t fix other people, you can only fix you. You can pray for them (if you pray). You can provide them encouragement, knowledge, be a mentor, etc, but the bottom line of it all is the individual has to fix him or herself. They must want change in their lives.

People seek so much in life. They seek love, fame, fortune. They go through hell in order to get what they think they want until they get it; then they realize it may have been what they wanted, but not at all what they need.

This is a new day, which means it can be a new start for you. No longer give power to your negative self talk. No longer embrace the negative things you’ve been told by others (I don’t care who said it). No longer embrace the negative things that has happened to you. Embrace you and live!!! Too many are living true lives as the “walking dead.” They are alive, but dead spiritually, they don’t live, they’re unhappy. No one should be living this way! By becoming a stronger you, will be become a better you! This is what I pray you embrace.

If anyone reading don’t know God and His Son Jesus I recommend Him on today. The ways of the world are getting worse and worse. If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything, you will be like a loose leaf in the wind, blowing any way the wind blows, because you’re not rooted in anything. I know many don’t believe in Jesus, but all I can say is this: I’m not forcing Him on you, but since you’ve tried everything, why not try Him on today? It’s up to you, it’s your decision. When you accept Him it doesn’t mean trouble won’t come, but what it means is He’s your Rock in the midst of any troubles and you won’t look at those troubles the same. You learn how to lean and depend on Him and everything else rolls off of your back like water on oiled skin. That may sounds corny, but I know it’s the truth, I’m a witness! I’m not trying to force Him on anyone, but I must recommend Him. Peace and love to all!!!

Alone and Lonely


There are many people who are feeling sad and alone, because they aren’t in relationships. I’m here to encourage you on today. I ask that you stop looking at other relationships and feeling depressed, because you’re not in one. A lot of times the very relationships your admiring the people in them are as unhappy as you. Don’t get into a relationship out of loneliness just to say you’re with someone.

There are a lot of people starting off their relationships in the wrong way and getting into them for all of the wrong reasons. People are left brokenhearted due to the dysfunctional relationships they are in.

We all want someone to share out lives with, but if you choose someone out of desperation there will be consequences for the choices you make. More often then not people go into relationships based on their emotions. They overlook the truth basing their decisions and choices on how they feel about the other person, even when they sometimes know it’s a bad decision or choice. The stronger the emotions, the more oblivious people, because they want what they want; when they want it. This is clearly the mindset of an immature person!

Believe it or not when you’re alone, it’s the best time to figure out you! Take the time to get to know yourself. Take the time to mature and embrace being along and not think of it as a bad thing. During this time in your life you can grow into stronger and more mature individuals who understands what love is and what it isn’t. You can also learn to love you most of all. If you love yourself you won’t be eager to get into relationships just to say you’re in one. You will know what you need and you will know how to walk away from people who aren’t good for you, no matter how you’re feeling about them.

It’s better to be alone then to be with someone who isn’t treating you how you deserve and someone you’re not happy with. Many people settle, because they’d rather have some man or some woman than no one at all. This is a sad state of mind for anyone to be in. Any person thinking and feeling this way need to work on his or herself, because this is a very immature way to think. It leads to unhealthy relationships and many people are in them.

There’s nothing wrong with being alone and if you feel that there is, then you’re your own problem. Don’t put yourself out there feeling this way, because you will get into something you shouldn’t be in and you will later feel the negative effects of your poor choices and decisions.

You Must Walk the Talk (For Real)


Okay, I am going to talk about something that I am tired of hearing people talk about. There are far too many (so called) Holy people who don’t believe the words coming from their own mouths. This is an issue for many, because they can’t fathom the thought of living holy due to their inability and willingness to do so.

I’m here to tell you as a living witness it’s possible. It’ not about being perfect, because to man you will never be good enough, but you can be to God. It’s about knowing that you know in your heart and soul that Jesus is pleased with what He hears and sees in you. Despite of what the world says about you. They will hate on you, talk about you, be jealous of you, envy you, and even hate you, because of their short comings.

People make choices for many different reasons. People lie and pretend for many different reasons. None of it matters, because at the end of the day; God the Father and His Son Jesus knows all of what you do, say, and think are secrets. None of what you do or say is unknown to God. No matter how you play church, shuck, and jive, you can’t fool God. God cleans up whom He calls. He Qualifies who He elects. That’s point blank! “Many are called, but few are chosen” that is straight from the Bible. The truth always show in people’s actions (whether said, done, or whatever).

I’ve told people over and over that if you want to keep living any kind of way go for it, but it’s NOT the way of the Lord. Our way isn’t His way! This may be a Burger King World, but He’s not a Burger King God. People can keep fooling themselves or they can make a conscious decision to get it right. There is only one way and that is through Jesus the Son and by living according to God’s word.

People are damming themselves every day because they’re trying to live their way when it’s against God’s word. People want to be associated or affiliated with God the Father and His Son Jesus through different titles and organizations, but they don’t want to live according to His Word.

There are people who are designated leaders who are doing everything under the sun against God’s teachings. There are people going to church faithfully as if that’s going to get them into Heaven. They go out of tradition, but as the Word says “their hearts are far from Him.” People are serving man and worshipping man. They are dedicated to man, but NOT God. They say they love Him, but the Word says “if you love Him, you will keep His Commandments.)

You can live a Holy life if you choose, but it has to be a commitment to God and His Son Jesus first and then to yourself. You MUST give up this ole nasty world. There is NO way around it. You must truly submit to God and know whom you are serving. You should pray for both the Fruits and the Gifts of the Spirit. With Discernment you will know false teachers, false preachers, and false worshippers as they present themselves. They are seeking whom they can devour (doing exactly what pleases the devil).

When you’ve given up and submitted to God giving up this ole world has no affect on you, because you know you will gain eternal life. The world will no longer look or feel the same. The devil will try you left and right, but the more you stand against him and call him out, he will begin to flee. There’s no doubt you will become a new creature. You won’t be the same, you can’t be the same. All of your old ways of doing things (talking, walking, dressing, thinking, feeling, etc) will change. If you’re still doing it the same way then you need to re-examine yourself, because something is wrong.

I’ve found that people don’t receive it, because they don’t believe it. They don’t believe it, because they’re NOT ready to get off of the fence pole and start living for God. They want to keep a foot in the world. This mentality won’t work! Many will lose their soul’s if they don’t get it together.

People still want to fornicate, commit adultery, worship other people and idols, conform to the world and it’s ways, they want to do everything they want to do when they know it’s against God’s Word. Yet they are leaders and teachers in the church. They are people sitting on the pews every Sunday claiming to be this when they know they are that! Leaders and teachers are people who supposed to be living by a standard and by example. These are the folks being worshipped, idolized, and followed. Blind leading the blind and it’s NOT God’s way!

People are comfortable, compliant, and content with mixing the world with the church. You can do this when you’re still in the world and it won’t bother you, but if you’re a true Saint, you’re not having it, because you know it’s NOT God’s way. God said specifically to separate ourselves, but people still want to mix and mingle.

You can say you love Him all day long, you can hoop and holler all day long, you can cry and sling snot all day long, but if you’re not living what you profess all you’re doing is putting on a show for man. That’s it!!! Like it or not, it’s the truth! Man has no Heaven or Hell to put you in. In fact man has to stand before God for his and herself.

If you read the Word you know He is the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. He’s Alpha and Omega, He’s everything! Yet, many choose the world and all of it’s glory (riches, fame, fortune). People build and lay all of their treasures up on earth. They seek fame and fortune, the glamour and the glitz. Nothing here on earth will last and when we die NONE of it is any good to us. If we gain the whole world we WILL lose our souls. I didn’t make it up, it’s in the Word.

It’s your choice what you decide, but know this one thing: time will run out for pretending to be this, when you know you’re that. When you turn it over to Jesus and you accept Him and live your life for Him, those who claim to love you sometimes will walk away. Let them walk! On this journey you have to stand on your own and alone. It’s no buddy system, you have to do it on your own.

If you know you’re sold out to God and His Son Jesus and without any apprehension you can face the man in the mirror and know you are living inside of your home what you profess to the world, then God is pleased with you. This is what it takes to live Holy. You must give up the world, you must die daily, you must be renewed daily. Every day you live you honor God for grace, mercy, and your life. You think God before you do or say anything. In the beginning it may seem hard, but if you’re sincere it becomes more doable; then it becomes a way of life.

There are plenty of people who claim to love me, but I know in their hearts they can’t stand to see me coming. I’m often times never included, but I honestly care less, it’s not about people, it’s about God and my relationship with Him. Some people straight hate on me, because I won’t do what they do. I have given up the ways of the world, I choose Jesus not sometimes when it’s convenient and for show, but all of the time 24/7 hours a day, 365 a year, because it’s necessary and the ONLY way I can live with a peace that surpasses all understanding!!!

I’ve gone through so much, I’ve seen and dealt with things most wouldn’t believe or could accept. I’ve been tried by the fire, yet I stand; and in my standing, if I hadn’t of gone through all I went through to get here today, my life would be different. I wouldn’t have made it through, but because I trusted in God and I cast my cares and my fears on Him, I made it through EVERY single time. It has made me much stronger. I work within the power God gave me and because I believe, I receive much strength. I know He’s real, I know what He can and will do if you allow. It’s possible to live Holy, but you must truly want it.

Many days you may want to throw in the tile, but then you remember troubles don’t last always and “joy cometh in the morning.” We have to learn to tarry and know He is EXACTLY who He says He is. That’s what I believe!!! I’m not trying to force it on anyone, I’m simply telling you about me. I’m telling you what I know. I don’t take the Word and try to twist it or manipulate it, I see it for what it is. Accept it or not! There is a price to be paid for taking from the Word and for adding to the Word, both are against the Word of God.

I want people to truly grasp the fact that there will be no get out of hell tickets passed out. There will be no excuses accepted, because you already have been given guidance. The time is now, tomorrow may never come! While people are trying to fake it, it’s blocking them from ever making it into the Kingdom.



Was it your choice? Did you choose to come in this world the color you are? The only choice in the matter was with the woman who conceived you. Why do people hate on others due to the color of their skin? It’s JUST skin! A person’s skin color doesn’t make them inferior or superior to another race. It’s all so ignorant. All of the hate is a LEARNED behavior.

There are many people in this world who are acting out and don’t have a clue what’s going on. They are hating individuals because of their skin color. The ONLY slavery they know is what they’re experiencing. They are slaves and held in bondage by their ways of thinking; which by the way was learned at some point in their lives. They act out foolishly by saying ignorant and mean things. They commit unthinkable acts, but they have NO clue the true root to why they feel the way they do. All they know is what they’ve been taught. Many are obvious followers of those before them who have taught hatred.

There are young one’s acting out because they got it from the older ones. Most of the people they learned the behavior from are like them, they know NOTHING about slavery other than the slaves they’ve become. The sad, sad, part is they don’t realize they are slaves. They have become their own slaves and are held in captivity by their own ways of thinking. They have made themselves prisoners and they don’t even know it. How sad is that????

Hate keeps you in bondage. It makes you a SLAVE, when you have allowed it to taint your spirit and your ways of thinking. You have given power to hatred! No race is better than the next. No one on earth is white and no one on earth is black. Those are words given by man to pump up one race and to break down another. It’s sad; but it’s even more it’s ignorant!

How can SOME people hate others who have darker skin than their own when they are going to tanning booths, spray tanning, sunbathing and you name it to end up the same color? Do that make ANY sense? It’s foolish!!!! Many people have carried this foolish way of thinking around for years and years, yet they don’t change. Lives are crippled by hatred. It makes no sense!

When will it get better? When will people stop the foolishness? We have people hating their own race due to the color of their skin. It’s because of what they were taught. We have people hating other races, due to the color of their skin; when not one single person on the face of the earth had a choice in what skin color they were born in.

No matter what anyone thinks, no race is better than the next. No one race is superior than the next. No one race is inferior to the next. We all live, we all experience pain, love, sorrow, joy, peace, happiness, the good, the bad, the ugly, and we ALL will someday die. Your skin color doesn’t make you exempt from none of it.

There are many people who are brainwashed and couldn’t give you a good reason why they hate another race if you paid them too. It’s a learned behavior, but the good news it can be unlearned. Each individual on earth has a role they can play in this if they choose. The cycle needs to be broken. Society must stop shading the entire world one color and postulating that if you don’t look a certain way you’re less than. It’s such a ridiculous and shallow way of thinking.

If you peeled the skin of a person from all races you wouldn’t know the difference, because what keeps us alive looks the same and works the same for all of us. We all need a heart, lungs, kidneys, etc to live and we all have red blood pumping through our bodies.

Every race has the good, the bad, and the ugly. There’s way too little love and way too much hate in this world. I wrote an earlier post that said “Nothing Conquers Hate, but Love.” That’s a fact! All of what we’ve become was learned at some point and in some way (good or bad). As individuals we can make a difference one person at a time. Stop being a part of the problem and become a part of the solution!

Poverty reigns in all races, uneducated individuals reigns in all races, stupidity reigns in al races, ignorance reigns in all races, rich/wealthy individuals reigns in all races, slothful people reigns in all races, criminals reigns in all races, brilliant individuals reigns in all races, and the list goes on and on. People are hating individual’s based on the color of their skin; how immature is that?

I pray that there is a turn around in the way people think. I pray that people learn to embrace one another no matter the skin problem. I pray for peace, love, and tranquility all across the world. The very one you hate, may be the very one who someday save your life or be the very one who helps you out in the time of need!