Addicts and the Choices They Make


This is a somewhat personal post. My uncle died just this week due to the affects of alcoholism. He isn’t the first of my family members to die due to this. My uncle repeatedly said he didn’t want to give it up, he wasn’t giving it up, and if it kills him it kills him. Guess what? It did just that! I am sad he’s gone, but he made his choice. He clearly made it.

I’ve always said people make excuses when it comes to substance abuse. First they don’t want to admit they’re addicted and second they often choose the substance over their own lives. I DO NOT believe it’s a disease. It can cause disease and illnesses. I DO NOT believe it’s genetic at all. I believe it’s a choice that turns into habit and then into a lifestyle.

I was upset at my uncle because we had many conversations about giving it up, but he strongly refused to although he’d been drinking 50+ years. He said he liked it and he didn’t want to stop. He said to me many times “I know it’s a choice and it’s what I choose.”

It’s beyond sad to know people give all of their power to substances. This isn’t genetic. If it’s genetic so is over eating, smoking weed, shooting up drugs, popping pills, snorting drugs, etc. No it’s not genetic it is a choice turned into habit. There’s absolutely no good in it.

People may get upset at me, but it’s okay. The truth is still the truth! As I’ve said many times anything you don’t control controls you! That’s anything! If you give your power it will control your life. It’s a choice to do it or not to do it!

If alcoholism was genetic then surely I should be one. It’s nothing I ever chosen. I never done a recreational drug in any form. I’ve always been too fearful of things like that. I never entertained the thought. NO matter what I went through I never chose it.

I know we all go through things differently in life, but at the end of the day whether good or bad; everything is about choices. Many people make excuses but those excuses doesn’t negate the fact the decisions are choices people make. Excuses keep people stuck and as prisoners to their wrong ways of thinking.

No person alive has to die due to alcoholism or any other form of substance, but many will if they continue to partake in the substances. The liver can’t take all of the abuse and the substance will eventually start to affect other organs within a person’s body.

People don’t realize once they develop the habit it will remain until they choose otherwise. This habit forms into a lifestyle which then controls a person’s day to day functioning. If you don’t have control the substance will have control over you! Addicts seek self gratification and when people are in this frame of mindset they have tunnel vision. Their main concern is for self. They don’t care how much it hurts them or their family and friends many addicts will still chose the substance.

Once it takes control individuals then find it difficult to resist. They give into it over and over not realizing the more they do the more it controls and consume their lives. I will repeat; NO ONE has to live with this issue. People can choose to let it go. It make take some effort, but it’s doable if it’s what a person chooses. Substances can’t miraculously enter into a person’s body, a person has to willfully take it. They have to consciously pick it up and ingest it. No matter what method it’s consumed it will enter the body. This CANNOT happen unless a person is a willing participate. I’m talking solely about an addict.

Life can already sometimes be rough, but when people choose to allow substances to take over their lives they make things even harder. It doesn’t only wreak havoc in the life of the individual it wreaks havoc in the lives of their loved ones as well. Addicts only see what they want! Sadly it’s about satisfying self no matter the cost. It leads to all types of problems (physical, mental, spiritual, financial, relationships, work, etc).

Substances aren’t your friend. They don’t do anything other than wreak constant havoc in your life. The abuse will ultimately kill you if you do not choose to change. Substances have killed many and has ruined the lives of many, yet people still choose them. People give substances power to control their lives, it becomes their kryptonite. Substances are pathways for demons to enter the body and most people don’t understand this. It magnifies existing problems while causing new ones. The biggest kicker of it all is substances can’t do anything without the help of a willing participate. Substance will lie wherever they are placed until picked up by the individual.

No one on earth can make me believe a person doesn’t have the ability to quit using a substance. If they want to they will, if they don’t they won’t. I don’t even care why a person started using; because ALL reasons are excuses. People want to blame their reasoning’s on everything other than the truth (it was their personal choice). I don’t care what was done to you, who done, or anything else; the choice to start using substances was/is a personal choice. We’ve all gone through tragedies and we all have stories we can tell but we all DID NOT choose to turn to substances. Some of us dealt with those tragedies and kept on moving through life. It’s all about choice, period!

If you can’t stop on your own then at least have the sense to seek help, because if you don’t it can possibly put you in your grave. My uncle knew it was killing him, yet he chose the alcohol. He had many chances to choose otherwise, but he did not. He chose the alcohol and ultimately it took him from this world. Please, please don’t let this happen to you. You have the ability to take back your power, you must believe it, and you must want it! You only have one life to live; allowing substances or people to control your life isn’t living. Only you, the individual can change this before it’s too late!

Power Given is Always Taken


I was recently talking to a group of people and it never ceases to amaze me the things people are going through. Most of what people go through they’ve actually caused by allowing it in their lives. You, me, nor anyone else when in a relationship has to take anything you don’t want to take from another person. Without a doubt people will always get what they allow.

There are many people who will take anything from someone in the name of their versions of love. The people I was talking to are actually allowing their significant others to control them. They have gotten into their relationships and lost self, because self was never priority. They think it’s love to relinquish their control and power to the individual’s they are with. This way of thinking is definitely caused by some type of brokenness.

As I’ve always stated, people who don’t heal from their issues which has caused their brokenness will continue to affected by what lies within. What’s inside is always stronger, therefore it interferes with what’s happening outside. It affects all facets of an individual’s life.

Being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want you is a horrible one to be in. Being in a relationship and in love by yourself is no love at all. Being in a relationship with someone who’s cheating on you, abusive to you, disrespecting you, controlling you, manipulating you, isn’t communicating with you, their only taking from you, etc. etc, is a terrible relationship to be in and it’s NOT love! Love has nothing to do with it!

People seek love in others when they don’t love self, which causes further discord in their lives. They give up their freewill and therefore are subjected to ill behaviors at the hands of those who claim to love them. Significant others mistreat who they’re with because they know it’s allowed.

No one has power and control over you in a relationship unless it’s the foundation you’ve laid. If you don’t think you’re deserving of real love you will never have it, because you won’t know it when it comes. True love starts with loving self. People who mistreat their significant others are people who have their own issues. What’s in you is always coming out!

Allowing your significant other to control you says a lot about your confidence and esteem. Many people who are going through it don’t believe it, it’s still true. It’s a great indication you should re-examine yourself because something is most definitely wrong. Not only with you, but also with the one you think you love.

You must learn to love yourself first. Loving yourself teaches you about yourself and it teaches you about others as well. You become careful of who you allow in your life. You’ll know your power belongs to you and no one else. You will know you never have to lose yourself to be with someone. You will learn that to love someone doesn’t mean losing self. You will know love isn’t controlling, obsessive, abusive, or possessive. You won’t settle and you learn spending time with yourself is awesome!

To anyone who’s dealing with this type of relationship; it will always be the same unless you decide changing is the only option. Find yourself through self love. Deal with your issues so you can heal from them. This will change your mindset and your life!

The Beautiful Presence of The Holy Spirit


It dwells in all who believes. The Bible says “faith without works is dead!” People talk real good, but they don’t walk it. We can’t simply be hearers of the Word, we must be doers as well. This is why many don’t believe miracles are happening today. They ARE happening, people must believe! Many people haven’t activated the power given to them from the Lord.

The Holy Spirit is to teach and guide us, but many aren’t connected due to their lack of faith. They are walking by sight and not by faith, because their eyes are on the world! When eyes are on the world and man, expect to be bamboozled into believing things that aren’t true! You’re blind into believing what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong! The Bible says “faith without works is dead and faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.” The only way you can understand is by walking it out through faith. Keep your eyes on Jesus and take it off of the world!

Brainwashing is a big part of today’s societies. People are coerced and persuaded into believing it’s okay to mock God and mimic the Holy Spirit. This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirt, Jesus, and God the Father! A lot of people fail to see it as such, because their eyes are on man. Jesus will not trick, coerce you, or persuade you to choose Him. He wants you to come to Him of freewill. In this world they trick, coerce, persuade, encourage, entice, force etc to get you to do what is against the Lord. They will make it appear good to you, when in reality it’s not good to you or for you!

When you give your life to Christ your life isn’t the same. There is no way you can be a “new creature” doing the same old things. No way! You realize your life is no longer your own. Unfortunately many don’t get pass the milk into being the “new creature.” They choose to not move forward, because they start following man and not the Creator! They lose focus before they ever get started good, because they place their eyes on man! This causes people to lose focus and then sight of the true and living God!

The Holy Spirit dwells in us all, but it can’t work until it’s activated! The only person who can activate it is you, the individual. The Bible says we will be living in times where people will love the world more than Jesus. I see it every day! People are choosing the world over Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit.
You can’t have one without the other. People are choosing their gods over the true and living God. This is why they disbelieve and have no faith in the power of healing and working of miracles in these days and times.

Jesus took all sickness to the cross. We are already healed! You must command it to be so in your lives. Those who don’t believe must activate their power through the Holy Spirit. Jesus said in the Bible “we will be able to do the works He’s done and greater.” That tells you there is awesome power given unto those who believe. Isn’t that wonderfully refreshing news!!

People are walking around with their eyes on man. In other words, their eyes are wide open, yet shut closed! Their hearts has indeed waxed cold. Love has diminished. Through it all; I believe it will all turn around sooner or later. No matter what we see or how we feel; we must stay encouraged. We must stand without wavering! We must believe and walk by faith; not by sight! Jesus has given us everything we need, but it’s our choice to whether we accept it into our lives or not.

Many people are constantly searching for something (love, peace, happiness, friendships, belonging, etc). Everything starts with self. That means we must get in tune with self and Jesus! His Spirit dwells within us, because we are a part of Him! All any of us has to do is tap into the power given to us! Allow the Holy Spirit to do what it is meant to do in your lives. It will turn you into the new creature you should be in Jesus! You won’t see the world or people the same! You will see through the spiritual eye rather than the natural. If you don’t know Him I encourage you to get to know Him. If you know Him, but aren’t living for Him the way you know you should, I encourage you to do so. There is only one way! Either you live for Him or you don’t; there are no in between. Knowing of him and knowing Him is a great difference. Go on, tap into what Jesus has given to you and watch your life change!

Stuck Is What You Choose


Unfortunately there are a lot of people in this world who are this way. They are in the same place year after year, because they choose to be. I think it’s ridiculous to see grown people who refuse to make a change, yet all they do is complain and look for handouts. Some people are mad over other people’s money. Some people want to spend your money while they sit on their butt’s. In other words, they always asking others for something, but aren’t attempting to do anything to change their situation. As long as you give they will take. When the well runs drive they are off to the next person. A lot of people are enabled by others, which becomes debilitating for the individual and oftentimes those around them.

Every person alive has the opportunity to move forward in life. It’s all about choices. If a person choose to waddle in self pity or believe they aren’t capable then they won’t be. Stop blaming your past; take ownership and responsibility for who you’ve allowed yourself to become. No one is obligated to take care of another grown person unless the individual is mentally and physically unfit to care for self.

Some job is better than no job at all. You can’t run if you can’t first stand up and walk. Too many people have life misconstrued. They want this and that, but are not doing anything to get a thing! Some people feel they are owed something. No one owes you anything! If you want something in life you must be willing to go after it in a positive way! Some people only want a hand out and they are comfortable with living that way. They don’t want to do anything to get what they need; all they want is to get what they can from who they can get it from. There’s no growth in this!

If you’re doing the same things year after year and getting the same exact results, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? If you don’t want to change, then stop complaining and for goodness sake, stop walking around with your hand out! Stop being mad at other people because they have gotten sick of you asking for a hand out. It’s different if a person is trying hard, but are struggling versus someone who hands are always out, but they are sitting on their stumps of do nothing doing absolutely nothing! If you change your mindset changes in your circumstances will follow.

A lot of behaviors and mindsets comes from a person’s upbringing. However, people can choose to change. No one has to continue traveling the same road for a lifetime. What I’ve seen are many unhappy people accepting negativity and never choosing to change. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have brokenness and negativity will follow you until you choose change. Brokenness has NOTHING to do with how much or how little a person has. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with skin color, titles, or positions. What’s inside will always manifest in some way. It’s the ugly truth!

People have chosen to allow their pasts to ruin their present affecting any chances of a future because they choose to remain stuck. People have chosen a lifetime of drugs and alcohol because of their unwillingness to change. People have chosen many negative things as a way to cope. They project many negative things on to others because it’s what they have been accustomed to all their lives. It’s easier for a person to hang on to what looks and feels familiar then to attempt to change. They recognize their vicious cycles, but many will not attempt to change. Instead they choose anger, bitterness, malice, unhappiness, and many negative things. The negativity follows them everywhere they go affecting everything they do. I’ve seen this sad truth over and over!

Most people don’t understand their ability and power to change. It’s in every single person if they choose! If you’re unhappy with who you are, you have the power to change! As I’ve always stated “change must start with you!”

Millionaire Appetite on Dollar Tree Budget


Flat out if the shoe fits wear it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with dreams and goals, but those are things you work towards to obtain. Right? Until then, stop trying to live above your means. It has gotten you nowhere and it will get you nowhere! Stop pretending to be something you’re not. Stop trying to please other people by fronting as if you got something you know you don’t have or as if you’re someone you know you are not. It’s complete foolishness to live your life this way, yet many people do. This leads to unnecessary stress.

Go back to the basics and learn to love yourself. One thing I know for sure is if you learn to love yourself it changes your ways of thinking, feeling, and acting, especially when it comes to other people. There are many people who live their lives wishing they were someone else. The whole time the person they wish they were are wishing they were someone else. It’s sad!

There are a lot of people who spend their lives trying to keep up with other people when they don’t know how some of those people got what they have. All money isn’t good money and everything glittering isn’t gold. Facts!

If you’re not happy with yourself do not let it be because you’re unhappy you don’t have what the next person has. Don’t allow what others have to cause you to hate yourself. Truth is it’s not the other person it’s you, period! Many people blame how they are on others when they are their own problem. No one can change what’s holding you back, because it’s you! You’re the only one who can change you!

Many individuals are stressed out; they are in debt or jail, because they have tried to live a lifestyle they know they can’t afford. They are busy trying to portray themselves as something they know they are not. It leads to destruction, which could be emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.

Get yourself together and then pray for financial wisdom. There are plenty of people who are constantly in the hole, because every time they get a dime they are spending a quarter. They don’t attempt to budget. They spend everything they get and most times their money is gone before they get it. Get financial wisdom it will change your circumstances! There are many people with an abundance of money, yet they don’t have financial wisdom. It causes them many problems. They too try to keep up with those who they think has something they don’t. People must change their mindsets, period!

If you want to spend every penny you get you won’t ever have anything. If you are trying to keep up with the Joneses it won’t work, you will fail! Live within your means and grow from there. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel you have to pretend when you don’t! Everything you, me, or anyone else acquire on this earth will remain when we leave this earth. We can’t carry one single thing with us, not one!

No one can change your situation but you! If you don’t change your mindset/ways of thinking it hinders and affects everything else. It’s like a person who is on a diet. If they are restricting what they eat to lose weight as soon as they begin to eat again they will gain the weight back and some. It won’t work or last until the mindset has changed, which will change the lifestyle. If the mindset changes then so does everything else! There are far too many people worried about the next person and not enough about self. It goes back to the mindset. If the mindset changes then so will the life of the individual!